Money Mentors Club is a SCAM – Critical Software Review Update!

Money Mentors Club, aka Modern Money Club (MM CLub), is quite frankly a despicable Scam created for binary option trading without a single shred of reliability. You can tell from the horrible acting within their introduction videos the whole entire program is staged for captivating newcomers with false promises of generating at least $750 per hour. In this review, we’ll discuss in detail why no trader should trust this automated software as our investigation inside by Jamie Perkins has revealed multiple scamming factors used by a majority of fraudulent platforms. Although their production is not as flamboyant as most systems who ‘guarantee’ you’ll become a millionaire overnight, dont let their visual effects of nice cars and big boats hypnotize or cloud your judgement. Examine our Money Mentors Club review before wasting money with this worthless ponzi scheme.

Trader Update Warning: Emails from users have informed us with further confirmation how this software is failing to provide traders with quality service. Among the highlighted themes offered by is the guidance and mentoring supposedly provided for each member who registers. Yet not one single trader has been confronted by anyone, including their tech support for additional assistance. Essentially all registrants are stranded alone with a useless scam.

Money Mentors Club Software Review – Unveiling Horrible Scam

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There are huge amounts of misleading information surrounding this trading software, a cluster of lies and deceptions for specifically targeting rookie investors. It appears the Money Mentors club software is displayed as a combining package consisting of both the autotrading application plus guidance and mentorship. According to Jamie Perkins, this “deal of a lifetime” is designed to grant traders everything needed within financial institutions, without the insane costs of tuition or text books. Described as a “smart” investment, visitors are made to believe this ‘revolutionary’ system is backed with complex equations for analyzing millions of data messages every second which indicate the strength of activities throughout various movements for pinpointing precise trade positions. What’s even more outrageous are their claims implying this exact ‘formula’ is utilized by Wall Street Elite. Absolutely Not! You might not be paying tuition fees, but traders are losing more than gaining.

Shady MM Club Imposters!

Jamie Perkins, scam-artist mastermind of Money Mentors Club scam apparently received a combined effort from his friend Peter Haines for developing a trading program capable of generating thousands each day. We’re told Mr Haines holds over 25 years of researching & specializing global market economics, while Jamie pretends of being an ordinary citizen with a previous business profession who “understands” what its like to be scammed by fake binary applications. I find it conveniently suspicious they refuse to disclose which university Peter taught in, or the overall lack of credibility since no matching profiles nor professional resumes were discovered through any social media portals or online inquiries. Unfortunately since the Modern Money Club is disguised as the ‘solution’ for all trading scams, traders are faced with the exact type of scam we’re constantly battling against in this industry.

Manipulating Tricks

Fake Endorsement badges from world-renowned establishments like Fox News, CNN and NBC are portrayed within their members area as a convoluted method for appearing like a legitimate source for online income. Since these scammers are fully aware their software is rendered complete garbage, its obvious they’re desperate for gaining as much attention possible. Notice how these endorsements are not ‘clickable’, meaning no redirection to any supporting statements from these companies. Lets face facts, the last thing these reputable organization will do is associate or acknowledge themselves with scammy gimmicks costing traders hundreds in lost investments.

Whats a scam without classic touches of phony timers and counter widgets counting down, insinuating time is short before the doors to achieving financial independence is closed forever. Keep in mind these annoying incentives are easily reversed just by refreshing your browser page. So whats their purpose? Basically they’re implemented as a psychological tactic for persuading potential traders into quickly depositing funds before learning the facts and realizing they’re being scammed in the first place. Remember no investment decision should be taken in a hurry. A common maneuver seen too many times within most scams, and quite honestly annoying. 

Money Mentors Club App is No Good….

At this junction of your review, hopefully my assessment has caused you to reconsider you curiosity towards and refrained you from funding a single penny into their software. Its become more evident Jaime Perkins and his unidentified partner Peter Haines are merely hired actors with falsified identities for promoting this deplorable trading scam. Its unfortunate to hear the staggering amount of victims who’ve already fallen for this fraud app, but rest assure their time of polluting the binary options industry will soon come to an end!

Money Mentors Club Software Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Definitely Avoid the Money Mentors Club Scam! A dangerous trading service exploiting the educational approach by advertising personal coaching and guidance, but fails to deliver any profitable returns to its customers. Stay Away!

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Being new to binary options can be an overwhelming sensation, especially for distinguishing which softwares are deemed safe or not. Therefore, I welcome you to visit our constantly updated blacklist for full lists of avoidable scams and lousy brokers deemed unsafe for trader consumption. Rest easy knowing there are multiple selections for trusted services available at your disposal ranging from autotraders, signal alerts and education as well! No matter what, Prestige has you covered. Thank you for reading my transparent Money Mentors Club review warning. Please share your thoughts and feedback by commenting below. Cheers to your success! 

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