Passive Profits Review – This SCAM crosses the line!

By | November 19, 2015

If there’s ever a binary trading software more deserving to join the ranks of worthless services in our Blacklist, it would be the Passive Profits Scam. Do not be fooled by the luxurious notion of making thousands of dollars “passively” every week while using the Passive Profits Software, you will be met only with great disappointment. Please read carefully as we have supplied information exposing Nathan Birch’s binary system and supportive facts indicating we’re dealing with another fraud in our Passive Profits Review.

What promises:

passive profits 2At, sometimes we assume we’ve seen it all. Every Scamming platform contains some bogus narrative within their sales-pitch with a goal to find “common ground” with its viewers. We thought we heard them all, most being relatively identical and repetitive, but this time Passive Profits Scam crosses the line Big Time! Starting off, the narrator in their Passive Profits review clip goes by the name of Nathan Birch, a wealthy individual with only 19 years of age, who was fortunate enough to ‘find’ an automated binary system which could generate at least $50,000 per month. The worst part of Nathan’s alleged story is about his father who supposedly was an alcoholic, a gambler, and abused his wife. As retribution against his father’s mistreatment, he copies the trading algorithm for himself and his mother. Now he’s offering only a selected few (50 people) to share his Passive Profits System with. Of all the story-lines we’ve heard, this takes first place for the worst. Lets move on from this deplorable scenario and examine the Facts.

Passive Profits Software = Falsified

passive profitsAs we examined the website and watched their ambiguous presentation, you wont find any concrete information in regards to Passive Profits system, or how its operated. Instead you’re lead blindly to believe and abide by the word of a child. Fortunately, we’ve conducted several binary option scam reviews and we’re able to recognize the faces from fake assessments and testimonies. You can find Social Media threads on their site consisting of testimonial feedback from “members” who’ve used the Passive Profits Software, and we’re proud to say they’re all FAKE. By looking closely at Charlotte Sibbet’s Facebook profile pic above, the same exact photo’s used in a recently release fraudulent trading service called First Class Profits which also lacks integrity & performance. In the First Class Profits Scam, her name is “Lai Wei”. This serves as factual proof revealing that together, and Passive Profits System both engage in falsifying the identities of members and its content. ↓

passive profits & first class profitsEven if we’ve convinced our readers by now the Passive Profits trading application is as useless as they come, lets continue to tear them apart. Although you may not find the commonly used Fiverr actors promoting the Passive Profits Review, other scamming characteristics are easily found throughout their platform. One classic feature that we never get tired of encountering is the “countdown clock” alerting traders to quickly move forward. In this case, I only had ten minutes to be one of 50 new members of the Passive Profits system or someone will take my spot. Looks like i let this “amazing” opportunity pass me by. ↓

By refreshing the PassiveProfits webpage, the clock miraculously resets 🙂

passive profits 3Conclusion

Our message is clear and obvious: Avoid the Passive Profits Scam!

Apart from the damaging evidence ensuring that nothing within is authentic, the mere fact in their choice of domestic abuse for marketing purposes is repulsive and shouldn’t be exploited in order to target new traders. Also take into consideration why the dialect of a “19 year-old” in their videos sounds more like an older man. Trading Binary Options is an excellent source of earning substantial profits, but must be taken seriously. Passive Profits Software is a joke within the industry, but registering with them is no laughing matter. If you’re still searching for an Auto-Trader or Signal Service with a better background and professional ethics, don’t worry, they do exist. Remember to open a Free Demo Broker Account when testing out any autotrader, signals or strategies for the first time. This offers the ability to trade without depleting funds and limits the risk while familiarizing with a service. You will not make $50,000 in two weeks, however the VirtNext Trading platform offers reliable alternative and profitable outcomes favored by many online investors. Not only are traders experiencing great results, Virtnext software is 100% endorsed by All Binary/Forex Authorities. Learn more in our Virtnext Review or visit there website by clicking the banner below and see why Virtnext is the #1 Viral program in the market. ↓ Thank you for reading our Passive Profits Review.

6 thoughts on “Passive Profits Review – This SCAM crosses the line!

  1. Aimar

    I really love your reviews of these softwares, there is no doubt that passive profits app is a scam. I will keep trading with Virtnext and I will sent you my performance, but until then it’s working really well, far better than I expected. Cheers and keep exposing these scams please, im sure many more like the passive profits scam will keep coming. this industry needs more websites like this one.

  2. Joshua

    Great article on the passive profits scam. I was considering their system but after reading several reviews like yours I’m happy to say I won’t be trying it! VirtNext has been working well for me and many others making us money on autopilot. Personally i like their semi-auto feature better. Thanks again for the informative passive profits review. This is definitely a scam to avoid at all costs!

  3. yasushi

    Thank you for your review on the Passive Profits trading software. I will definitely avoid this lousy scam. Well done!

  4. Sam

    Whoa! This is such a scam, thank you for your review on passive profits! I’m staying away from this Passive Profits system for sure!

  5. Mareli

    Thank you for pointing out all the flaws of the Passive Profits software. No doubt they are indeed a scam.

  6. Angela

    This Passive Profits review is really good, thanks for making it clear why Passive Profits is a scam. Hopefully people will be smart enough to stay away from it!


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