Mikes AutoTrader REVIEW – Did Michael Freeman give us a SCAM?? – UPDATED info on Mike’s AutoTrader & Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group!!!

By | November 16, 2015

Mikes Trader banner long Mikes AutoTrader another SCAM? Read Mikes AutoTrader Review to see what many binary traders are experiencing with Michael Freeman’s Auto-Trader.

Mikes Autotrader system is a semi-automatic trading software application developed by one of the leading binary option authority figures within the industry. While many binary option scamming developers release worthless trading solutions in hopes of getting as much as they can by misleading potential traders, Mike has created a proprietary system which makes online investments much easier for traders with the assistance of signal alerts with commendable win rates. By reading Mikes Autotrader Review you will find important features and special information on certain perks that are granted to its members within Mikes Autotrader software.

Since its official release over a year ago, there are still many traders searching for Mikes Autotrader Reviews and customer feedback. Many binary option signal & autotrading services have been released in the online industry but the majority of them are deemed useless, and others forgotten due to failing performances. However Mikes AutoTrader system offers many advantages & special features to its members that are NOT found in any other trading software. Mikes Auto Trader Software’s ability to execute successful winning trades with high percentage rates remains strong over some time in such a competitive field and continues to simplify the technical analysis process by applying signals onto your broker account. Mikes Auto Trader System also offers a selection to change setting parameters for manual signals which allow you to choose which asset to invest and personally place each trade yourself. This feature is my personal favorite because it allows for better understanding of online investments and full control. Furthermore, Mikes AutoTrader Software is completely Free and only requires a minimum $250 broker deposit to activate the program. This amount is necessary to further educate traders with proper money managements skills which will help in your favor to preserve account funds. In our opinion, the BEST feature from Mikes AutoTrader system is Free access to Michael Freemans Manual Signals Group on FaceBook. There has NEVER been a more spectacular community of online binary investors from all experience levels coming together as a family and Profit together. By Clearing Your Cookies and Joining MikesAutoTrader.com, a Free invitation to Michael Freemans Manual Signals Group will be sent via email. 

Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group

Myself, Paul C from PrestigeBinaryOptions.com have been a member of Michael Freemans Manual Signals Group for a while and have to admit this group is beyond Fantastic! Mikes Private Signals Group is among the largest active Facebook groups available with over 3,000 members and is 100% dedicated to enhance a binary trader’s experience, profitability & education to become more independent. Within this amazing community you will receive 30-40 signals per day from top professional traders during the trading week. (Keep in mind that our admins reside from all parts of the globe so no matter where you live, you wont miss signal opportunities!). Because signals are posted roughly in a 24 period, timezone differences are irrelevant. In addition to posted signals, the admins host weekly LIVE webinars where a variety of trading strategies are discussed followed by LIVE trading sessions where you can watch and copy suggested trades. In my experience with binary option trading, the amount of knowledge Ive attained within Michael Freemans Manual Signals Group has surpassed my expectation ten-times over. 

mikes facebook groupUpdates by Michael Freeman and his Admins are posted and regulated to calculate our top following trader’s weekly average performance stats. Take a look at those numbers!!! You will not see an Auto-Trading Service with consecutive winning results like the ones performed in Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group. These are REAL people with High-Performing results. Humans have the ability to improve…..Think about it!

For Mikes AutoTrader Review & Manual Signals Group we took the courtesy of showing recent screenshots of Top Traders and their Performances: ↓  (last names are covered to protect their identity)

Mikes facebook grou100% Performance with 10/10 Winning Trades!!

mikes facebook group 1mikes facebook group 25/5 ITM!!!

Mike’s Auto Trader Review and Features:

There’s no limit to the possibilities offered with Mikes Auto Trader System. Surviving longer than any other binary trading solution in the market proves of Mikes Auto Trader’s worth and his reputation.

  • A proven track record and successful consistency is evident with over 80% ITM winning rate.
  • 30+ daily signals – fully automated.
  • Semi-Auto feature which allows you to decide which asset to receive a signal for manual input.
  • Joining Mike’s Auto Trader Software grants Free Invitation to Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group on FB.
  • Full Support and Education – No Robots – Real People – An inclusive training experience.

For a moment think about a Powerful Combination you have acquired with Mikes Autotrader system and being a member of Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group. An incredible coalition of avenues where you will receive multiple alerts for trading signals. There isn’t one person who’s joined this phenomenal community and held regret. Some members even rely on online investments as their main source of income. I guess the point Im making here is Mike Freeman has contributed to the Binary Options Industry like no other individual has done, EVER!  I myself have learned so much more with Mike’s AutoTrader software and his prestigious Private Signals Group than i have within the years Ive been trading. Thank you for reading Mike’s AutoTrader Review! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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10 thoughts on “Mikes AutoTrader REVIEW – Did Michael Freeman give us a SCAM?? – UPDATED info on Mike’s AutoTrader & Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group!!!

  1. Launa

    Michael Freeman has helped me so much with my endeavors as a binary trader. I Love Mikes AT and FaceBook Group. the best people ive ever encountered with and everyone is so nice, yet professional and helpful!

  2. Kerry

    All i have to say is Mikes Private FaceBook Group for binary Signals filled with professional traders posting signals you can copy all day long is……. NUMBER 1 !!!!!!!!

  3. Graham Edwards

    Great review. Mikes Auto Trader was the first trading software ive ever registered with and love it. Mikes signal group on facebook has worked for me over the last few months and im never leaving. Ive learned so much from the top traders and their webinars that they always host. Mikes stuff is always good and informative.

  4. Ethel

    What Mike Freeman has offered to binary traders like myself have recharged my faith in succeeding with trading binary options. Ive been through the ringer with many useless programs saying they’ll teach you things, but fail to do so. When i registered with Mikes Auto Trader, i didn’t even realize i was going to receive an invitation to the best binary options signals group in the world!! Never looked back since!!
    Great review Paul!! spread the word of this awesome facebook group and mikes autotrader experience!!

  5. Faysal

    Mike’s auto trader has released almost a year ago and it is still the best auto trader I have ever used. Thanks Admin for the valuable review. Also a member of Michael Freemans Signals Group on FB and have awesome experience with top traders posting signals.

  6. Omri

    Mike’s signals group on FB is a great by Michael Freeman! I’m also a binary options trader, started with Mike’s AutoTrader and trading binary with this wonderful group with a lot of ITM winning ratio performance and live webinars with great admins!
    Thank you for the great review!

  7. Sam

    Mike’s Facebook Group is without a doubt the best place to not just learn how to trade Binary Options, but also make some serious money! You simply cannot go wrong with it.

  8. paul t

    I have been a member Mikes Facebook group for 3 months now and I have to say the signals given are top rate especially if you follow the admins

  9. Tom Schwendau

    Hello,, I am new to binary option trading. I am on S. S. and looking to suppliment
    my small income. I have lost money with a exchange mainly because I did not know what I was doing. I now hope I can join Mikes group and need to know what to do to start. I live near Chicago, Illinois

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hello Tom,
      very easy setup to get started. Simply click the link – http://tiny.cc/MikesAutoTrader, or the banner on this page. Once you completed the registration & deposit, you will have access to the software AND a free invitation to the private group. Its the best way to learn while making money and NO other software offers this! Cheers & Good Luck!


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