The Pearson Method App is a SCAM!

The Pearson Method is another older scam polluting the industry of binary options trading. Don’t be fooled by their false advertisement of quick riches and enticing promises. Please read our review before you make any investments with this trading app and lose your money. Our goal is to help divert you from their cross-hairs and understand who they really are. We will go over in detail why the Pearson Method System is just another malicious trading software that will leave you with empty pockets.

The self proclaimed CEO, Tim Carter, is the creator of the Pearson Method APP. His “scientific method” promises to make up-to $120 in profits every 60 seconds, using his ‘real’ trading system. By exploiting 60 second (turbo) binary trades and 98% success strike rate, Tim makes bold claims his program will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and a millionaire in no time. These ‘pushbutton’ propagandists are very common in the industry, but are nothing more than money-making schemes with empty promises. Tim urges viewers to secure their spots for the Pearson Method, due to the fact that only 98 spots remain and counting down. This is purely a psychological tactic to impulse traders into purchasing his garbage malware. Any reputable campaign will not rush you, but rather present an opportunity and give time for clients to make decisions for themselves

What bothers us more are the sudden reviews by many websites like,,, and many others, promoting Its no surprise these site advocate the Pearson Method system, for their reputations are well know to encourage the use of almost every binary options SCAM that arrives in the market. Taking the time to familiarize their ‘pearson method user reviews’, you will notice the majority of them are formatted similarly with ‘positive’ feedback. Common grammatical and sentence structure errors are found all over their campaigns. RED FLAG ALERT!! Can you really put your trust and money by promoters who cant even spell or form simple sentences??  Do you want to trust them with YOUR MONEY??

IMG_0457In their introduction video, you will notice “COMING UP: Tim Makes Money in Live Demo in…. 1 Minute 37 Seconds” on the bottom screen. Just to clarify, using the 60 seconds trading feature on your broker actually takes SIXTY SECONDS to complete. But when you watch Tim’s “live” usage of the Pearson Method App, no more than 5 seconds go by and he has somehow completed a profitable trade. This is nothing short of simple video manipulation and a poor excuse of marketing, which contradicts his own turbo trading claims. We come across many binary options trading systems with primary agendas of trickery and cheating, with claims of 98% success rates. Unlike the Pearson Method program, there are many Reliable Trading Services recommended by many successful binary traders around. One of the newest to hit the market, the GoldDigger App, has quickly grown in successful popularity due to its single concentration on  gold commodity.

Many newcomers to binary options trading are lured by empty promises from fraudulent programs exploiting their own fake ‘rags to riches’ software. This is why PrestigeBinary implores everyone to familiarize themselves with our daily updated BLACKLISTS of Phony get-rich schemes and unreliable brokers. Binary options trading is an exciting form of investment with great profit potential. Signing up with systems like Pearson Method programs is no the correct way to begin or continue you trading, With some learning, patience, and proper, reliable trading communities & tools, you can be very successful in binary options. We hope that our Pearson Method App review has served you well and alerted you before making any damaging decisions you would later regret. If you have any other information regarding the Pearson Method Scam, whether be personal experiences, opinions, feedback, etc…. dont hesitate to comment below, Share, Like, in order to warn others.

Thank you for reading! See you next time!


  • Thank you for your article guys. I wish i read your post before. unfortunately i fell for this bullshit system and lost almost $500. the Pearson method is not to be trusted. Thank you PrestigeBinary!

    • Rene im sorry to hear youve been cheated by them. You can always file a dispute with you credit card or bank. explain o them you didnt know it was a scam. The majority of credit companies will honor your dispute with a refund after an investigation. let us know if you need further assistance


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