Pecunia Pact Trading Software Scam REVIEW

By | December 6, 2015

Pecunia Pact Scam Review

Are we dealing with another binary trading scam or legitimated software? The following is our Honest & Valid opinion inside our Pacunia Pact Review.

Be careful everyone! The Pecunia Pact Scam is a reoccurring binary trading system that was previously launched many months ago. Now Walther Hardmann has repackaged his completely failed auto-trader program in hopes of filling his pockets with your money. No doubt this crafty developer is a relentless scam-artist who’s returned to deceive more new-coming traders in the industry by stating he’s managed to “improve” and “tweak” his mistakes within Pecunia Pact trading software. Our mission here is to caution traders from investing with the dangerous platform, and advise our visitors regarding the evidence of bogus testimonials and misleading information we’ve uncovered in our Pecunia Pact Review.

Pecunia Pact Trading Software Review – New Updates & Same Old LIES

The CEO and lead designer of has returned to insist he has updated the algorithm for faster response, higher win ratios, and provided a more user-friendly interface. Of course Walther Hardmann denies there was ever any previous failures upon his initial release for his Pecunia Pact scam software. But the new version is “guaranteed” to generate profits from $200-$2500 per day. As we listened to the robotic voice-over from their presentation video, we’re suppose to believe Walther and his team of program engineers worked on multiple types of binary systems well over 12 yeas and have stayed ahead of technology’s gradual improvements to conceive a ‘promising’ system that produces profitable returns. With this malfunctioning autotrader, you’re allegedly able to receive “verifiable and sustainable” flows of income with little effort on your part. Just because he mentions that Pecunia Pact Software will not make you a billionaire overnight, doesn’t mean hes being honest. Its true that no such trading tool exists, but beware his program is no better than the worthless scamming productions saturating the markets.

Now Walther Hardmann is searching for new “Beta-Testers” to join and “prove” to the public the successful experiences from Pecunia Pact Trading Software. Do NOT cave into the false incentives of possibly banking long-term profits and substantial amounts of money with this phony money-making scheme. Lets examine the current Beta Phase reviews and unravel the truth behind this outdated scam software.

Scamming Proof – Pecunia Pact Review 

pecunia pact review“David Facchini” poses as one of the original subscribers who tested the platform who claims to withdraw a hefty $32,000 per month. He continues to spew more lies about how he tried every automated trading service available, but vouches the Pecunia Pact Trading Software is a primary legit solution. However, at PrestigeBinaryOptions I’ve reviewed many binary scams and I’m proud to announce this individual has been spotted on numerous fraudulent investment sites like The MockingBird Method and a currently damaging Spectre System Scam.

Pacunia Pact Scam Doesn’t Stop

As if falsified testimonials from paid actors weren’t enough, the crooks behind Pecunia Pact Scam don’t stop here to steal every penny you own. For conducting my Pecunia Pact Review, I decided to submit my emailing details so i could move forward in understanding more about, but only found more unsettling features. In addition to Fiverr actors purchased for endorsements of this useless system, there are designated sections of current members who’re undoubtedly unreal, which precede some makeshift graph explaining different investment amounts & its possible returns. The screenshot below reveals that traders who deposit $250 will make over $6000 within their first month. Invest $1000 and become a millionaire by the finishing year. Besides the fact that were dealing with an already proven binary scam software, the problems continue because this chart is unclear and extremely misleading. This will implore newcomers to make unnecessarily high deposits in hopes they can produce such large amounts by months end.

pecunia pact scamPecunia Pact Review – Conclusion & Final Judgment

Our position stands firm on this case – Avoid the Pecunia Pact Scam Software. There’s no Credibility or Positive Potential resulting in Walther’s shady system.

Binary Options will not make you a millionaire overnight, but making lucrative amounts of money is achievable with the correct guidance of proper training and Reputable Auto Traders & Signal Services. Many of these scamming softwares are partnered with questionable brokers who commonly exude illegal practices. Whether you’re new to Online Investments or not, its always suggested to fund with a Regulated Broker to ensure security of your funds. If you’re still searching for an effective Auto/Semi-AutoTrader, we recommend visiting our viral VirtNext Review Article which is recommended & Endorsed by all Binary/Forex Authorities which continues to outperform most trading systems. Learn more by clicking the Emblem below & watch our YouTube video for our live performance. Thank you for reading our Pecunia Pact Review

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