Is Millionaire Shield another SCAM?? A Questionable Auto-Trader at Best!

By | November 4, 2015

The question arises if Millionaire Shield is legitimate or another binary options scam. If you’ve come across this new trading software by Steven Hulsman, we suggest you read the following Millionaire Shield Review before you get sucked into their sense of glamorous appeal and register an account.

Mr Hulsman is supposedly a part-time hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and our alleged CEO of MillionaireShield.Com. With his 30 years of experience and a team of Software Engineers, Steven claims to have “improved” the outdated algorithm within all binary trading programs which causes all binary systems to fail.  As you know, recent economical issues has occurred this year such as the Greece Financial Crisis, the Chinese Yuan devaluation, and other financial restrictions, causing drastic and emotional life changes for many people.  But within the Millionaire Shield System, his new & improved formula operates with a 95% prediction success rate and generates $7,500 per day. His selling point is Millionaire Shield will be our only protection from future economic peril.

millionaire sheildThe creator of the Millionaire Shield Software presents a fearful narrative to its viewers about inevitable economical failures, investors losing huge amounts of money, and the biggest unavoidable market deviation. “Another financial Apocalypse is brewing!”. With these dreary descriptions, we couldn’t help but recall of recent binary scams we reviewed like The Currency Code Counter & Occupy Wall Street, who used similar dark scenarios. Through our experience of debunking Fraudulent websites, scam-artists favor stories of “eminent danger” as scare tactics for implementing a psychological effect. We’re certain this Millionaire Shield Trading System is focusing on targeting binary newbies with its horrific approach, along with its attractive platform layout.

↓Click Pic For Bloomberg Magazine Article↓

millionaire shield 1If you’ve watched MillionaireShield.Com’s introductory video, they show you the above screen shot of a Bloomberg Business article regarding a Japanese individual who banked $34 Million during a crazy and paralyzing financial week. Steven Hulsman would have you believe this day-trader acquired his fortune by using his Millionaire Shield Software. Foolishly and to our surprise, the given bar-code connected us with the existing article. However, by investigating the column ourselves, we learned this unidentified investor successfully profited by “betting” against the market with purchased & sold Contracts, not Bianry. REMINDER: Binary Option Trading doesn’t involve the purchasing of any Contract or Shares; only the prediction in direction of an Asset.

Advice: Stay Away from Millionaire Shield SCAM!!!

Because the automated Millionaire Shield System hasn’t been publicly released yet, its difficult to decide on a conclusive verdict regarding its capabilities. When unraveling the truth behind any potential trading service, its important to review customer performances and feedback for further discernment. Unfortunately, all current “Millionaire Shield Reviews” & Millionaire Key-words on Google Search result in websites promoting this automatic trading tool without any factual evidence of reliability. It is said you can predict the unknown future by studying the past, and within the past few months, every binary product promising a millionaire-status and luxurious fantasies have all proven to be useless money-making schemes. Overnight Million-Dollar makers simply don’t exist.

Forget about this bogus opportunity for a moment and lets be REAL! The Binary Options and Forex Industry is an extremely lucrative business that offers a plethora of legitimate solutions for everyone. No matter if your a beginner or professional, many tools are at your disposal to fully optimize maximum results. Browse through PrestigeBinaryOption’s Recommended Services Section for proven, tested, and effective alternatives. Thank you for reading our Millionaire Shield Review and let us know of your opinions or experience.

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5 thoughts on “Is Millionaire Shield another SCAM?? A Questionable Auto-Trader at Best!

  1. Alex

    Great post. I was checking this system out earlier but youve definitely proved they are just another scam. thank you!

  2. Steven

    Definitely DON’T join the Millionaire Shield Scam. I registered an account with and their software performance doesn’t even come close to the lies they feed you in their website. I fell for it because it looked legit. I contacted my broker but they have no dealing with how the millionaire shield application works so I have to get in touch with millionaire’s support. It’s been 2 days and no response. I’m beyond pissed. Take this as a warning everyone!

    1. PrestigeBinary Post author

      Im sorry to hear of your current predicament with the Millionaire Shield Software. Chances are you will not hear from MillionaireShield’s “support team” because their either non-existent or they only reply if you say you’re ready to deposit with them. Your best bet is to STOP using their software or withdraw your funds completely from their recommended broker.
      We appreciate you coming forward and informing us of your experience. Remember you have every right to file a dispute with your bank and inform them of fraudulent activity. Credit disputes are generally honored in favor of scamming victims

  3. Bennet

    Oh man! I feel bad for Steven. I saw the millionaire shield system in an email message and thought it could be credible. I’m new to binary trading so my intellect on these matters aren’t so great.
    PrestigeBinary, thank you for posting your review with supporting evidence. And thank you Steven for letting us know

  4. Shawn looks impressive, sounds like it could be a good trading system, but the Real problem is that it doesnt work and their website is full of falsified facts and statistics.

    Great review Prestige!


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