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Mikes Trader banner longWho is this Michael Freeman?Β Can he be trusted? Is he another scam artist polluting the binary option industry? If you have been searching the web for information on binary trading, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Mikes name. Michael Freeman has become quite popular in binary options and has one of the largest YouTube channels in the field. The following is a review on who this guy is and what he has offered to traders all around.

In short terms, Mike Freeman is a young guy with a passion for binary options. He has established much awareness in the business along with insight on comprehensive trading strategies and tips. As of late, Michael has contributed two more recent developments that have taken the world of binary options by storm.

A pristine service like no other, Mikes Auto Trader and Facebook group have become a powerful combination in the binary options trading industry. Whether you are an entry level individual contemplating the idea of binary options, or an advanced trader looking for a profitable competitive edge, this is the place to go.

Mikes Auto Trader delivers phenomenal results and offers outstanding support to its subscribers. With an over 80% ITM success rate, this is surely a credible and powerful system to implement in binary options. This auto trading platform is simple and user friendly and consistently gives you an updated trading list of assets to invest. Because you are in full control of your account and the software, the trader decides whether or not to place a specific trade. We have found Mikes auto trader reviews to be quite compelling in terms that many traders around are impressed with the new software results. As an added bonus, joining mikes auto trader gives every member FREE ACCESS to Mikes Facebook Signals! Being able to pick which trades you want from his auto-trader, while following professional binary option traders from the Facebook group itself, grants you the best of both worlds. This is powerful combination that will greatly improve your skills and fill your wallet! We at Prestige can personally vouch that joining Mikes auto-trader is a decision you will never regret.Β  You may learn more about this powerful system here at – Mikes Auto Trader & Facebook GroupΒ 

Michael Freeman’s Facebook Signals is one of the largest, daily active social media groups around with a private “invite only” policy, hosted by yours truly. Michael has employed top level trading professionals, with over 80% success ratings,Β  from all parts of the world into one welcoming community with over 2000 members. The ideals in the group are pretty basic and spot on. As a valued member, you will be surrounded by traders who post signals all day when the markets are open. Because this is a community and there are a plethora of professionals, its easy to say there are over 50+ different signals posted on the group wall from which to choose from. Members can also request one-on-one tutoring, and post any questions to their admins on the group wall during non-trading hours. Another perk to consider is that Mikes loves to pay bonuses to traders who are successful. In others words, if you have some skills in binary trading, with permission, you may post them. If an individual provides at least 5 ITM’s in a row, he/she receives a cash bonus. There are no limit to the bonuses. This provides a competitive edge to all traders in achieving perfection.

PrestigeBinary hopes this review serves as an indication that Mikes Auto Trader is a savvy tool to implement in your trading. Michael Freeman continues to provide a great service for many binary investors, as he has in the last few years. He is not a fraud, but a man of integrity and professionalism.

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  • Prestige Binary im very excited to join mikes facebook group. i signed up with one of your Trusted Brokers. can you send me the invite to mikes private group? thank you

    • No problem Stephano! Sure thing, ill email you the invite link to the group! Have fun and Happy Trading! πŸ™‚

  • Ive been a member since july and have truly learned a lot in binary options trading. when i first joined i really didnt know much, but i learned more in 2 weeks than i could have on my own, or with any other group. Mikes auto trading system is awesome and works great, but i also love that all who join the auto trader all get access to mikes private facebook signals group. Here is were ive learned the most. I love the combination of the autotrader and the facebook group and the group keeps growing every day!!

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