Million Dollar Months SCAM App – Honest REVIEW!

Million Dollar Months Scam Review

Don’t you dare waste a single dime with the Million Dollar Months App! In the following Million Dollar Months review, we expose the dirty truth behind this trading scam app.

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This important review serves a primary warning for traders not to be fooled by the lavishing promises of millions of dollars from the Million Dollar Months Scam. This trading application by Brad Davis is one of many scamming productions exposed with false promises of financial freedom from the average grind and wealthy grandeur by simplifying the process of acquiring binary options profits with little effort from your part. Already this freshly made crafty production is being heavily marketed through spam emails and various other media portals, so we hope you read this warning in due time before making a financial mistake you’ll later regret. By examining the facts we’ve laid out before you in our Million Dollar Months review, you’ll be grateful you didn’t spend your money with some deplorable phony scheme. 

Million Dollar Months App Review – Quick Glimpse into their Lies!

Million Dollar Months

Brad Davis is the self-acclaimed creator & CEO of his Million Dollar Months App, a typical trading scam developed in attempts to lure rookie day traders into depositing money with a failed system. Judging by the name itself, you can easily guess their selling avenue. As you watch the recorded narrative you’re made to believe your path for ‘millionaire’ status has been paved for you as Brad “guarantees” any trader using Million Dollar Months trading application will bank $100,000,000 within their first thirty days. He poses as a Yale graduate holding a PhD in Finance, Statistics, and a specialist for identifying Stock Market trends, who will specially invite only 28 new recruits for further testing of the Million Dollar Months software. 

Use caution folks! With “guarantees”, ‘zero risks’, & “100% probabilities” being thrown around like holiday candies, we cant help but be reminded of previous trading scams we’ve exposed like Guaranteed Payouts or 2016 Millionaire Bot, both extorting exaggerated capabilities while scamming newcomers everywhere.

Million Dollar Months Scam – Dirty Tricks Revealed

Nothing regarding can be validated as authentic so we’re here to prove it. Truth be told, you can forget about Brad Davis because he doesn’t even exist. By clicking the link below his depicted portrait, you can see his photograph was purchased from Shutterstock. Whoever that person may be, his real name could be whatever you want. But for scamming purposes, these deceptive designers have chosen “Brad Davis” to promote their garbage. If he’s responsible for creating such a successful program like Million Dollar Months App, why is his photograph also widely used by other multiple sites not related to binary options? Why would he find it necessary to hide behind fake pictures if his intentions are legitimate? If their CEO is a fabricated individual, what else are these crooked developers behind Million Dollar Months lying about?

Unfortunately these scam-artists are relentless as they attempt to cover their tracks. Because there is no credible evidence ensuring any possibility that Million Dollar Months App can make you rich, additional scamming methods are enhanced in hopes of deceiving day traders with falsified testimonial reviews. As a natural favorite, most scam companies rely on hiring actors from Fiverr because their services are extremely cheap. For $5, these scripted pretenders have cost traders thousands of dollars by falsifying evidence in promoting various scams in recent past. The woman below is a notorious actress who pretends to be one of the lucky few members making her first million within 30 days of using the Million Dollar Months software. Because we’ve witnessed her endorsing several other damaging scams like InstaCash & Auto Wealth Bot, her testaments hold zero credibility, deeming her a verified liar!

Evidence –

Million Dollar Months AppHow Does Million Dollar Months System Work!

Not once are visitors who stumble upon specifically explained how their system operates. Other than the annoying repetitions of making millions every month, you’re told you can only access their secret content within their site by “special invitation” only, randomized by its “database” by meeting their background criteria. Yeah Right! Difficult to fully understand their methods of operations for conducting our Million Dollar Months review, but what’s more bizarre, Brad states his fully automated software app has been rigorously refined for capacities to “distort currency & commodity values while impacting inflation rates” for generating millions. Are these people serious?? Ridiculous statements without any verifiable proof!  

Bonus Traps & Fake Timers

Advertising bonuses are a scammers favorite for keeping your money locked in their pockets. Bonus offers are legitimated features most brokerage firms provide for traders but are recommended for the experienced only. Fraudulent softwares like Million Dollar Months scam app are generally partnered with questionable brokers having no problems offering newcomers different bonuses without revealing all the facts. By accepting a bonus offer, yes your account will double or triple in amount, BUT these features come with strict contingencies which lock you from withdrawing your funds until requirements are fulfilled. Learn more about about avoidable tricks in our Broker Complaint Section

Don’t let those silly timers rush you into making a quick decision! Fake countdown widgets are added as a psychological deception for invoking traders into thinking time is short and must act quickly before time runs out. Funny how refreshing your browser, or even returning days later, those numbers & counters will remain the same. These are common practices utilized by  scammers such as Million Dollar Months scam because they want your deposit before word is spread informing the public of their truly malicious nature.

Million Dollar Months App Review – Final Thoughts

Verdict: Stay Clear from Million Dollar Months Scam!

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If youre new to the binary option industry, familiarize yourself with our regularly update list of Black Listed Scams & Brokers to avoid. It may help answer your questions regarding the legitimacy of a certain trading software you’re searching for. Binary Trading is great way to amplify your earnings and make substantial amounts through reliable providers. Check out PrestigeBinaryOptions alternatives for Auto Traders & Signal Services that have been tested by our team and verified through user feedback. Thank you for reading our Million Dollar Months App Review.

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  • Hello Prestige
    I registered with the Million Dollar Months system and deposited the minimum $250. I lost ALL my money within a few hours of trading and was soon contacted by my broker OptionsXO. They said the Million Dollar Months App is a great software but i need to deposit another $250 for it to work properly. I foolishly listened and SURPRISE! The Million Dollar Month Scam LOST ALL MY MONEY AGAIN! Of course this was my fault in allowing myself to be tricked by these fools and i wish i found your million dollar months review beforehand.
    Anyway thank you for spreading the truth about these scammers. Hopefully others will use my experience as a reference to NOT register with million dollar months. Thank You!

    • Marks
      im sorry to hear you lost money with this scam. I appreciate you coming forward and letting me know. The million dollar months app is a terrible scam and we’re hearing many other traders are in your same situation by losing money with this system. I hope other traders will reach this Million Dollar Months review before its too late.
      As a suggestion, you can file a dispute with you credit card company or bank and say youve been scammed. Its take a little time but in most cases theyll honor your case with a refund

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