Midas Touch App is a SCAM! Exposing Review!

Everyone knows the story of King Midas whom everything he touched transformed into gold. It appears a scammer named Mark Williams has adopted this legendary children’s story to create a binary Scam call the Midas Touch App. An automated trading application focusing on the gold commodity which will presumably makes loads of money with its advertised 96.8% accuracy rating. Read this review carefully and take warning as I have provided damaging information proving everything about the Midas Touch App scam is completely fake. Every single aspect of Midas-Touch.co contains scamming characteristics that must be understood in order to determine its true merit. From paid actors, false reviews, million-dollar dreams and flashy cars, PrestigeBinaryOptions.com does NOT consider this trading app trustworthy. Examine our informative Midas Touch App review with exposing facts revealing we’re dealing with another misleading gimmick.

Midas Touch SCAM App Full Exposure

midas touch appMidas-Touch.co follows the path of a typical scam promising you “financial freedom”, when in reality traders are left behind & empty handed. Its true gold is easily a popular asset many fundamental and technical analyzing traders favor. In this case Mark Williams wants you to believe he’s a professional with experience who supposedly studied Gold behaviors within economic markets for configuring its patterns. Because specific commodities like gold behave differently in comparison to other currency pairs or stocks, he’s deceiving newcomers by  claiming to have “broken the code” for predicting future movements and generating “clean revenues”. But as I established earlier, nothing regarding Midas Touch App is legitimate. Lets review the facts.

Immediately after commencing our review process, the biggest clue was founded seconds upon entering Mark’s Midas-Touch.co website. Paid actors are seen throughout the entire presentation video exploiting bogus testimonials for promoting the Midas Touch scam. At PrestigeBinaryOptions.com, exposing scams on a regular basis has made us extremely familiar with certain faces belonging to actors / actresses hired by fraudulent productions. Because services like Midas App cannot produce concrete evidence supporting their self-proclaimed allegations of success (Face it they SUCK), scammers resort to other methods for added deception. Hiring people for falsifying reviews is commonly practiced by faulty programs. Luckily most of these frauds lack any creativity, causing them to utilize the same selected group of individuals from the Fiverr marketplace. For instance, the man depicted within the above screenshot of their platform is well-known and witnessed promoting several scams in recent past. You’ll find his acting profile below from Fiverr.com, indicating he’s NOT a binary trader. Rather a two-faced liar endorsing a long list of dangerous softwares like One Step Ahead, Certified Income, Binary Meta Bot, & Alpha Money Generator. All reported to regulated commissions for tampering severe investment losses.


midas touch appAn interesting detail was spotted within Mark Williams introduction videos which totally throws this charade overboard. According to what we’re told from their selling clips, the Midas Touch App makes all other trading softwares obsolete because it’s “cleverly” focused “ONLY” towards gold trading. While the majority of auto-traders and signal providers calculate data for numerous currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks, potential traders are lead to believe Midas-Touch.co is much more accurate because of its singular focus. However, the “live” account demonstrated on their webpage shows various other trading options like Oil, Silver, and Currencies. A contradicting clue diminishing what little credibility these scammers hoped they had. Not to mention the trading layout itself is clearly a cheap imitation from the successful Citidel LTD App we tested a couple months ago. Other than differences in color schemes, a poor attempt for appearing legit. 

With such incriminating factors alone, it’s enough to safely establish traders should never register or deposit any funds with a questionable software like Midas Touch Scam. Truth be told, there’s not much else to discuss in regards to Mark Williams and his bogus Midas-Touch.co trickery because they offer nothing in return (except empty accounts). Even after Google searching Mr Williams for additional information, zero conclusive profiles matching his name, descriptions, or alleged achievements were found. Not even through social media platforms. Obviously he doesn’t exist, and the real developer behind this corrupt app is hiding his identity from the public. 

Midas Touch App Review – Conclusion

To summarize today’s review, this ridiculous system was created for targeting rookie traders who aren’t savvy in how scam-artists operate. Generally speaking Midas-Touch.co doesn’t physically look like a promising solution capable of producing massive amounts in profits. However my goal is providing readers having any doubts with factual proof and verified evidence. At this point I’m sure visitors will hopefully agree with our judgement. Our final verdict at this junction is obvious: Midas Touch App is a SCAM!!!

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