The Millionaires Maker is BULLSHIT

First things first, The Millionaires Maker App is just another classic, half-ass, money making scam in the binary options niche. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever. They will steal every last dollar you “invest” into their so called free-Betta system. It is imperative that you follow this review carefully to prevent yourself from becoming just another victim to this system. When you first land on their page, there isn’t much to see! Its pretty much just a mediocre website which gives off an appearance of having been thrown together in less than a day without any thought. The millionaires maker developers didn’t even bother to be anywhere near creative nor original.

Their page is consisted of a vomit-color green with a short video introduction and a “get access now” button. Campaigns like these will just spam your email daily with their fraudulent invitations, and they may even share it with other scam systems. There is a lack of substance to be found anywhere in this scam site. You will not find any information on their page as to what they are about, what they are promoting, how they make money, Nothing. The story on their video goes on for about 3 minutes about fake testimonials from paid actors saying that they have earned over $100,000,000 in their bank accounts. They honesty made me laugh……..”$6,240 in one day”……over $4,000 in just a few hours…….   There is even one guy sitting on his couch claiming that he makes over $50,000 a day! But lets not be to quick to forget the cute face on this girl……↓

FullSizeRender(8)Remember this girl?! Shes the same girl that gave a another fake testimonial on the Aussie Method Scam by Jake Pertu! Now I’m not targeting her to claim that she is a terrible person who is taking all these peoples money. In fact she is just a paid actress who can be found on Fiverr. The real targets are the phony people of MillionairesMaker who pay these actors to spill a bunch of lies so the “company” can get their hands on your money.

This is the same girl from the Millionaires Maker intro. Here she was promoting the Aussie Method a few months back saying "Oh my god i cant believe how much money im making"

This is the same girl from the Millionaires Maker intro. Here she was promoting the Aussie Method a few months back saying “Oh my god i cant believe how much money im making”

In case you need a little more convincing to the fact that the Millionaires Maker App is shady, lets take a look at our so called CEO of this bogus site, Mr Todd Salerno. Oh wait! There inst any. We searched for any histories or any authentications as to who this guy really is and if there is any credible evidence that supports his success. Nope! The only searches we found were only related to the millionaire maker and no feedback whatsoever. Like many other fraudulent systems out there, they are looking for “50 beta-testers” who will get “free access” to financial independence. “But you must act fast because there are limited spots left. Better hurry up!” Don’t worry though, if you refresh the page, the amount of spots left goes back to 50. I have a love/hate relationship with these “better move quickly” statements. I really get tired of seeing the same cliche everywhere. But at the same time they make it easier for me to distinguish the good from the bad, and I hope you will learn this too

DO NOT let this discourage you. Just because we have proven that the Millionaires Maker is a scam along with so many others, doesn’t mean you should give up binary options trading. You will not become a millionaire in a couple weeks (unless you get really lucky playing the lottery). But with the right guidance and careful trading strategies, yous can still make a lot of money in binary trading. At PrestigebBinary we recommend that you start with a free demo account with fake money to get a feel as to how trading the market really works. If you feel that you are ready and want to trade with real money, you may sign up with any of our Top Rated Brokers you can trust. Also be sure to visit Prestige’s Recommended Service Signals for help in binary options and choosing a legitimate service.

If you have had any encounters with the Millionaires Maker or any other Scams, be sure to leave a comment below. You may also post any questions, concerns, or feedback. Remember, stay clear from


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