Playboy Money Machine SCAM Confirmed – Important Trading Software REVIEW!

Playboy Money Machine is undoubtedly a dangerously misleading trading Scam all traders should avoid no matter how visually appealing it seems. We implore anyone contemplating in depositing with this pathetic automated system first examine our review to its end for understanding the dangers lurking beneath. James Benson from is your typical scam-artist inviting rookie traders for a ‘limited life-changing’ opportunity in becoming wealthy and achieving economic freedom automatically without effort. Flaunting half-naked women is a clever way for grabbing anyone’s attention, especially serving as a distraction from noticing certain clues which can help identify fraudulent activity. Pay close attention as we’ve outlined several scamming qualities with concrete evidence proving the only outcome day-traders will receive trading with the Playboy Money Machine scam application are inevitable losses and drained accounts.

Trader Warning: These shady developers have evidently targeted Sex appeal for captivating newcoming investors, while advertising bogus dreams of guaranteed riches and attractive women. Statistically speaking, most online investors are male gender, a smart approach in regards towards a scam perspective. Unfortunately during our investigation process, dubious variables were identified which are not only harmful, but also implemented for added complications should traders decide to stop using the software.

Playboy Money Machine Review – Awful SCAM Software Exposed

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Establishing James Benson, self-proclaimed “Playboy Millionaire” surrounded by luscious females is a paid actor speaks volumes about the software’s lack of authenticity. According to the introductory videos, James is a graduate from Harvard University with a degree in psychology, where he and his friend created the the Playboy Money Machine app. Nowadays searching through alumni records are easily accessible from online searches, to which no information was found supporting any student named James Benson ever attended. Branching out into social medias like Facebook or Twitter were also met with dead ends, producing zero matching profiles corresponding his identity and physical appearance. Are we surprised? Absolutely not! Scammers always hide behind fake identities & fabricating elaborate stories fronted by scripted actors for avoiding the damaging repercussions caused by their worthless trading softwares. Rest assure the level of dishonesty and manipulation gradually increases the longer you stay logged in the website.

As if spewing lies weren’t enough, terrible trading advice is given which can transform a regrettable mistake into a financial nightmare. As you might be aware, the minimum amount for activating trading accounts require a standard $250 deposit. However Mr Benson encourages traders to invest more, justifying his recommendations by stating the more you put in results in higher payouts.

Playboy Money Scam Traps

Theoretically speaking he’s right, but only if you’re utilizing a trustworthy and verified software. This scam-artist sweetens the deal even further by offering bonuses to match your initial investment, instantaneously doubling your account. What James purposely refuses to disclose are the complex contingencies required by a all bonus features. Bonuses are legal incentives provided by most brokers, but are suggested for traders with a bit more experience, due to steep trade volume requirements which must be completed before access to funds are granted. In plain terms, the acceptance of bonuses lock away your investments until the trader has fulfilled his/her end of the bargain. After realizing you’ve registered with this Playboy Money Machine scam, chances are your first instinct is to withdraw whatever remains in your account. Unfortunately their bonuses deny your withdrawal requests, allowing them to profit from your loss, leaving stranded & empty handed. A predicament many newbies entering the industry tend to fall victim to.

Once you’ve looked past the strippers and opened your eyes to their hidden agendas, various tricks intended for added manipulation become more obvious in plain sight. False counters and timer widgets are classic scam touches overused by most fraudulent programs insisting time is short before missing out on some grand opportunity. Supposedly only thirty spots remain until closes its doors forever, interestingly enough no matter how many days pass, these indicators never change. Their methods of persuasion are desperate measures taken to rush potential customers into registering with a failing software quickly before realizing they’re being scammed. Remember that no reputable company feels the need to push traders into making miscalculated decisions, as they agree investing choices should be addressed with clear thought and patience. 

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At this stage I hope the glamour has faded away, giving readers new sight on how corrupt Playboy Money Machine software truly is. The amount of incriminating qualities stacked against this trading software are staggering to say the least, removing any confidence or hopes in wasting money with a busted app that will surely lose. Although James’s Playboy scam is quite new, their tactics for taking advantage of rookies are old and outdated. A background check orchestrated through Who.Is has validated the domain was founded just four weeks before posting today’s review, thereby voiding earlier statements telling viewers this auto-trader has been “making people rich five years running”. With third class green screens and lousy special effects, you cant deny this being among the worst scams launched into the market

Playboy Money Machine Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Judgement: Avoiding Playboy Money Machine Scam is advised, unless you’re in the giving mood to let these criminals run with your money. Although their invitations are “free”, the price you’ll pay is costly.

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Entering the binary field can certainly prove overwhelming, unsure which safe direction to take when so many trading systems claiming to make you generous profits. Its true the majority of services available are deemed counterproductive, but not all are doomed to fail. Take for instance Copy Buffett & Binadroid (Review), two separate autotrading apps we currently utilize during our weekly sessions, and favored among the trade community for their accuracy and efficiency. As a safety precaution, opening a demo account can assist you in practicing newly attained services or strategies before risking your funded account. Also a great tool for protection in the event you’ve mistakenly registered with a scam software. Not sure something you’re interested in is a fraud? Visit our blacklist where questionable brokers and failed auto-bots are documented on a daily basis. Have any feedback you want to share with us? Comment below our post and thank you for reading our informative Playboy Money Machine review.

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  • Clearly a scam… Thank you for exposing this party crazy people who clearly don’t know anything about the trading sector. Great review

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