Monaco Treasure is a SCAM – Important Trading Review

Monaco Treasure App Scam Review (Warning)

Monaco Treasure App is a big time Scam we do not trust! The following review is a detailed guideline exposing the dangers awaiting anyone who joins this terrible trading software, but most importantly prove everything about the Monaco Treasure scam is nothing more than get rich quick gimmick. They claim traders can become rich & bank over $20,000 everyday on complete autopilot. But we have our doubts.

Our team at diligently researched the entirety of this automated program, and found several scamming factors saturation by Alfred Malone. Not only are their attributes completely false and fabricated, we also found fake profiles that dont exist. Needless to say, the Monaco Treasure app is nothing more than a binary hoax.

Making money online is possible through binary option trading, but dont thing the Monaco Treasure software is safe. Before wasting your money, please read our Monaco Treasure Review holding undeniable evidence proving this autotrading system is simply a money-stealing scheme for targeting rookie day traders.

Monaco Treasure Review – Guaranteed Losing SCAM

monaco treasure is equally dangerous and harmful to its users as all other trading scams we’ve reviewed on our channel and blog. Their main mission is to captivate the attention of beginners with crazy notions of generating massive profits without effort. In this case, Monaco Treasure literally “guarantees” a ‘risk free’ software where you can make $20 thousand per day. This is outrageous and unrealistic.

Naturally these scammers want you to believe their lies as they embellish unproven theories, where they implicate Monaco Treasure app is powered by A.I. (artificial intelligence) algorithms & self-improving equations for choosing trades that never lose. Yeah Right! There’s no such thing as binary trading systems with A.I. technology.

Alfred Malone make more ridiculous statement, insinuating his program is the same used by investment bankers, actors,  & politicians for quadrupling their income, but this is untrue. Even if Monaco Treasure App were truly capable of massing huge profits as they claim, you honestly believe this autotrader system would be given away for free? Absolutely Not!

Monaco Treasure Scam Developer – Imposter

monaco treasure app

Lets be perfectly clear on this matter, Alfred Malone, alleged creator of Monaco Treasure app is a not a real person. How do we know this? You’ll notice from their videos not once do these crooks show us live footage regarding Alfred. Only for a brief moment they reveal the photo depicted above, supposedly belonging to Mr Malone.

Evidence –

Unfortunately we’ve seen this picture before, a stock photo you can purchase from ShutterStock, showing these sleazy programmers are lying to us about the developments of Monaco Treasure. The fact their not being transparent about their organization is extremely discouraging and suspicious. Makes us wonder what other aspects they’re lying about. All Binary & Forex scam fabricate false identities to conceal their own.

Fake Monaco Treasure Reviews

We never get tired seeing the performance of paid actors pretending to be members of various trading apps, claiming to make big money & success with whichever software they’re promoting. The usage of actors alone isnt necessarily a scam quality. After all, almost of forms of advertisements & television commercials use actors all the time. However, in the case Monaco Treasure, these actors are a sure sign were dealing with a fraudulent application. Here’s why….

1 – 2 –

From the provided links, you’ll be redirected to their active gigs from Fiverr, proving they’re not Monaco Treasure app users. The point being made here is to look into their reputation. We’ve witnessed these two individuals continuously encouraging the use of multiple binary scams. Now seeing these same scam-artists once again, within a software lying to about their Alfred Malone imposter is a serious alert.

Added Dirty Monaco Treasure Tricks….

Obviously these criminals are desperate for your deposits since they’re relentlessly manipulating and deceiving potential day-traders from all angles. Apparent only 500 new spots are available for gaining access to Monaco Treasure app free of charge. According to their introductory videos, once these spots are taken, a hefty $10,000 monthly will be charged for new registrants to access the Monaco Treasure trading software. Seriously? $10k charge every month? No way!

Limiting availability is a cheap and overused psychological scamming tactic for rushing traders in quickly completing their registrations and deposits before realizing you’re being scammed in the first place.

At this junction of today Monaco Treasure review, there’s really no point in dragging this topic any further. From everything we’ve discussed so far, you’d have to be foolish to ignore the highlights & evidence we provided today and continue wasting your hard earned money with Monaco Treasure app. We hope our assessment helps spread awareness by preventing future traders from falling victim to this worthless fraud app.

Monaco Treasure Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement – Avoid the dangerous Monaco Treasure scam. With fake profiles, phony developers, and paid reviews from well known liars, how can you possible trust this software. Avoid joining and discard any invitations inviting you to join this millionaire making joke.

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Thank for reading our unbiased and honest Monaco Treasure App review. As always we invite our readers to comment below with any feedback & input. You may also contact me directly anytime by email. Happy Trading!

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