MegaProfix will Rob you Blind!! has released a new binary options auto-trader that is 100% guaranteed a total Scam! We implore that you read our entire review on the new MegaProfix system before joining their ridiculous excuse of binary options trading tools.

The MegaProfix Scam is presented by a man named Brad Richardson. His introduction video contains his “story” on how he became a successful entrepreneur, which is one of the worst story-lines we’ve ever heard. We emphasize on the word ‘story’, because that’s all it is. If you manage to sit through this terrible charade, you learn that he allegedly use to be a banker, and was privy to secret bank methods and formulas which protected assets and remain safe during an economical crisis. Then one day Brad Richardson’s boss fires him for approving a loan, that he wasn’t suppose to, for a 70 year-old woman. While being unemployed, Brad uses the ‘secret money-making formulas’ utilized by the banks and created the ‘successful’ MegaProfix System.

IMG_0473Have you ever heard such a ridiculous story? What a load of garbage and lies. This poorly constructed binary options trading program contains all the characteristics of being a shady scam. The company created a Facebook page only a month ago, for the MegaProfix App. If you check out their page, they claim to have broken the world record for online earnings: An average of 1.9 million dollars an hour, and you can achieve that too within a month!! Please people!!! Do not buy into these false claims.

Now lets take a look at the MegaProfix software’s “limited time offer”. They dont play around when they say ‘limited time’. The Megaprofix software contains a countdown widget of less than 15 minutes until the offer expires. Once that clock hits 0:00, you’ve missed a life-changing opportunity. And worst of all, the MegaProfix system will not be available tomorrow! Its okay people, you need not worry. If time runs out,  refresh the page or try to leave the site, and a message will pop up “dont miss out on being a part of our ever growing Mega Profix Community”. And like magic, the countdown clock resets! These are examples of cliche marketing scam tactics with the sole purpose of maneuvering traders to feel more inclined on making  decisions they will later regret.

FullSizeRender(36)There’s a banner on the bottom of the Megaprofix Scam site, with logos by CNN, CBA, and BBC television networks. This company is announcing bold claims of multiple endorsements by these TV studios. PrestigeBinary did some digging and found no records or news-feeds of any kind proving their authenticity.

FullSizeRender(35)I dont even want to discuss the MegaProfix’s bogus “Live Feed” section where you can see live reportings of registered members who are at the moment, currently making thousands in profits. “Robert earned $9,200”, “Sarah earned $4,895”, “Matthew J. just started auto-trading”, “Susan earned $9,859”. The interesting part is, the names and profited amounts are constantly repeated. Thats it?? Only three members? Even refreshing MegaProfix website page repeats the same member names and amount of winnings over again. I suppose their three lonely members are the ones responsible for ‘breaking’ the record for money-making online.    Yeah Right! 

The MegaProfix Scam is one of the worst we’ve come to unveil. We understand for beginners, its not all that easy to figure out who to trust. Is this a reliable broker? Does this binary options trading system really work? Identifying false claimed attributes will help determine whether a binary options service is legitimate or fraudulent. If you want to learn about binary options trading and take it seriously, PrestigeBinary has many Recommended Trading Services and Reliable Brokers you can familiarize yourself with. To be successful in trading binary options, stay clear of trading product scams like MegaProfx and find reliable brokers & trading services with well rounded reputations.

Please stay far away form the MegaProfix Scam System!!

Please let us know of any information regarding the MegaProfix. All feedback is welcomed in the comments below and lets keep all our fellow traders well-informed. Thank you for Reading!


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