The Professor Hansen App Review! SCAM Evidence Revealed

Prof. Hansen App SCAM REVIEW!!

This Alert is to inform everyone of a terribly orchestrated binary options scam called the Hansen App. Throughout this review of the Professor Hansen App, we have provided you with enough supporting evidence which proves this binary trading software contains no credibility nor potential of even simulating its bold claims of high performance.

Starting at the beginning, Professor Victor Hansen, developer of will intentionally force you to believe there are binary traders from many countries already experiencing positive results from his Prof Hansen App Trading Software. You are quickly bombarded by paid actors, no doubt from, boasting and promoting this useless trading program. The pitch is, the Hansen App is a “proprietary” application which makes ‘millions’ of dollars by tapping into the irregularities of Financial Markets with an astronomical claim of 100% success rate.  Without a doubt, subscribing with Victor Hansen will surely leave you  behind the “bell-curve” with little to no profitable outcomes and empty pockets. Let us unravel the TRUTH!

proffesor hansen appFake Promo Video Exposed:

The true identity of the pretty blonde goes by the name of Jelena. Shes a actress who gets paid $5 for every promotional video she creates. She specializes in making testimonial videos for companies like in English & German. In her fake and scripted testimony, she raves how she profited over €68,000 in one month investing with the Hansen App Software. If she’s making 5 figures a month, why does Jelena continue to make a living conducting fabricated reviews for five bucks a piece?

During our Hansen App Review, we decided to conduct a Google Search for a “Professor Victor Hansen” from Columbia University. In fact, there is a Prof. James E Hansen who currently teaches at Columbia with a profession of Climate Science, NOT binary options. Verifying the falsification of background history and identity supports our theory of the deceitful creators behind The Hansen App remaining as another get-rich-quick scheme.  

Profile of the REAL Prof. Hansen from Columbia University:

proffessor hansen app 3What troubles us most about this phony Hansen App System is how it operates by encouraging its members in having their brokerage accounts managed. Having a managed account basically grants your broker full access to trade and “manage” your trading activities on your behalf. This optional feature, though legal by industry’s standards, have proven a failed function and many traders have lost the majority of their funds. You may learn more about the RISKS involved with “Managed Accounts” in our Broker Complaints.

At this point, I think you fully understand my judgement on the Hansen App Software and how nobody should trust it. We don’t need to further explain about their stolen photos used for falsified member experiences, the fake endorsements from well-known Business & News Networks like CNN & Forbes, or the fact of’s live trading area displaying “winning” results conducted on weekends when financial markets are always closed. You get the point.

Verdict: Stay Away from the Hansen App SCAM!!!

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  • If the Prof Hansen App software really worked, they wouldn’t need to pay terrible actors to speak on their behalf. A compelling review!!✌

    • Thank you Edward and yes you’re absolutely right!
      If the Prof Hansen App had indeed really provided binary traders with a reliable trading system, the results would speak for themselves and the use of actors wouldnt be necessary.
      Obviously The Hansen App Scam is desperate.

  • Impressive work PrestigeBinaryOptions! Another Great Post!

  • Some people just have no shame. i cant believe people accept to get paid in “pennies” for lying on camera about softwares like Prof Hansen App Scam. dont these people know there are others who will fall for this??

    • Honestly Patrick, its not always the paid actor’s fault. Some of them dont even know what binary options are and get paid to promote stuff they have no knowledge of. But there are those who’ve been caught too many times promoting Scams like The Prof Hansen App and are full aware of the repercussions

  • I once had a managed account with a broker. Let’s just say I didn’t get most of my money back. So after reading how the Prof Hansen Application recommends to take the “managed account” option, I lost all interest with this trading software.
    PrestigeBinaryOptions, I read you inserted Complaints Section and just wanted to say I like how your warning people about different areas of caution. I wish I new about half of this when I first started. Thank you!

    • Thank you for you feedback Larry. You and many others have fallen for the managed account feature. We always say that when someone deposits funds with a broker, you dont have to give into their promotions. You have the power to say NO. Some features can lock your account in place without access for withdrawals.
      we didnt like how the Hansen App software recommended this feature

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