Option Figures System is a Busted SCAM! Informative Software Review

Option Figures Scam Review (Critical – Must Read)

Option Figures system is labeled as the “worlds first binary calculator”, but dont be fooled as this trading software is simply another Scam. There’s a number of reasons why traders must use caution with this application and together we shall review and expose their tainted lies to the fullest extent. Not to mention the amount of profits being promised to anyone who enters their site are well beyond exaggerated. Minutes into investigating Option-Figures.com by some unidentified scam-artist named Josh, the scamming qualities saturating this platform were very familiar, including misleading information was easily pinpointed for assuring newcomers this system is unreliable. Therefore I highly recommend anyone who’s contemplating in joining this awful program first pause for a moment and read our Option Figures review before wasting a single penny with this online money-losing gimmick.

Update Warning: Its come to our attention Option-Figures.com is NOT a newly released software after all. Apparently this low-level scam was initially launched late last year. Turns out the reviews and trader input from actual users are far from positive, showing everyone who chose to invest were taken advantage of. In short, no profitable outcomes were produced as this Option Figures trading app failed to deliver its promised results. Now these scammers are back again for new victims.

Option Figures Software Review – Losing Scam Exposed…… Again

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Naturally, most newcoming traders aren’t aware of its preceding history of failure. Instead they’re fed a series of lies and deception by telling viewers they can bank over seven thousand dollars withing a few hours upon activating the Option Figures software. With the help from skilled programmers, outrageous claims are stated insinuating closely guarded inner circle secrets were implemented into a full-fledged trading system, where Josh describes as the most authoritative automated software ever developed for binary trading. Basically the first tool ever created for turning financial odds towards your favor. Unfortunately over these many months, traders have succumb to their tricks and false advertisements, thereby suffering severe investment losses. Its said this application is turning the binary world upside-down, where sadly the ones paying dearly are those who’ve mistaken Option Figures scam as reliable system. Continue reading see how fake and dishonest these crooks truly are.

Lets clarify a solid truth this “Josh” character is an imposter. Have you noticed that traders are never shown any facial recognition nor live footage regarding who or what this individual looks like? What about his last name which was purposely undisclosed? I’m most cases, scams normally provide a fake identity which we later confirm was fabricated. In this particular situation, not providing us with a surname makes it difficult for checking references or finding any matching profiles on social media. For all we know the voice-over from their videos could belong to anybody. The mysteriousness and vague descriptions does NOT settle well since traders should be confident in whom they’re dealing with, especially when it comes to finances.

Even worse is the fact these sloppy scam-artists clearly have no idea what they’re talking about regarding basic binary option principles. For example, at one point of their footage, the mysterious Josh makes a ridiculous statement insinuating he profited over $400 while testing the Option Figures software on a Saturday night when markets are closed. Remember financial markets are mainly active during the week and closed on weekends. Therefore binary trading is unavailable. Common knowledge you’d expect them to know.

Bogus Option Figures Reviews

Of course a scam usually isn’t complete without the favored touch of plagiarized testimonials from known actors pretending they’re experiencing great success through terrible programs like Option Figures system. Traders will encounter a handful of recorded testimonies from dubious characters, but whats more important are who these frauds are and their reputations. The young man below is relatively new within the industry, but has solidified his expertise in promoting harmful trading applications. The pretty-looking woman is widely famous for encouraging novice traders to join the Millionaire Blueprint Scam (review), one of the biggest active scams polluting this business. Actors aren’t the sole reason for identifying a scam since most propaganda consist of performers. However its critical to take under consideration their overall track record. Seeing these two con-artists within Option-Figures.com sets off some red flag warnings that cannot be ignored. The links below redirects to their gigs on Fiverr, proving they are NOT a dependable source for accurate reviews.

1 – https://uk.fiverr.com/kymmypops   2 – https://www.fiverr.com/marketingxpert5

In retrospect, once you’ve examined everything we’ve discussed so far, you’ll realize the Option Figures software is basically a predictable scam like all others with fake incentives, empty guarantees and unrealistic payouts. All supported by sleazy marketers and actors. The entirety of this production is cliche, tied with a typical rags to riches story caused by the great financial crises that occurred eight years ago. I could criticize their lack of creativity, but it makes it that much easier for identifying an illegitimate software. I hope today’s assessment has given a new perspective on their hidden agendas and prevented you from committing a regrettable mistake.

Option Figures Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid this pathetic Option Figures Scam, a relentless piece of junk system that fails to provide traders with a safe trading environment! Don’t allow yourself to become victimized by these crooks!

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New to binary options? Dont be discouraged whenever you encounter trading systems like Option Figures System, hoping they’ll be your ticket to a flowing online income, later finding out its dangerous. Fortunately there are plenty of beneficial resources for traders to capitalize on for maximizing profitability while limiting various risk factors. No matter your preference of signal alerts, autotrading apps or educational materials, there’s something for everyone. Whenever you’re unsure about a specific trading software interest, visit our scams/frauds section to see if its been deemed unsafe for trader consumption. I thank you for reading my unbiased Option Figures Review alert. Please fee free to comment below with any feedback you might have. Cheers!

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