Prizm Tech Trading Software is a SCAM! Important Review!

Prizm Tech System is a newly formulated Scam for binary options that takes a slightly different approach for captivating viewers and enticing them towards making deposits. Pay close attention to the following review as we’ll be exposing them to the fullest extent by providing concrete details and facts proving this automated trading application is not trustworthy by any means. Not only will we review them, but closely examine this Prizm Tech scam from a logical standpoint in order to show how similar they are to every other fraudulent app we expose. While investigating the platform by Richard Squire, the amount of misleading information, scamming variable & errors are staggering, which must be acknowledged before making further decisions. Traders are promised liberation from online scams through this questionable system, but after reading our Prizm Tech review to its end, you’ll understand how flawed and manipulative this money-stealing gimmick really is.

Prizm Tech System Review – Clever Trading SCAM Revealed!

prizm tech system

In efforts to gain trader’s trust, the beginning of their presentation videos bash against a couple well-known trading scams such as the Quick Cash System and the Auto Money Generator. Dont get me wrong, these softwares are two of many worthless programs we’ve exposed through our channels for losing trader funds, but dont think for a moment Prizm Tech system is any different from them. By slandering previously launched frauds, they want traders to believe this software is a safer alternative and solution to recovering any losses you might have suffered. In comparison to most damaging programs we review on a weekly basis, these developers have clearly taken a creative direction for manipulating rookie investors into believing their lies. Lets explore some critical issues I’ve acquired against this terrible trading software.

For starters, Richard Squire, alleged creator of Prizm Tech Software, is a shady individual without any authentic credentials. Ive taken the liberty in searching for any professional resumes or legitimate profiles throughout various social medias including Google, but unfortunately no matching results could confirm his identity nor supposed contributions within the binary industry. Rather strange considering this man is claiming responsibility for providing traders with the “only” working & correctly formatted autotrading software available. However his lies are not so convincing since Ive realized some basic errors and misinformation regarding Richard’s allegations. In other words, the probability of Mr Squire being a paid imposter for representing the Prizm Tech system scam is more than likely.

Mistakes & Lies from Prizm Tech Scam

Rediculous claims are made by the Richard Squire, insinuating the sole reason why traders have failed to succeed with other trading apps is the fact they are incomplete. Even worse are statements implying ALL binary robots are cheap rip-offs of his Prizm Tech system where they somehow stole Prizm codes for creating their own versions of autotraders. Furthermore Richard explains these softwares dont work because they were missing a “vital component” he refers as unique IP Keys which differentiate between success and failure. What a load of BS! The MAIN reason why so many auto-trading applications fail is because a majority of them are SCAMS! Just like this awful Prizm Tech Scam!

Another factor traders need to consider is their narrative. According to their footage displayed within, traders are told this software has been under construction for the past nine years. In case you’re unaware, keep in mind binary option trading was only introduced eight years ago and automatic robots didn’t make their appearance until a year after. Clearly these scammers have overlooked a simple yet critical detail which completely throws off this entire scam even further.

Fake Reviews!

Of course a scam isn’t complete without the cliche touch of plagiarized reviews. A commonly used characteristic among fraudulent programs for additional manipulation in appearing like a trustworthy avenue. With all the lies and misconstrued information saturating the Prizm Tech scam, its no surprise to encounter the images utilized for displaying current members are actually stock photos used in other websites unrelated to binary trading. Take for instance the picture of Dawn Folsom depicted below, whose photograph is also used throughout a wide variety of other webpages, along with inconclusive identities. What traders should be asking themselves is why necessary to fabricate fake reviews if the Prizm software is so successful? Where’s the feedback from actual users?


At this junction of today’s review, ponder for a moment if you truly feel comfortable in trusting your money with a trading app that’s full of misinformation and scamming tactics. Another disturbing factor are their unproven statistics disclaiming winning ratios of 70% which in reality isn’t that much. Remember that traders need a minimum of 65% winnings to make a small profit, however clearly states you can generate $327 within minutes, which doesn’t makes any sense! Its IMPOSSIBLE to bank $300 with such a low ITM rate. Ultimately, everything visitors are told from this deplorable software is one giant LIE! My main agenda here is to make traders aware the potential dangers lurking beneath this jaded system, but most importantly I hope my Prizm Tech review has prevented you from joining an app that concludes as a regrettable mistake.

Prizm Tech System Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Final Review Judgement: Avoid the Prizm Tech Scam at all costs, unless your willing to fill the pockets of scam-artists and sleazy programmers. Use Caution!

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