Nasa Trader Project Review – Losing Scam Exposed!

By | June 2, 2017

Is NASA Trader Project a Scam? We can easily answer Yes, but its important for traders to understand “why” this trading software is a Scam. But most importantly review in detail what makes this dubious app so untrustworthy for any type of investments. The following review contains everything day-traders need to know for their protection.

While our team at Prestige Binary Options were investigation, it became clear beginner day traders are faced with another deceptive trading system for manipulating newcomers. A software claiming to make you rich easily, however NASA Trader Project contains several scamming qualities we simply cannot ignore.

Before making any final decisions, we encourage our readers to fully read our review to its end in order to full see how dangerous this autotrading app can be. Everything about this application is fabricated & false, unable to produce any profitable results. Be warned, NASA Trader Project is a money-losing scheme.

NASA Trader Project Review – Busted Scam Unmasked

nasa trader project

First off, we need to address a serious matter that many traders have already fallen victim to this shady online gimmick, reporting how the NASA Trader App has lost their entire funds very quickly, placing numerous losing trades without profitable returns. Its from these angry traders who’ve asked to to review and expose this program to ensure others what awaits anyone who joins.

According to, these developers have studies the methods of NASA technology and the methods of operations for gathering information. Therefore, these scammers are lying to potential traders by insinuating this type of technology along with sophisticated coding has been installed into a binary options trading bot for making its users rich automatically. All Lies!

Other trading scams such as NavStar Trader, and the more recent Delta App have also made ridiculous claims of being powered by NASA technologies, but have all failed by losing trader’s money. It seems NASA Trader Project is the newest installments of these ‘spacey’ types scams. Lets dig deeper by exposing incriminating evidence.

Fake Demo Traps

Within the website, traders can view a demonstration of how the NASA Trader Project software looks and works, but we have many concerns about this misleading and controversial video. 

I find it suspicious the video does not show us trading results, which makes us wonder why they’re not disclosing such critical information, especially for those who want to see if it actually works.

But more discouraging news comes from the feedback of current disgruntled members. Remember how we mentioned earlier many rookie traders have already lost money with this scam? It seems these scam-artists have offered free demos for certain users, where the demo accounts won most trades every time. This gave the user a false impression that NASA Trader Project software wins almost all the time. 

Unfortunately once you activate a real account by depositing funds and trading with actual money, the performance level of NASA Trader Software falls dramatically. Its stated on their webpage the NASA Trading App has a 94% Winning rate, but that is NOT true! At best, day-traders are receiving a losing rate of 60% or less, which isn’t enough to gain profits, but slowly drain your account.

NASA Trader Project Scam uses Paid Impostors

Here’s where things really begin to fall apart, completely destroying any positive reputation attained the NASA Trader Project app. Their introductory videos are short without any credible facts support the legitimacy of this cheap software. Who created this system? Honestly we have no idea!

The man depicted in the videos pretends to be the developer and found of NASA Trading Project, but we know for a fact this is a Big Lie! How do we know? At, we’ve reviewed hundred of binary scams we’re familiar with the common actors they use for their promotions.

This individual is well known throughout the binary industry for promoting and encouraging the use of multiple fraudulent application to new-coming traders, and quite honestly we’re sick and tired of seeing him again. He nothing more than a Fiverr actor. Click the provided link redirects to his active gig proving hes merely a paid liar.

Proof –

Hes been seen within other scams such as Cash Improve, High Frequency Trader & the Wall Street Trading Software. We’ve reviewed all these proven scams for being extremely dangerous and counterproductive for all traders. He is NOT a reliable source and seeing him within NASA Trader Project is not a comforting sign.

There’s really not much else to say about NASA Trader Project, becasue quite honestly this is one of the poorest and cheaply orchestrated auto pilot trading systems we’ve seen. I hope today reviews has prevented you and other curious traders from making a regrettable mistake in joining this horrible & manipulative NASA Trading Project app.

NASA Trader Project Review – Conclusion & Safe Tips

Final Review Judgement: NASA Trader Project is a SCAM! Avoid this harmful trading system by any means. If you receive any invitations asking you to join, discard or delete them for your protection.

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We thank our readers for taking the time in reading our NASA Trader Project Review and hope it was enlightening about things you may not have been aware of. Please feel free to share us your feedback by commenting below. Cheers and Happy Trading!

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