The Overnight Profits APP – WE DON’T TRUST IT!!!

Have you guys heard of the new Overnight Profits APP?  Its a new binary options trading system which generates anywhere from $1500-$6000 a day! Guess what people, this just might be another SCAM making their way into the binary options industry. As of now, there is no ‘real’ consumer feedback revealing anything positive or negative about the Overnight Profits Software. We understand that it can be difficult to truly determine whether a product is legitimate or fake with lack of clientele input. But PrestigeBinary has found and uncovered some irregularities in their marketing campaigns which forces us to question their authenticity. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read our Overnight Profits Review to further understand who they are before making any further moves. There have been other similar Money-Making Schemes in past years, such as the “Overnight Profits Key”, which was deemed worthless. As we are writing this article, websites like are already promoting the overnight profits system. These websites are notorious for advocating many binary options scams. Not a good start.

RED-FLAG #1- Login into the website, an introductory video is presented by a man named Gregory Leads. Gregory Leads is the creator of Overnight Profits system and CEO of GL Media. His company has supposedly been developing more private trading software for the last 5 years. As a result for GL Media’s ‘success’, they decided to create a new binary options trading system for the general public that “really works”. Prestige Binary made some simple Google searches for the GLMedia company and the results were disappointing, to say the least. Search results included a NON-Profit Church Organization & FaceBook Page, Photography Sites, and a GLMedia page “Under Construction”. These are not quality search inquiries for any self-proclaimed, 5-year successful software company.

Click here on to reveal their “Under Construction” Status

RED-FLAG #2 – Here’s a fake email testimonial from a binary options trader, sent to Overnight Profits. She proclaims how she made over $25,000 in one week using the Overnight Profits System. Now lets take a closer look. If you read the underlined statement, she reports having a “dumb-blonde” moment and forgot to turn the App on Saturday. But then on Sunday she makes almost $3,000. Please Take Note: Trading Binary Options involves operating with Financial Markets from around the globe. There are no Financial Markets open on the Weekends! Even if you’re using auto-traders, you cannot place any trades unless the markets are OPEN. Think about it!! For such a “astute” company as GLMedia, how could they have overlooked such an important detail?

FullSizeRender(34)RED-FLAG #3 – Such sloppy mistakes prove they dont even try their best to sound like a legitimate trading operation. Currently, the Overnight Profits APP is on its ‘Beta’ phase, but once they reach ‘Delta Phase’ a $1,099 charge per month will be required to use their trading software. But ‘sign up now and you will never have to pay!’. “Spots Left” widget indicators are shown to see how many positions are available for this opportunity. These are all psychological tactics many binary options Scammers use to entice traders. They are simple manipulative tools utilized to give an impression that they are providing a generous favor and force you to make rash decisions you will later regret.

FullSizeRender(32)We thank you for reading our Overnight Profits Review and hope it has deterred you from moving forward with them. As well, our goal is to help you better understand certain methods in which PrestigeBinary conducts inquiries in order to identify fraudulent binary programs. There are many Alternative Trading Systems that are favored by many binary options traders, but as of now, we dont recommend the Overnight Profits System to be among them. For now, unless proven otherwise, the Overnight Profits Scam will be added to our BLACKLIST. If you have any experience with the Overnight Profits trading APP, opinions, or feedback, please comment below. We want to hear more from you and learn deeper truths of what they really are. Proving negative/positive input will help other fellow traders learn the truth and possibly serve as future warnings.

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  • Hi, My Name is Branden. First time, I used Overnight Profits. Overnight Profits seemed like a good idea at the time, but now i know it doesnt work! they gave me many times give fake signals. oh well i learned my lesson. thank you prestigebinary
    have you heard anything about Copy the Pro??

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