IS the Millionaire Bot Real??

Watch out! There’s a new binary robot in town called the MillionaireBot. It is a new program that runs completely on auto-pilot. That’s right! Connecting this revolutionary software into you binary broker is all you need to do to receive large sums of money. This MillionaireBot method promises, no excuse me, ‘Guarantees’ that this new binary option auto-trader will make you over $13,000 a day! That averages up over $90,000 a week! You literally don’t even have to lift a finger because it operates completely automatic. Just go about your day and wait for your trading to finalize and watch the money come in.

IF this new application works as well as it dictates, will be the greatest software ever invented. Binary option traders around the globe will want to get their hands on it. Now does this seem too good to be true? Does the MillionaireBot sound like another scam? As you watch their presentation video, the first thing thrown at you are countless screen shots of different banks accounts filled with hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars. These supposed amounts were all created by the Millionairebot trader. Who wouldn’t want all that money? Pictures of “real” people’s bank accounts are no stranger to fraudulent companies who try to promote their garbage. I’m not very tech savvy, but even i cant photo shop any picture, so this makes me question their authenticity.

FullSizeRender(12) This new Millionairebot trading method is presented by a man names James Robinson. He claims to be an individual with a history of computers and finance. But there are a couple of observations that just don’t settle well with me. First i would like to comment that you never see Mr James Robinson’s face. All you get is his voice with a black screen, followed by narrated text. Do we really know that’s his real voice? How do we know that’s not some paid actor on the vioce-over? Oh, dont forget! There are only seven spots left!! Funny, when i refreshed the page, the available spot count was reset.

Profits like $90,000 a week is a dream come true for anyone who pays bills. What surprises me more is this systems software’s “guarantee”. is making a BOLD statement here guaranteeing this brand new technique will provide such large sums of money. The majority of counterfeit programs out there will announce that their products work great and many customers are ‘satisfied’, but not necessarily guarantee its own success. Live footage is recorded of beta-testers trying out the millionairebot program with apparent success. Again this has me against the ropes pondering about what the MillionaireBot app is all about. Can it really work? Is MillionaireBot a new revolutionary product in the binary option trading industry? Or is this another simulated trading imitator feeding off innocent by-standards. Companies that strive off the misery of others and steal peoples hard earned money is what gives binary option trading a bad reputation. As a result, disgruntled traders will cry out that binary options are scams.


The MillionaireBot organization supposedly conducts many conferences throughout the year.

Trading Binary options is a lucrative industry to invest in. We would really like to know if MillionaireBot’s methodology will contribute to the community, or leave us all with nothing but a rotten taste in our mouths. For many traders it can be extremely difficult to distinguish a technology of quality from the tricksters. There are other alternatives for Binary Options Trading Services that have been recommended by thousands of investors just like you over the years. These have been proven to be a lot safer and user friendly, and also enhance ones education and profits. You may review other auto-traders and services that are highly trusted in our RECOMMENDED SERVICED AREA. You may just find something that will give you the cutting edge you need in becoming a successful binary options trader. Auto-traders are in high demand, which is why PrestigeBinary is committed to weeding out those that prove themselves worthy from those that are undeniably useless trash. We want to know of the Millionairebot scam!

If you have any experiences with the MillionaireBot trading Application, or any other dummy network, share your comments below. Bringing these con-artist forward is what helps pushing them out into the public and out of business. Together, we can do it.

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