Million Dollar Challenge Review – Trading SCAM Software Warning!

Million Dollar Challenge is exactly the type of trading Scam we review and caution traders about on a weekly basis! Nobody can deny the urge of wanting millions of dollars, but don’t be fooled by this automated binary software being your solution. Shortly into investigating by William Stanford, we knew straight from the beginning MDC app is strictly a fraudulent trading program with misleading information and empty promises for capturing newcoming traders searching for an online source of income. Along with the usual scamming characteristics spotted we’re normally accustom to, a ‘unique’ money-prize “challenge” is offered to further attract curious traders into wasting their money. In case you’re contemplating whether or not the MDC scam is legitimate, we encourage you first read our Million Dollar Challenge review before making a financial mistake you’ll later regret.

Important Note Update: Nearly three weeks have passed since MDC software was first launched into the market. Unfortunately since its insurrection, handfuls of traders have reported sever losses & filled disputes with their banks and credit card companies against Turns out everything we suspect incriminating MDC for being fraudulent is correct. Protect yourselves by avoiding any dealings with Mr Stanford and his awful trading app.

Million Dollar Challenge Scam Review: Broken Trading Program!

First off, allow me to explain this entire production is based around a sponsorship from a company that doesn’t even exist. William Stanford, self-proclaimed President & Founder of claims his perfected binary application was headed by the Stanford & Marcs Trading Group. A few fancy words tied together might make the Million Dollar Challenge scam seem legitimate, but sadly during our review process, no credible evidence can support any establishments by the name “Stanford & Marcs Trading Group” ever existing. The only search results we’ve located were either scamming blogs endorsing this fraud app, or reputable sites revealing their true intentions. A vital piece of evidence which completely throws its authenticity out the window, thereby verifying its background is totally fabricated.

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If its foundations aren’t real, then the same can be said about William himself, who’s most likely a paid actor hired by scammers for promotional purposes. Nearly every bogus program available never discloses their real developing identities responsible for creating busted systems that never work. No profiles or resumes depicting anyone with his identity nor professional experience within the binary field are documented on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn. Highly suspicious considering hes claiming responsibility for the world’s only millionaire-making software. Wouldn’t someone who’s accomplished supposed achievements be widely known throughout the business?? Makes you wonder what else these scammers are lying about, right?! Obviously their main goal is to stay anonymous while ignoring the damaging repercussions resulting from useless apps as traders are left behind empyt handed.

$1,000,0000 Competition Trick!

Most scams add bonus traps to secure profits from trader losses. However Million Dollar Challenge takes a different approach in coaxing newbies by literally embellishing $1,000,000 prize competitions. Basically implying whichever member reaches top earner status will be rewarded one million dollars. Where this money comes from is undisclosed, but what we do know is brokers do NOT willingly hand out large dollar quantities of money for any challenge. And certainly not from William’s non-existent company. In reality these giveaways aren’t far from other corrupted methods utilized by crooked softwares. Con-artists are constantly creating fake incentives just for attractions in acquiring new victims unaware of the dangers lurking beneath their trading program.

Fast Trades Equal Faster Loss!

Their edited version of Million Dollar Challenge review displays a poor demonstration how their “powerful” software algorithms are capable of generating hundreds in profits within seconds. More specifically the scam software specializes in executing shorter trades with expiration times ranging from 30 to 60 seconds. Thereby implying day-traders will be receiving quick wins within small time periods. Whats worse is the aggressive manner in which this trading software places numerous trades simultaneously, which only results in wiping out all your funds. Short-term trades already carry a significant risk level, but abusing these features aggressively as shown within the demo is a recipe for disaster to its clients. An old deceptive tactic adopted by multiple scams for insinuating a sense of easy profits.

There’s really not much left to discuss regarding the legitimacy of this scam. By this junction of today’s Million Dollar Challenge review, we can all agree the MDC trading program is dubious at best, offering no profitable outcomes to its curious clients. With all the unverified variables discussed in our scam review, ask yourself if you’re willing to place your trust & hard-earned money with these shady developers. Cloaking MDC as a “logical passive plan containing low risks” for banking exaggerated amounts of six figures per month is clearly contradictory considering how false and unethical they truly are. Not to mention while operating in fast-paced trades, you’re only amplifying unnecessary dangers and maximizing financial damage.

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Million Dollar Challenge Review: Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Final Review Judgement – Avoid the MDC SCAM! Every single trading system released holding some form of the word “million” have always been exposed for being scams. is simply another money-stealing scheme!

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Although becoming a millionaire overnight is honestly unrealistic, plenty of AutoTraders & Signals services are available for traders worldwide for supplementing several trading skills. For instance Ne02 Squared (Review) has performed astronomically well, providing wider approaches for gaining positive & realistic results. Whenever testing a newly acquired trading solution, open a free demo account for practice before until you’re ready to invest real funds. Remember to refrain from any automatic applications promising “perfection” or “no-loss guarantees”, and help us spread awareness by sharing our reviews on social medias to prevent others from future falling victims. Thank you for reading our informative Million Dollar Challenge review post. Feedback or Input are welcomed by commenting below!

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