Neo2 Trading App SCAM REVIEW: Updated Results using Neo2 Square Software!

Numbers always speak louder than words ever could, beckoning the main question: Does NEO2 Software actually work? After reviewing how thorough and direct this automated trading application conducts itself, I eagerly registered for my own free copy for Neo2 Squared app. The combined team effort between Amit Gutpa, Dr Jack Piers, Michael Freeman and William Van Loon have apparently produced a remarkable binary options tool not seen for quite some time. More importantly a system specifically designed for benefiting the needs of countless day-traders around. In today’s Neo2 Review, Ill be sharing with readers our firsthand results and some helpful tips to give an idea what is expected when joining

Its no secret the dangers lurking beneath most scam softwares we review on a constant basis. Judging by the overpopulating amount of fraudulent scams we’ve debunked into our Blacklist, clearly not every autotrading system is worthy of investing. What caught my attention was how openly transparent Neo2 Square App is when entering their site, explaining in comprehensive detail its methods of operation, including additional factors taken which are crucial for accuracy and precision. Since our initial Neo2 Review, positive feedback from everyday traders and authoritative blogs are beginning to form as Neo2 software is proving itself a refreshing addition to the binary community.

Neo2 Review: Reliable Trading App or Busted SCAM?

The problem with most trading programs is their outdated approach in identifying future trends, relying solely on basic fundamentals & technical analysis. Don’t get me wrong, these are important, however other variables must be factored into consideration. For instance worldwide activities like climate changes, presidential elections, war zones, corporate advancements, and bank foreclosures cause unstoppable ripple affects within global markets and traded commodities. Men like Jack Piers, Amit Gutpa, William Van Loon and Michael Freeman understood their importance and configure a wider range of variables into Neo2 Software for determining future financial movements and asset volatility. Thereby making their Neo2 trading app more efficient in comparison to its competitors.

First day operating NEO2 Auto Trader App – WOW!

Neo2 Review – Quick Trading Guide

NEO2 (pronounced Neo Squared) is a straight forward automatic trading solution extremely easy to use, containing helpful features traders will appreciate. Activating the auto-trading app is easily configured by making sure that both Neo Sync and Trade Algo buttons are activated, indicated with two green lights. Newcomers visiting the platform are told potential winnings can add upto a few thousand per week depending how regularly you trade. After my first day of allowing the software to run its course, my results were exciting to say the least, consisting of eight total trades, in which six were successful ITMs (In The Money). Letting the Neo2 App running a few short hours, 6/8 winners is impressive considering nothing was done on my part. Needless to say whats being advertised regarding its expectancy is not far from reality.

Of course there are other perks suited to cater various needs of traders who’re searching to amplify their earnings to the maximum! Although is undoubtedly an autopilot trader, a hefty list of top recommended signals are included within their back-office. Each with its own indicators describing which asset to target, strength probability, and directed action for placing a “Call” or “Put” are provided for manual trading. Therefore if you’re comfortable in your own skills, users can step it up a notch by combining both hands-on trades executed onto your broker while the auto-bot is simultaneously spotting new profitable opportunities on your behalf. Keep in mind new signal alerts are generated every ten minutes, permitting a consistent flow of trading opportunities no matter when you log in. 

Updated Progress using NEO2 App Software Auto & Manual Settings – Damn Good!

As you noticed from our video demonstration, expiration times aren’t given which forced me to improvise by testing different expiry times on my own. So far thirty & forty minute transactions worked really well, losing only 1 trade from 4. Ending the day with a grand total of ten trades and losing only two (8/10). Granted this trading software is still new so Ill be testing longer term trades in efforts to see which work best. As a recommendation, refrain from applying turbo or shorter terms like 30, 60 or 180 second trades. These narrow time frames are unpredictable, adding unnecessary losing risks. Stay tuned for further Neo2 Review updates as we continue taking advantage of this amazing binary option service.

As someone whose been trading a handful of years, manually implementing my own choice of trades directly onto my broker will always be my favored choice. But i cant deny the comfort Ive obtained for relying on the Neo2 trading app performing on its own while I’m away from my computer. Judging my the massive support of authorized blogs, neo2 reviews, encouraging input from newly subscribed members and approval from Binary/Forex Authorities, clearly this Neo2 trading app is servicing the industry like nothing before. Ensuring rookie & experienced traders with comfort and sustainability for everyone. 

NEO2 Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Sometimes finding a dependable binary system is like looking for needle in a haystack. Thankfully hundreds of users including our team have established Neo2 Squared software is NOT a Scam, but a versatile app dedicated to assisting in capitalizing online investments.

Neo2 Review App

Before concluding our second updated Neo2 review, remember to exude patience and never rush into trading huge amounts. Starting with the standard minimum $25 per trades is more than plenty to accumulate profits, gradually increasing your total account. This simple money management principle is commonly adopted for preserving your funds while holding onto lucrative returns. We encourage anyone using the Neo2 trading software to share with us your own experiences by commenting below. Thank you for reading our Neo2 Scam Review & stay tuned for further documented progress.

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  • So i didnt see your review where you exposed the Alderley Code scam until it was too late. Lost my money in 2 days. Anyway i decided to give neo2 app a try since many traders are saying the software works well.
    I started with the minimum 250 last weeek and now my account is at 433.75.
    Im making my money back i lost with the alderley code. later this week ill be testing our the neo2 manual signals. Very excited!
    Thank you so much Paul~

  • I started using neo2 software yesterday, place only 6 trades and only lost 1. I thought it was going to place more trades, but not bad for opperating on its own. so far a very good software.
    thanks for your review paul

  • How is the NEO2 progressing

    • Hi Jerry,
      I just posted my latest results on the bottom of this neo2 review. These results are from last week (June 12)

  • Hi Paul great review.

    I was just wondering can you set how much you invest in each trade? i.e $25 $50 etc?

    • Hello Ryan,
      Yes you are able to control how much each trade amount is worth. The ‘trade volume’ tab on the left hand side of the back office allows you to configure the amount, the minimum being $25. Keep in mind to leave it at the minimum when starting off. Once your account grows, then you can raise this amount for higher payouts

  • Very excited to try out neo2 for myself, is it available in canada?

  • Hi paul
    really appreciate you review. I subscribed to your newsletter for new updates. Ill update later with my own neo2 results soon

  • Juan Pablo Calles

    hi, there. thank you for keep us safe from scam. I live in Venezuela i need to make money ‘on-ĺine’ ’cause is the only way to earn USD/EUR in order to fly away from this country. what sites do you recommend? trusty ones, of course. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Juan,
      youre very welcome. Its true that most trading sites out there do not operate as well as they claim. However here are couple trading programs you can use if youre interested. The Neo2 is a great system yielding profitable results
      Neo2 –
      But if youre interested in learning the basics and want to join a group where beginners can learn a make profits, visit Mikes AT where members receive a free invitation to a trading community of learning –

  • hi there.. i just wanna ask.. do i need to register to any online trading sites like forex or tradeo before i could use neo2? Or should i use neo2 and they will just automatically on different trading sites? please answer thanksg

    • Hello Grasya,
      you do not need to register with other trading sites like forex or tradeo in order to use the Neo2 software. Neo2 is an automated app that places trades from you and also provides manual signals. All you need to do is simply register with the software and deposit with the broker that is chosen for you and you will have full access – Neo2 –

  • Is this still working?

    I can”t find it no more.
    have they migrated to

    • Hi Mikos, the neo2 app is an old app and completely sold out. They are not longer accepting new traders.
      For newer & more updated trading apps for beginners, look into the MS Management Software & the Epix Trader. Epix Trader is a semi autotrader and the Management Software is a fully autotrader. Both programs also provide manual signals you can follow & trade if you wish. Therefore its only a matter of preference if you want an autotrader or semi auto trader.
      Management Software –
      Epix Trader –

      you may also email me anytime at if you have any questions.

  • I m from India and I m new please suggest genuine auto binary trading app for me

    • hi manjunatha
      i suggest looking into the ProBinary Bot app. Its an Autotrader performing very well & connected with Regulated Brokers you can choose & free Demos. You can learn more here –
      For more updated and safer trading apps, i also recommend the Tai Robotic App and the Management Software. Both of these apps are fully autotrading systems which makes them very easy to use for beginners. Plus they provide settings which allow traders full control over these apps. They are easy trading softwares for making money online.
      Tai Robotic App –
      Management Software –

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