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Phoenix Trading Review / Scam Alert

Before wasting your money with Phoenix Trading Program, save yourself some aggravation by taking a moment in reading our transparent Phoenix Trading Review

Careful Traders! Phoenix Trading by William Johnston is a new binary options automated platform released today in the month of January 2016. But like all binary trading scams, the Phoenix Trading Program will be heavily advertised by two-faced scammers looking to make a quick buck on your expense without any hesitation. Some of our followers and YouTube Channel subscribers have questioned our opinion regarding the software behind, and our findings don’t look promising. Although its too early to find any real reviews from traders who’ve actually used this system, our goal today is to set the record straight and inform everyone with concrete evidence advising to stay clear from this scam software. As you browse through this important Phoenix Trading review, you’ll be convinced is dangerous, deserving a rightful place in our BlackList.

Phoenix Trading ReviewPhoenix Trading Review – Why is a SCAM

William Johnston is not the CEO of Phoenix Trading Program, rather a representative and project coordinator for an organization called Marshall-Sherman Group. A company that’s supposedly responsible for overseeing certain brands and products like until they’re approved for public distribution. Without showing his face, we’re made to believe the voice-over within their presentation videos is from William Johnston himself, explaining his new software has been spent under years in development in conjunction with leading analysts from several successful trading firms. (not specified!) In short, William wants viewers to fall under the impression Phoenix Trading app is a self-sufficient auto trader capable of producing massive sums without any work from your end, and zero knowledge of financial markets or trading experience. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it most likely is. 

Phoenix Trading ProgramLets cut to the chase in this Phoenix Trading review and expose these crooks for who they really are. As for this “William Johnston” individual, no visual recognition was revealed in helping us understand who he is. By simply Google searching his identity or “Marshall-Sherman Group”, no supporting evidence was found on either subject, proving the developers who created the Phoenix Trading Scam program fabricated this elaborate story to deceive newcomers visiting their site.

Fake Testimonials Exposed within Phoenix Trading Program Scam

In reference to their fairy-tale dialogue, the Marshall-Sherman Group approves the use of Phoenix Trading app after declaring it being a “first of its kind” all traders will profit from. Supposedly there have been some trial testings and configurations with other groups in past months, which can be found illustrated by scrolling down the website under whats apparently a poor excuse for live Phoenix Trading review and testimonies from Twitter / Facebook accounts. But after further investigation, we found Phoenix Trading Scam guilty of forging false accounts and submitting fake profile pictures from stock-photo websites.

Phoenix Trading ReviewSuch practices are commonly used by scam softwares lacking any credibility in their performance. Because these malicious scam-artists cannot physically provide proof in support of their product being legitimate, they must resort to other misleading measures for appearing authentic or ethical. Even a Better Business Bureau badge (BBB) has been placed beneath their video, insinuated they’ve been evaluated by a prestigious organization. Allow me to be the first to attest no relations or endorsements  between the Better Business Bureau and Phoenix Trading Program have ever taken place. is a worthless scam software desperately preying on newcomers within the industry who are unfamiliar in their deceptive methods of ‘legal’ thievery.

Take Note: any binary trading company that’s been successful in generating a reliable application will allow the facts speak for themselves by using real feedback from traders using a certain program. Whenever you encounter systems using stock photographs from other sites, take that as Warning!

Phoenix Trading Program Review / ‘Bonus’ SCAM

To sweeten the pot, William Johnston claims he’ll “give” you an additional $200 if you manage to lock in 1 of 50 limited spots available for this software. Lets disregard the fact that these fifty spots are complete bogus, because its a psychological tactic used to force rookie traders into making rushed decisions before realizing they’re about to get scammed. The added $200 is a bonus given by their partnered brokers to double your initial investment. A legal feature most brokerages offer, but are only recommended for those with much experience in the field. Accepting a bonus locks your account by not allowing you to withdraw funds until strict requirements are met. In other words, once you realize Phoenix Trading Program is a scam, any attempts to regain your money is futile. A sneaky maneuver many fraudulent sites apply in making sure they profit from your losses. 

Phoenix Trading Review – Final Thoughts

Because there are too many scamming programs flooding the industry, it can be difficult in distinguishing the good from the bad. Visit our daily updated Black List Section where you’ll find a number of proven Brokers and Auto-Services deemed unworthy and harmful. Without any doubt, our verdict on this matter has been solidified:

Avoid Phoenix Trading Scam!

Reliable Alternative: Visit our Citidel LTD Reivew

If you have any positive or negative feedback / concerns regarding Phoenix Trading Program, we encourage you to let us know by commenting below our Phoenix Trading Review so other visitors can better understand the true nature of  Thank you for visiting our Phoenix Trading Review. 

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