Millionaire Trader Review! Outdated SCAM Software Update!

By | August 17, 2016

Millionaire Trader Scam Review (Critical Alert)

Once again, Millionaire Trader is an old Scam relaunched a second time for another round in taking advantage of traders and losing their money. Its seems these scammers are relentless and refuse to give up advertising a failed trading software which has already been debunked one time too many. Therefore its important we address this situation by exposing these frauds within the following review. Together, we shall discuss in detail why traders should use caution. During my investigation of by Oliver Miller, specific fraudulent qualities were discovered, as well as hidden traps for assuring withdrawals are made virtually impossible for its members, on top of misguided information. Therefore I implore readers who aren’t familiar with the Millionaire Trader scam application read our review to its end in efforts to protect your money from this harmful losing gimmick.

Trader Warning Update: was initial launched late last year and the amount of complaints referring to its losing rates are staggering. Traders have reported huge investment losses and/or inabilities for retrieving their remaining funds. Tread Carefully!

Millionaire Trader Software Review – Stubborn SCAM, Old Tricks

For traders hearing about for the first time probably aren’t aware of its occurring reputation. In that case, lets examine the pile of lies delivered to its visitors. Basically newcomers are told they’ve stumbled across a powerful money-generating system created by some unidentified Russian, but now being offered by this Oliver Miller character. Although this binary app continues to fail in delivering any positive results, Millionaire Trader software is described as an automated system capable of banking nearly $10,000 per week. Traders are faced with outrageous stories how an Oxford professor confirmed the Millionaire Trader scam is intertwined with complex algorithms and sophisticated equations powered by super computers located in Moscow. Sounds ridiculous right? All efforts to mask its failing performance. Unfortunately too many have fallen victim, so lets review other areas they’re lying to us about.

Oliver briefly touches upon his alleged past employment, where he explains how he worked on a corporate level for one of the largest investment banks in London. Interestingly enough he doesn’t specify exactly which bank. I managed to research his credentials throughout several pristine banks in London, of which zero profiles or professional resumes could validate Mr Millers ever being employed by these corporations. Needless to say since so many suffered severe loss from Millionaire Trader software, its no surprise he’s merely a paid actor hired by the real scammers for promoting this awful trading scam. His exploitation of charities are to make himself appear as a humbled humanitarian. Rest assured this imposter is not to be trusted under any circumstances.

Alert! Millionaire Trader Software Bonus Trap!

Upon entering the member’s area, the scam-artist referred as Oliver attempts to sweeten the deal even further by offering traders a 100% matching bonus. More specifically, if someone invests $250, you’ll receive another $250, totally your account at $500. Sounds great in theory, but what these crooks purposely refused to disclose are the dangers that come hand in hand. Bonuses are great incentives offered my most brokers, but come with strict contingencies which must be completed before access to withdrawals are permitted. Thereby these offers are recommended only for experienced traders because their stipulations are extremely difficult for rookie investors. Scams such as Millionaire Trader software favor the combination of bonus offers and useless programs because its a malicious method for them to secure profits at your expense. Ultimately, once you’ve realized you’re being scammed, naturally you’ll want to withdraw whatever remains in your account. Resulting in a losing battles while your funds are kept inaccessible. A terrible situation indeed!

More Bad Advise From Millionaire Trader App

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, think again! In addition to falsified information and deplorable tactics, traders are fed worse advise for potential clients. Since is advertised as a million-dollar trading system, these shady programmers encourage traders to deposit more than the required minimum. Supported by false allegations implying the more funds traders invest, the higher payouts and faster accumulations you’ll receive. Theoretically speaking, this is true, but only when using a trusted app that really works. The Millionaire Trader Scam is NOT trustworthy whatsoever!

And lets not forget the annoying counters which are a classic attribute throughout a majority of scams. These counters are completely bogus indicators for persuading traders to commit irrational decisions by rushing into making deposits before learning the facts. Keep in mind this trading app has been around over nine months with the same 50 spot limit indicator, constantly displayed without ever changing. Nothing but cheap tricks!

I hope today’s review has clarified certain aspects I’m sure many of you weren’t aware about. Of course this type of sensitive information is precisely what these sleazy developers dont want the public to know. Hopefully at this junction, you’ve understood the lurking dangers awaiting anyone who wastes a single penny into this dubious autotrading software.

Millionaire Trader Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Strongly Avoid Millionaire Trader Scam! A recycled fraud app that hasn’t produced any profitable experiences for its users. 

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Its best to refrain from trading systems containing any form of the word “millionaire” in their titles, since they’ve always proven themselves for being unreliable scams. However there are plenty resourceful services at your disposal for minimizing risks and maximizing profitability, regardless if your searching for autotraders, signal alerting services or educational tools. There’s something for everyone no matter your skill level. Be sure to visit our blacklist section as well for new updated highlight on avoidable scams and brokers. Thank you for reading my honest Millionaire Trader review post. Please share with us any feedback or concerns by commenting below.

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