Millionaire Trader Biz SCAM REVIEW – “Prime Analyst” Scam Software Review

Week after week, the amount of scamming trading services for binary options continue to fill the ranks in our BlackList universe. Today we’re proud to add the Millionaire Trader Biz Scam among the pile of worthless money making schemes and prove why all binary traders should refrain from using this software. Although we cant literally predict the future, history has taught us that ALL binary trading programs with “millionaire” or some other form of this word in their name have brought nothing but new ways to quickly lose money. If you’re not familiar with the Millionaire Trader Biz software, or a novice to binary options, we suggest you read our Millionaire Trader Biz Review to learn why we’ve deemed them a danger within the industry. 

MillionaireTrader.Biz Exposed!!!

Philip Green exploits the essence of financial freedom which he claims can be achieved using his Prime Analyst System found within his MillionaireTrader.Biz website. According to Philip, the Prime Analyst App is supposedly the most effective automated binary trading app available in the market. “Upgrade your life to 1st Class” he says, with a “proven killer trading code inside Prime Analyst to unlock your own Personal Abundance”. With his newly improve binary algorithm, he claims to have effortlessly profited $9.3 Million without having to monitor Investment Markets and Charts, and wants to share this opportunity with his Millionaire Trader Biz software. Immediately he explains that “Time is Short” and his Millionaire Trader Biz software may eventually be attached with an non-affordable price tag, and no longer be free. An alarming statement which grows concern that many newcomers may fall for this trick and regrettably invest with a losing program.

Damaging proof against the Millionaire Trader Biz Scam Software

Remember, when dealing with a reputable company promoting a trustworthy trading solution, they allow their results to speak for themselves, based on positive feedback from customer reviews. The use of paid actors are unnecessary because they’re confident that word will spread about their reliable reputation and success. 

However, Philip’s Millionaire Trader Biz Review regarding the Prime Analyst system contains no credibility. The crooked developers are fully aware they’ve created a fraudulent trading system and must rely on paying actors to perform scripted testimonials with fabricated experiences. The following picture below is a screenshot taken seconds into watching the video about a “doctor” and his “life-altering experience”. First off, why is a doctor portrayed in Binary Options. Or better yet, notice the outline around him which proves this scene has been Photoshopped. ↓

Millionaire trader bizObserving Paid actors from Fiverr doesn’t necessarily indicate a specific software of being a total scam, but it doesn’t help their cause either when you witness the same fake testimonies found in other fraudulent websites previously reviewed. By scrolling down the second page of the Millionaire Trader Biz software, you’ll find a section dedicated to “Case Studies” from Prime Analyst Reviews from Philip Green’s students. 

The real identity and acting profiles can be verified in the following links which evidently proves none of their customer feedback and user reviews are authentic, and worst of all, used to mislead potential traders into believing this money-making scheme is legitimate.

“Clifford” – aka The Banjo Man –

“John” – aka Dave Beckett –

millionaire trader biz 2millionaire trader biz 1With a combination of multiple suspicious marketing practices; actors promoting the Millionaire Trader Biz System who’ve been caught in various questionable scams, falsified identities, altered photographs of members, and pictures of Fiverr actors all endorsing this controversial trading solution, its safe to determine without any doubt the Prime Analyst Scam within the Millionaire Trader Biz Software is a total thieving SHAM!

Even if you could place aside all these incriminating factors for a moment, other scamming traits like countdown timers, “limited spots available” are all portions of a deceptive maneuvers purposely used for trickery and deception. We are NOT dealing with some sophisticated automated trader, instead its just another “push-button” software depleting your funds one click at a time. Philip Green even attempts to sound knowledgeable by referring to trading with correlating and non-correlating asset pairs, but after all the lies we’ve found, You shouldn’t even give him any further attention. 

Millionaire Trader Biz Review  – Verdict & Conclusion

Clearly this isn’t a binary trading application you can put your faith and hard-earned money into. There are just too many doubtful variables and irregularities surrounding the Millionaire Trader Biz Scam Software and its Prime Analyst System to be called a “genuine” avenue for binary option trading. 

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