Opus Formula is a Corrupt SCAM! Important Software Review!

Opus Formula Trading Software (Scam Review Warning)

The Opus Formula is without question a dangerous Scam for binary options trading which will be fully exposed in detail within the following review. Its critically important for traders to understand the severity and likelihood where any investments deposited towards this automated trading software will most certainly result in a negative turnout. While examining the overall layout of OpusFormula.co by Lex Summons Jr, their main message is clear where traders who join will bank millions in profits without losing a single trade. For rookie investors, this might sound like a wonderful opportunity to finally achieve success. However, the amount of scamming variables engulfing Opus Formula scam is staggering and must be addressed for everyone to know. Before losing your money to his horrible system, read our detailed review providing all the evidence needed for exposing this money-stealing gimmick. 

Opus Formula Software Review – Busted Trading SCAM

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First and foremost, traders need to understand OpusFormula.co is based on a foundation of LIES! More specifically its manufactured company, Opus Formula Group, which supposedly the software was originally developed doesn’t even exist! How is this possible?? Well, this isn’t the first time an autotrading application was fronted by non-existing corporations, a scammy maneuver most fraudulent scams exploit for appearing legitimate. I advise traders to check for themselves on any search engines, of which the only information pertaining to this ‘company’ will result from websites either promoting or exposing this shady trading program. The mere fact Google doesn’t even recognize this establishment as a registered corporation indicates a serious lack of authenticity, which also eradicates any credibility for its “founder” Lex Simmons. Continue reading to see how Fake they truly are!

Even if traders weren’t aware of their company’s illegitimate status, Lex is a mysterious character without any formidable credentials in which traders cannot trust. He briefly dictates his past experiences and profession as a high rated consultant and financial analyst for prestigious Hedge Funds such as Wells Fargo Bay. Followed by leaving them in order to create his Opus Formula trading software. Whats disturbing is zero records or professional resumes confirming he ever worked for Wells Fargo are absent, and furthermore no matching results on any social media portals verifying his identity, contributions nor achievements withing the binary industry. After verifying we’re dealing in falsified companies, its not surprising Mr Simmons is simply an imposter hired for representing the Opus Formula scam. Sadly, their means of deception dont stop here.

Trusted Opus Reviews?

Still confident with this trading app? As you can imaging, their reputation is quickly going down hill! Since these shady programmers are fully aware this autotrading app is rendered useless from the beginning, these scammers are desperate! Plagiarized testimonials have been implemented within their introductory videos supposedly portraying members who’re generating success while using Opus Formula software. Remember this guy below? Unfortunately this individual is a well-known fiverr actor who’s all too familiar in this field. The problematic issues concerning this man is his low-level reputation for encouraging traders towards depositing funds into countless damaging scams in recent past. He claims of being a trader for 4 years, but rest assured he’s fooling viewers. Clicking the provided link will redirect you to his active gig on fiverr.com, proving he’s a cheap performer and nothing else.


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More Dirty Tricks

I’m sure by now traders are starting to realize how corrupt and misguided OpusFormula.co really is. With statements like “video will be removed” after 100 plays or even their displays of phony timers counting down are cheap and overused psychological tactics for implementing the idea that time is limiting for securing an “amazing” opportunity. Basically a manipulating approach for persuading potential clients into registering quickly before learning the facts and realizing they’re being scammed in the first place. No matter how many days pass, those counters remain the same.

Lex Simmons portrays himself as a humbled person who understands the daily struggles faced by online investors by pretending to offer the solution to any trading scam, yet grants access to exactly the type of malicious fraud we’re constantly battling against. The only ‘secret’ these scam-artists dont want traders to know is programs like Opus Formula software are created to operate against its users without any profitable outcomes, while sleazy developers profit from your loss. Hopefully today Opus Formula review was informative enough, but most importantly prevents curious newbies from wasting money with this worthless get-rich-quick scheme. 

Opus Formula Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid this detestable Opus Formula Scam app! Remember that any software advertising similar qualities of “no-loss” or “risk free” should be avoided by all means, since these types of systems always fail to deliver its advertised payouts. Leaving users empty-handed.

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Its understandable how sometimes these softwares we come across can seem extremely appealing, making it difficult for newcomers to decide which app is safe. Although autotraders like the Opus scam who claim perfection and no losses dont exist, there are still plenty reliable resources ranging from educational materials, auto-traders and signals for maximizing profitability while minimizing risk factors. You will find a wide assortment within Prestige’s Signal lists. For added protection, I suggest checking our daily updated blacklist section holding a long list of avoidable scams and undesirable brokers in case you’re contemplating in funding an account with particular app, but unsure of its reliability. I thank you for taking time for reading our honest opus formula review and i encourage traders to share any feedback or input for further discussions by commenting below. Cheers to your success! 

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