The Millionaire Bot SCAM – Proven Review

The 2016 Millionaire Bot Scam Review

If you’re wondering about registering with the Millionaire Bot software, consider yourself warned and read our full assessments informing viewers the dangers we’ve uncovered in this 2016 Millionaire Bot review.

Website Under Speculation:

Millionaire Bot is one of the worst orchestrated scams for binary options we’ve seen, so where here to set the record straight by outlining the problems we’ve found concerning its scamming characteristics. In fact, by James Robinson is a repeated launch from last year with little changes, minor tweaks in appearance, and even a newly registered domain. However, be advised despite their subtle change, the “revised” 2016 Millionaire Bot remains the same worthless trading scam it originated from which will only cause absolute depletion on your funds. As we researched their platform before conducting our review in hopes of seeing anything new, too many red flags have been spotted that simply cant be ignored and we’ll expose them to the extent in our 2016 Millionaire Bot review.

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virtnext2016 Millionaire Bot Scam Review – Lies Revealed

Immediately after entering website, you’re bombarded with fake screenshots of various bank statements holding millions of dollars in reference to Millionaire Bot software capabilities. Throughout the poorly devised narrative within their video presentation, James Robinson claims all traders using the Millionaire Bot software will easily generate over $13000 per day on complete auto pilot. Even worse are the false statements in which their development team have updated its infrastructure from its previous version without any errors, providing zero risks for its new members and guaranteeing you’ll become a millionaire within a few short months. Whether it be James Robinson or some other scam-artist, the fact remains that nowhere within their site are visitors explained specifically how to properly operate the Millionaire Bot system. Instead the acquiring of “quick riches” are constantly repeated in order to brainwash newcomers into wasting money with this proven fraudulent software. Although the system is “free” they fail to mention any investment opportunities require a minimum $250 deposit. We grow tired of these deceptive propaganda tactics and I’m sure you are too!

Millionaire Bot Review – Why its a SCAM!

2016 Millionaire BotAt, we have proven countless times such programs promising grand wealth with little effort are far from trustworthy. This deformed Millionaire Bot Scam follows similar traits utilized by several other scamming productions like Profit Magnet, Secret Millionaires’ Club, & 7 Figure Challenge where they guarantee traders exponential riches without any verification of its performance, relying on fake actors to promote their worthless scams. The displayed couple portrayed above as happy individuals making thousands everyday with the Millionaire Bot system are among a handful of scripted actors providing false testimonies in promotions for questionable binary trading scams. We’ve witnessed them before in other illegal scam softwares like Flip My Binary Account & Profit Hacker System, proving there testaments hold no credibility.

The Millionaire Bot Software is a Pushy Scam!

Fake scarcity counters are no surprise when dealing with money-making schemes like or others of similar quality. Certain clocks have a preset countdown insinuating traders have limited time available before missing out on some generous opportunity and doors are “closed” forever. Because these frauds cannot verify with proven facts regarding its self-proclaimed success, it’s their intention to rush rookies entering their sites to make deposits quickly before real facts are unveiled through informative reviews alerting the industry of its malicious practices. Just refresh your browser and you’ll see these counters reset automatically. Even if you returned to Millionaire Bot a few days later, you’ll find its “availability” exactly where you left it prior. Binary option investments should be taken with quick action, but with patience. Too many traders have fallen for scrupulous scams before like the Millionaire Bot scam without understanding their hidden facts.

The 2016 Millionaire Bot Review – Final Words

Verdict – Stay clear of Millioanire Bot Scam!

Unfortunately there’s no “perfect” trading application in existence and believing in statements like “guarantee” or “zero risk”, you’re assuming you’ll never have a losing trade. This is a preposterous sentiment because binary investing will always involve some losses. BUT there are methods in which traders can adopt in limiting those risks in efforts to enhance your experience for maximized profitable returns through Reliable Auto Traders & Signal Services. Everything about the Millionaire Bot system is not only contradicting, but also misleading. The only “guarantee” you’ll receive from is undelivered promises and emptied accounts. Protect yourself with helpful resources by learning some basic principles, money management skill, and simple strategies by interacting with other traders following valuable advise & profitable trading signals posted on our group wall by professional traders. This private signals group on Facebook is the largest growing community where traders of all levels can evolve to become smarter online investors. Click the banner below to watch a quick video on how to join the BEST trading community available. Thank you for reading my 2016 Millionaire Bot Review.

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  • I cant believe these people from the Millionaire Bot have created another version of the same scam
    with the new 2016 Millionaire bot system. Thank you guys for keeping us posted.
    Great Review!

  • Simply stated, the 2016 millionaire bot is a total scam! well done in showing how crooked these people really are in your 2016 millionaire bot review. Keep them coming!

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