Nautilus Method Trading App – Scientifically Clever SCAM!

The Nautilus Method Review (Scam Warning)

This is an important review regarding the Nautilus Method trading App by David Nocitra! A lot of scientific terminologies, names and authors have been name-dropped throughout production, along with a series of edited “live” trading videos and profile snapshots causing traders to believe its authentic. All this looks pretty convincing but after playing around their website, there are details within the Nautilus Method scam that must not be ignored.

No doubt many traders will fall under the impression the Nautilus Method software is a legitimate trading solution with such an abundance of “certified evidence” showing members making six figures in a matter of months. But what’s worse is David Nocitra explains his current students have paid the sticker price of $5000 to register with his software, but now offers a twenty-four hour window where he’s giving away his Nautilus Method scam for free. However, on this day writing our Nautilus Method Review, its been four days since we were informed about there 24 countdown and their offer still remains. These points make me very suspicious, which is why its imperative traders read our review fully outlaying various attributes correlating why Nautilus method software is a SCAM and should NOT be trusted.

the nautilus methodThe Nautilus Method Scam Fully exposed! Misleading & Broken Facts!

We must admit we were initially impressed when first visiting site for ourselves, but doubts regarding their legitimacy settled shortly after further investigation. As David Nocitra describes it, Nautilus Method software is a trading application based on configuring Fractal Geometry by Benoit Mandelbrot who was universally one of the greatest mathematicians of the twentieth century. Combined with his “Black Swan Secret Formula” Mr Nocitra and his expert coaching partner Yuriy Anischenko present an opportunity for traders to utilize Nautilus free of charge and bank some serious cash revenue with eighty to ninety percent accuracy ratios.

Fractal Geometry is not complex as it sounds. In simplest terms, its the observation of repeated patterns at different scales. This theorem has already been implemented in binary option strategies as a method of predicting future positions by studying past repetitive market behaviors. Truly an innovative maneuver in which the Nautilus Method scam approaches its viewers as most scams don’t even bother to describe how certain trading software operates. But when they compares their software as a “new discovery using hidden laws of physics”, that’s when their scam begins to fall apart. As far as we’re concerned, Fractal equations is a part of mathematics, not physics. Two different subjects being discussed.

And as there story becomes more bizarre, efforts were doubled by David Nocitra and Yuriy Anischenko by creating a “Guaranteed Confirmation Indicator” for predicting financial market data and neutralizing them into profitable short-term 60 second trades. Its a combination of MACDs, Stochastics, and RSI indicating tools, which causes confusion as it was stated earlier the Nautilus Method software operates on Benoit’s Fractals. Allow me to clarify that combining multiple indications or strategies at once is not recommendable because each indicator is specifically designed differently. Combining too many will result in mixed signals and inaccuracy.

Nautilus Method Review – Why we don’t Approve this SCAM!

nautilus methodFirst off, is flooded with pictures of Facebook profiles and screenshots of brokerage accounts showing lucrative trading histories. While conducting our Nautilus Method Review, we searched for the displayed names but could not find one single matching description or profile correlating with those displayed throughout their platform posing as successful members. The recorded testimonials were undoubtedly performed by scripted actors, a common practice favored by deplorable binary scams for promotional purposes. They were obviously fabricated by the crooks who developed the Nautilus Method scam to deceive newcomers and their “live” trading footage is equally deceptive. 

Registering with grants traders who’re still skeptical sneak-peaks by using their free demo accounts to test its capabilities before risking their deposited funds. Resulting from our suspicions, we cant help but be reminded of the Ultimate4Trading Scam with similar offers of demos and live exhibitions. Keep in mind you can only access their demo features once you’ve deposited with their suggested broker. In most cases, the performance levels are manipulated in ways so your winning trades are outnumbered by your losses. Once you decide to switch over to the “real” software, you’ll find opposite results favoring the scammers pockets and leaving you penniless. Its a sneaky tactic for locking you in their scams. 

nautilus method“Ouroboros” is an online group on Facebook which is apparently gratis after signing with this system. According to the presentation videos, Ouroboros Trading Group is a network where newly registered traders can learn how to invest with Nautilus Method Software through chats and webinars. Nowhere within any search engine is there any supportive information in reference to such a group and we’ve already established earlier the profiles are fake. It looks like they’re copying Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group, a phenomenal community currently having over 4000 members, and growing. If people are really making hundreds of thousands every month, wouldn’t there be more than a mere 248 members? Another factor making me question this app and its integrity.

Full Disclosure: The Nautilus Method Scam is Dangerously Fast!

Like most deplorable scam services we debunk for qualified positions in our Black-Listing, Nautilus Method scam specializes in executing short-term trades (60 seconds) for acquiring maximum daily profits (Yeah Right!). On the contrary, the only reason turbo features are exploited by questionable softwares is to give an illusion that large sums of money can be banked within a matter of minutes. A dream come true right? The Problematic and Vital information which deliberately withholds from viewers is short-term investments is an added risk on an already risky business. Because times are so short, its proven more difficult to predict market movements within a small given time frame. The final result is massive loss very quickly, another factor our Nautilus Method review disregards any use of this software

The Nautilus Method Review: Conclusion

Final Verdict – Avoid the Nautilus Method Scam!

At this point we’re confident all traders remotely wondering any positive outcomes could occur with this software should reconsider. After all the evidence provided in our review, you still willing to gamble your money with a trading software containing too many questionable characteristics? Our main goal today is to deter all from becoming victim of another money-making scheme.

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  • Keep up the good work Guys! I follow some of your newsletters and you always point out important information that isnt easily noticeable to the public eye. As for the Nautilus Method, i wont be touching it with my money. Great people and keep up the good work!

  • I have not heard many good things about this system. Very compelling review with important details.
    Thank you Prestige for sharing this information about Nautilus method

  • Very interesting points youve pointed out in your review. Nautilus Method is a software i receive a lot of annoying emails from and unfortunately i signed up with them.
    Ive been emailing support regarding my account and i havent received any response from them yet. And its been over a week. They say youll get support but i havent seen it yet.
    Not impressed. Thank you for your Nautilus Method review. Hope people dont make the same mistakes as me.

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