Power Profit Platform Review – Illegal Trading SCAM!

Power Profit Platform Review (Scam Warning)

Stop! Is the Power Profit Platform as “powerful” as they claim? Can I really limit my losses with this software? Read our informative Power Profit Platform review before wasting money with a boarder-line illegal scam!

Attention traders! Power Profit Platform by George Serriton is a new binary options trading application with a compelling twist all day-traders should be warned about. Just from appearances alone, we can easily judge PowerProfitPlatform.com is another cheap production created by scam-artists looking for a quick buck by profiting from your losses as newcomers unknowingly register with this fraud. The only aspect I consider “unique” is the direction Power Profit Platform scam has taken to mislead traders into thinking they’ll never experience a losing trading session by using this faulty automated app. But while gathering information for our assessment and understanding their methods of operation, the only term we can relate this trading system to is “SCAM”. Today we set the record straight in our Power Profit Platform review, and provide our readers with enough evidence which should deter everyone from depositing any funds with this money-making scheme.

Phoenix Trading ReviewWhat is PowerProfitPlatform.com?

As you enter PowerProfitPlatform.com, you’ll watch an introduction video narrated by the supposed developer George Serriton, and listen to his flaunting speech explaining how lucky you are for being one of 24 members who’ll have attained a life-altering chance at financial freedom. George Serriton continues with a fantasy where users trading with Power Profit Platform app will generate $1500 – $2500 per day on complete autopilot as it was developed for those who cant commit, or lack knowledge of analyzing economical charts.

Its true many who are interested in trading binary options simply don’t have time to sit in front of a computer for hours. AutoTrading solutions are beneficial for such circumstances, but don’t think for a second Power Profit Platform scam should be considered a trustworthy resolution. Lets get down to business and expose the damaging facts!

Why is Power Profit Platform Scam? Verified Lies!

Proof: https://www.pinterest.com/Arteconomy/lifestyle/

power profit platformAllow me to clarify a serious fact that George Serriton and his picture exploited on PowerProfitPlatform.com is a certified phony. Our research clearly indicates there’s no recorded proof of any individual with his name, identification or appearance within the binary industry, nor recognition for creating a “successful” automated trader known as Power Profit Platform App. Of course you could pass off that maybe his identity was purposely kept secret for safety precautions, but the mere fact that his depicted photograph can be found on Pinterest.com under different names only further contributes to my suspicions were dealing with a useless scam. Click the link above to see for yourself. 

Power Profit Platform Scam / Fake Reviews

power profit platformThe mere fact that George Serriton doesn’t exist is a bad indicator. But that doesn’t stop the crooks behind PowerProfitPlatform.com from continuing to deceive newcomers visiting their site. We can already agree PowerProfitPlatform software is total bogus and their alleged performance levels are equally deemed as failures. Since there’s no concrete evidence which can prove any statements regarding profitable returns could possibly occur, these scam-artists have resorted to other methods by producing their own reviews in efforts to portray their Power Profit Platform app is authentic. Just as George’s photograph was taken from someones webpage, the photos of “Suze” (taken from Samrosephotography.com) and “Debby” (alfa-img.com) were also stolen from different pages with zero correlation to binary option trading, containing different aliases as well.

No reputable company would stoop low enough by stealing and fabricating profiles for their own endeavors. If PowerProfitsPlatform was effective as stated in their advertisements, results would speak for themselves.

Power Profit Platform Review / Illegal Motives

power profit platform reviewAccording to PowerProfitPlatform.com, their automatic solution is distinguished from others not because of some newly discovered strategy / algorithm, but because Mr Serriton claims of having “secret contacts” with certain brokers in the field. Supposedly an agreement has been made to construct a “code” that reimburses your first 8 losing trades their systems might make, and not exceed 25 total automated trades in one day. Thereby “guaranteeing” (term widely used by scams) members remain winning the majority.

First off this is referred as broker manipulation which is highly illegal. Some brokers have been shut down or heavily fined for committing such practices and earned a spot in our Black List Section. Consider for a moment that brokerages want your money, which is why no broker would ever agree to terms where they just give out free money. The Power Profit Platform Scam fabricated this whole story to make traders believe their losses will be “covered”. Are you willing to trust these fakers who specialize in manipulating and deception? Deplorable tactics to feed off rookie traders.

Power Profit Platform Review / Conclusion

We hope our Power Profit Platform review has made you fully aware why we disregard any dealings with their twisted trading system. No positive outcomes can be managed from them, finalizing our final verdict: Avoid Power Profit Platform Scam!

Visit Prestige’s Safer Alternatives

New to binary trading? Visit PrestigeBianryOptions.com’s recommendations for better alternatives for autotraders and signal services tested and reviewed by trader feedback. Softwares like PowerProfitPlatform app are detrimental and cause severe effects with your accounts. Always fund your account with Regulated Brokers to ensure your funds are kept safe by those compliant to regulatory standards. Thank you for reading our updated Power Profit Platform review. 

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