My First Online Payday is a SCAM! – Exposed Review!

By | March 9, 2016

My First Online Payday by Jeremy Matthews is without any doubt a dangerous binary Scam! Promoters are heavily marketing this automated trading software through email spamming and several misleading blogs to captivate rookie traders into believing they’ll bank huge profits using this newly discovered “breakthrough”. Within minutes into investigating , I realized every single recorded testimonial from alleged Beta-Testers are notoriously renowned Fiverr actors we’ve exposed countless times promoting various scams. Proving nothing we see within My First Online Payday scam is considered genuine or authentic, and furthermore all traders contemplating in joining should pause for a moment and read this informative review. Random news footage and banners indicating CNBC endorses this questionable trading app are undoubtedly bogus incentives for pretending to obtain some authoritative recognition. You can easily verify this by login into, search “My First Online Payday“, and find zero matching results.

Before we divulge into incriminating details, its important readers understand what’s being promised by Jeremy Matthews and his website are simply LIES. Traders are reporting they’re not receiving their “guaranteed” $300-$750 daily profits. Few at most are generating marginal 50/50 returns, still leaving them negative. While the rest are slowly watching their funded accounts deteriorate by losing trade after trade. Continue reading our My First Online Payday review to understand why investors are failing to get their money’s worth.

My First Online Payday Review – Busted Scam Software Fully Exposed!

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First lets begin today’s scam review by discussing the alleged CEO himself, Jeremy Matthews. A two-faced liar whom I witness countless times endorsing recent scam services & reviews like Binary Meta Bot, Alpha Money Generator, & Midas Touch App. He identifies himself in each of his scripted performances with different names and/or positions. Somedays he’s a newbie trader testing a newly advertised software, other times he’s a successful entrepreneur. Point being Jeremy is just another deceiving puppet for luring newcomers with his My First Online Payday scam app. Verifying this supposed developer is a phony, we’re not least bit surprised in finding the remaining “testers” equally misleading. Below I’ve provided additional screenshots of supposed members, URLs directly linking to their acting profiles from, along with certain scams they’ve promoted.

“Test User #21” is an old-school actress not seen too often these days as a result of scrutiny for appearing in multiple scamming programs like Aussie Method & FlipMyBinaryAccount. Apparently shes back from hiding!“Tester #16” is beginning to build a reputation for herself when she co-starred her first online gig for binary trading in DeepNet Trading scam.      (Tamerak) – reviewNumerous other actors & actresses can be identified but i believe you’re understating the main objective within our review. cannot be trusted due to tremendous amounts of falsified facts and misguided features saturating their corrupt platform. Even the webpage’s menu tabs are purely for appearances only because they’re not clickable. Of course these exact scam-artists who’re also responsible for previous fraudulent softwares like Binary Boom, Insured Profits, or Insider John don’t want their hidden secrets known throughout the public. Nevertheless, traders must be warned before its too late.

More Lies!

  • Additional scamming features include a nine minute time limit for submitting registration forms is applied for persuading potential traders into depositing quickly before realizing they’re about to get scammed with a useless trading app. A common psychological tactic within failing systems without credibility.
  • Oh let’s not forget your “Free $50 Welcoming Gift” for new subscribers, which in reality is a bonus from their partnered broker, not the My First Online Payday scam. Accepting bonuses wont allow access to withdraw your funds until high volumes of trading requirements are completed first. An important factor Jeremy Mathews purposely refuses to disclose. Thus allowing frauds to profit from trader losses as they’re helplessly unable to retain their money.
  • Allegations where Mr Matthews has offered 300 new ‘online payday’ trial opportunities every six months since last year is impossible because I’ve verified domain through Who.Is, proving their webpage is barely dated two months old from writing this review.

My First Online Payday Scam Review – Conclusion

Final Verdict – Avoid Scam

In regards to working from home, it’s true multitudes of ordinary individuals are finding new means to accumulate a lucrative income. However is NOT considered an honest avenue if that’s what you’re trying to achieve. Binary Option trading is a simpler form for online investments and there are plenty of reliable alternatives in autotraders and signal solutions. Visit Prestige’s weekly updated Blacklist containing avoidable scams and broker everyone should refrain from. At, I hope many traders examine this review before making regrettable mistakes in partnering with such deplorable trading applications. Thank you for reading my informative My First Online Payday Review. Please share our review to help spread word and alert newcomwers of hidden dangers. Feedback and Input are greatly appreciated for engagements by commenting below.

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4 thoughts on “My First Online Payday is a SCAM! – Exposed Review!

  1. Tatum

    Well, This is terrible. I recommended to use the My first Online Payday because they had great reviews and his review looked honest. Barely made a profit and then lost my money. My first online payday is a cheaply made scam that seems to be going viral. I wish i knew better but hopefully others will definitely need to steer clear of this one. Thanks for the review!!

  2. Gilbert Manning

    What a Joke!!! These Fiverr actors that they use for all the scams are irksome! Thank you for exposing this so-called “my first online payday” scam!

  3. Mark

    It’s quite shocking how a low budget scam like this my first online payday actually managed to get popular. A lot of people are falling for this when it is so clearly a scam. I recognized some of the actors from other scam services too. Thank you for taking the time to warn people about such bogus scams.. the community needs more people like you for review!

  4. Miral

    Thank you for posting this review… this app is a bit of a joke . Glad you named and shamed the My first online payday for being a SCAM!!.


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