Money Code is a Rip-Off SCAM! Honest Software Review!

Money Code Scam Review (Critical Alert)

The Money Code software is as bad as it gets, a cheap Scam for binary options with the intentions of captivating newcoming traders with empty promises of easily attained wealth. In the following review, together well examine to the fullest extent why traders shouldn’t trust this automated system, providing you with solid details and evidence. Without a doubt, by Paul Thomas is a poorly constructed platform, as we’ve identified several scamming qualities throughout their campaign. But its appearance cannot be underestimated since their guarantees regarding huge profits are also connected with fake incentives of “free money”. These “handouts” hold significant danger to its members since it will add complications to your withdrawals. Therefore its imperative for anyone who’s debating in joining the Money Code scam application first read our review to its end and learn some alarming truths these scammers dont want you to know.

Money Code Software Review – Misleading SCAM Exposed!

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Traders visiting are presented with many lavishing fantasies of banking massive profits within their first days upon activation. Paul Thomas is the shady mastermind behind this questionable trading app, insisting everyone who gains access to his program will receive a consistent minimum of $770 every hour, guaranteed. The term “guarantee” is a favored terminology utilized too often from worthless scams, especially since guarantees simply dont exist in the field of investments. However he desperately supports his own lies with vague descriptions where he claims Money Code app is powered buy what he calls a “C-Code”. An unheard ‘phenomenon’ which he states the more money you ‘feed’, this ‘code’ multiplies whatever you put in without failure. Although my confidence towards their legitimacy is barely hanging by a thread, lets review their methods of deception for convincing rookie investors to wast their money.

The image depicted above is suppose to belong to Mr Thomas, alleged creator and founder of Money Code software. Other than that, viewers are never shown any live footage nor other forms of facial recognition, which is rather odd. For a brief moment, they quickly show a screenshot of a Facebook profile supposedly belonging to him as well. In efforts to verify its authenticity, I searched for that exact account in other social media portals, unfortunately none were matching these images or confirming any professional resumes and contributions toward the industry. Needless to say these dead-end results leave many doubts since the voice-over narrating the introductory videos could derive from anyone. The sense of mysteriousness is not something I take lightly when debating in investing any funds.

What about Money Code Reviews? Are they Legit?

From the very beginning, traders are bombarded with recordings from supposed members who are claiming to receive amazing results and free $1225 payments (More on this in a moment). What troubles me are the origins regarding where these testimonials are coming from. Take for instance the very first face we see, a young man identifying himself as “Thor” who appears very content with his earnings. Sadly this individual is a known actor from the Fiverr marketplace, a famous portal where most scams purchase services of falsified performances. Actors alone isn’t a indication to panic and assume the software in question is a scam. But take into consideration their reputation. For this particular case, his constant presence and promotional acting for encouraging newbies into depositing with countless harmful programs which have proven complete frauds is extremely disturbing. Seeing him promoting the Money Code scam is certainly a red flag, which beckons the question if you’re willing to take his testimony as a valid source. Also ask why is it necessary for scripted actors if their trading system is so effective? Where are the real trader reviews?


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$1225 Giveaway or Nasty Trap?

Remember that four figure cash prize they say you’ll receive immediately just for trying on Paul’s Money Code Software? Don’t be fooled as this incentive is not what you’d expect. What these scam-artists have deliberately refused to inform you is how you’ll get this “generous” gift. More specifically it comes in the form of a bonus, a common feature offered by most brokerage firms for doubling your initial deposit. A wonderful feature for increasing payout potential, but recommended only for highly experienced traders. Reason being is these offerings come with strict contingencies pertaining to high trade volume requirements which must be completed before access to withdrawals are allowed. For rookies, these stipulations can prove nearly impossible to complete. The issue faced here are multiple scams combine their shady softwares with bonuses as a cheap and manipulative maneuver for securing profits at your expense. Ultimately, once you’ve become aware you’re being scammed, naturally your first instinct is to withdraw whatever remains of your funds, but any attempts are denied due to its stipulations. Transforming Money Code app from a regrettable mistake into a losing battle.

Money Code Review – Summary & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Verdict: Stay clear from this Money Code Scam app! hopefully our assessment was informative enough to clarify any misunderstanding by revealing their true intentions. Not only is this piece of garbage rendered utterly useless, manipulating features have been added to ensure these crooks profit from your losses. Undoubtedly a dangerous financial situation all traders should avoid!

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Its no secret traders need to stay on guard whenever searching for reliable auto-trading systems that are actually beneficial. Fortunately there are plenty of sustainable and reputable resources that we’ve listed within our “binary signals” section, containing a wide variation of educational resources, autotraders and signal alerting tools for enhancing profitability and minimizing risks. We also advise to regularly visit our daily updated blacklist of damaging scams and fraudulent brokers to understand whats not trusted by the community. Thank you for reading our Money Code review posting, feel free to share your thoughts or feedback by commenting below.

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