Michael Freeman Nigerian Scam Review – Avoid This IMPOSTOR!!!

Who is Michael Freeman? Is Michael Freeman a Scam Artist? The Truth of Mike Freeman and Intentions.

This is an important update for all binary options traders and newcomers within the industry regarding what we’ve come to call the “Michael Freeman Nigerian Scam”. It has come to our attention of an individual from Nigeria impersonating Michael Freeman through various emails and profiles. This guy uses the following email account: michaelfreemantrade@gmail.com and other different emails to manipulate people into wiring him money via PerfectMoney into his Nigerian bank account. Posing as Michael, he’s managed to scam a handful of Mike’s followers, like Isabella, out of 60,000 Euros. Thats a huge amount of money. 

PrestigeBinaryOptions.Com is well aware of Fraudulent binary options activities but this one takes first place of utmost disgrace. Particularly in Isabella’s case, an innocent woman from Ireland received an email from this Nigerian Scumbag deceptively suggesting she wire him 60,000 euros in which he would “invest” on her behalf by trading binary options. Assuming she was talking to the actual ‘Michael Freeman’, she believed this email conversation was true and legitimate. Unfortunately it wasnt.

Mike Freeman Addresses The Nigerian Scam Artist Situation:

For those who aren’t familiar, Mike Freeman is among the top authority figures in Binary Options. Hes spent the better part of the last 5 years providing quality and honest services for all Binary & Forex investors, including newcomers. With the biggest Binary Options YouTube Channel & Blogs, Mike offers a wide variety of trading techniques, strategies, recommendations of Binary Brokers and Services, and Assistance for those who’ve fallen for Scam companies promotions. For someone who has dedicated valuable time and input in such a multi-billion dollar industry, many like Isabella have come find Michael Freeman not only Honorable, but Trustworthy.  NOTE: Never has Mike ever requested anyone for their money in-turn to invest on their behalf. Not only are the actions from the Michael Freeman Nigerian Scams highly illegal, they are extremely deceptive and shallow, punishable by incarceration.

Michael Freeman’s REAL Contact Information:

You may learn more about Michael Freeman where he introduces himself and explains his background here: BinaryOptionsChannel.com/The-Truth-the-Past-and-Mikes-Real-Name/

One of Michael’s many accomplishments is his Automated Trading System and Private Binary Options Signals Group on Facebook. Mikes Auto Trader alone has surpassed the existence of most binary trading solutions because of its productivity, accuracy, and effectiveness. Michael Freeman has also developed a Private Signals Group where real live professional traders from all parts of the globe post daily signals for its members to profit from. As of now, Mike’s Facebook group is the Number 1 active community with over 2500 members and growing! Members of Mikes Auto Trader are granted free invitations to this revolutionary group of investors.

Now that you have some understanding of who Mike really is and how he continues to contribute to binary traders from all experience levels, stay away from the Michael Freeman Nigerian Scam Artist and his schemes. We are a conglomerate of CFTC Verified Blogs with ZERO TOLERANCE for Scam Services, Fraudulent Promotions, & Money-Making Gimmicks. If you’re new to trading binary options,  do a bit of research on profiles, organizations, brokers. Always join Regulate & Reliable Brokers and practice with DEMO Accounts.

Avoid Michael Freeman Nigerian Scam & Impersonators!!!

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  • Unbelievable!! people can really suck sometimes, who does this guy think he is stealing money from people. Ive followed Mike Freeman on YouTube for a while since i started trading and he would never do anything like this.

    We need more more people and bloggers like Michael Freeman, and Paul from PrestigeBinaryOptions.com

    Thanks for Posting this update i hope this nigerian guy gets what he deserves

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