The Orion Code SCAM Warning! Imperative Review

The Orion Code Scam Review (Alert)

The Orion Code is becoming a serious problem within the industry as this dangerous Scam for binary options is quickly growing in popularity. Their rise can easily be explained due to its manipulative direction towards captivating rookie traders with fake promises and guarantees of becoming rich very quickly, while exploiting lavishing lifestyles. My investigation throughout by Edward Robinson was both alarming and shocking shortly after uncovering several scamming variables and highly misleading information throughout their platform, which are most commonly found within various trading scams. The following review is a detailed description with concrete facts exposing this autotrader software, proving no trader should ever invest with Edward’s Orion Code Scam.

Trader Warning: First and foremost, trader need to understand a critical factor regarding the undeniable fact that Orion Code software is ultimately a relaunch of an older Scam known as Quantum Code, a viral fraudulent program we addressed several months ago which caused significant damage for novice traders. Both sharing similar titles, but more importantly they portray the same exact messages & actors. Use caution & read our Orion Code Review to learn the truth! 

Orion Code Software Review – New SCAM / Old Tricks!

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Naturally the last thing these scammers want is traders knowing the same corrupt programmers are rehashing and already failed trading system. Instead these scam-artists attempt to brainwash newcomers with embellished fantasies of financial freedom and wealth. More specifically, Edward Robinson guarantees viewers they can easily generate $100,000 per month without any risks and never losing a single trade. These outrageous lies are covered up by unproven stories insinuating the Orion Code software is powered by “newly discovered algorithms”, capable of calculating financial markets at fast speeds from “near orion speed technology”. Whatever that means! In short these frauds have the audacity of making bold claims describing as the worlds only 100% guaranteed no-loss software. DONT be fooled!

What makes Orion Code App Dangerous?

Beginning with its origins is critical. We’re introduced to an imposter named Edward Robinson who claims of being the mastermind behind this dubious trading software, and CEO of his company “Orion Code”. Lets be perfectly clear by stating this alleged company has never existed nor responsible for the creation of any auto trading systems. How do we know? For starters, the only mentioning of this organization are derived from postings either exposing or endorsing this horrible scam. The mere fact Google does NOT recognize this establishment as a registered company in any country is a serious issue, resulting in its non-existence. This exact dilemma was faced with its original Quantum Code version. Traders should ask themselves what other areas are they lying about if they refuse to be transparent about its development.

The same is also said about Mr Robinson, the paid actor pretending to be a multimillionaire thanks to his Orion Code software. He identifies himself as a Forbes top elite, philanthropist and self-given nickname “wall street wizard”. Can you honestly believed this crook after realizing his company is completely bogus? Hopefully not.

Orion Code Scam $5,000 Trap

Atop website is a dangerously misguided header stating traders who fail to gain six figure within their first thirty days will receive a five thousand dollar payment as compensation. This highly counterproductive angel has been adopted by many scams for providing a false sense that potential customers have nothing to lose. What theses scammers purposely neglect to disclose is these “cash giveaways” mostly likely come in the form of bonuses. All brokerages offer such incentives which are great for instantly doubling your account. However these features are mainly recommended for experienced traders due to strict trading volume requirements which must be completed before access to withdrawals are accepted. Fraudulent apps manipulated bogus softwares and bonuses together as a rotten method to ensuring they profit from your losses. Essentially, once you realize the Orion Code software is a scam, any attempts in retrieving your money are nearly impossible because of bonus stipulations.

Dirty Tricks & Mistakes

Lets review some hidden clues that can further aid in confirming their lack of authenticity. With any problematic trading app, showing fake screenshots of bank accounts and rigged brokers holding large profit sums are typical practices we normally find. In regards to the Orion Code scam, traders are bombarded with unverified accounts, but whats interesting are the details they’ve probably overlooked. Take for instance the image depicted below, containing detrimental errors which destroy their credibility. Firs off, notice the outdated dates implying profit records starting from the month of January this year. But according to Who.Is, the Orion Code trading software was registered a couple months before this review.

Secondly, Edward stated his trading software has profited over a billion in revenue over the past ten years. But how is this possible if binary trading was only introduced eight years ago. Thereby theses proclamations are off by two years before binary options was available. A small yet vital errors these filthy programmers have overlooked.

Our main agenda with today’s Orion Code review is to grant newcoming traders the knowledge and understanding how messed up this trading scam truly is and why its imperative to refrain from investing a single penny with them. Personal reviews from actual users are beneficial for comprehending whether or not something under questioning is safe, but so far the only positive reviews you’ll find are embedded directly within website, which is obviously suspicious enough. Where are the other 350 traders are are supposedly banking lucrative returns as stated in their introductory videos? I hope at this junction, we can all agree this trading system is utterly worthless and cannot be trusted under any circumstance.

The Orion Code Review – Summary & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Verdict Review: Avoid the Orion Code Scam by any means necessary! Even though traders are not suppose to know its originating version known as Quantum Code was a total bust, rest assured the same damaging results are guaranteed for any who joins!

(Beginner Friendly & Favored Autotrader by Binary & Forex Authorities)

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Honestly, every trader wishes for a reputable system that never loses while creating huge profits for making us filthy rich. Sadly no such program exists so its important to refuse any offers from binary autotrading sites offering similar promotions. Fortunately for everyone, traders from all skill levels can benefit from the exciting world of online investments through the help from reliable solutions for boosting profitability rates while simultaneously minimizing risks. Remember to stop by our blacklisting section as well for full lists of avoidable brokers and useless autotraders for your protection. I invite our readers to share our review on social medias to spread the word and prevent other curious traders from becoming victims of this detrimental app. Thank you for reading our honest Orion Code review, please comment below with any feedback for future discussions. 

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