Medallion App Trading System REVIEW – Elaborate SCAM!

Medallion App Trading Scam Review

Use caution before dealing with the Medallion App Scam for binary trading. Our informative Medallion App review strongly proves what we’ve found about this auto trader to be dangerously misleading.

Time to clear all doubts from your mind and set the record straight to inform traders the Medallion App trading system is a SCAM. You can forget about making $35,000 weekly with this questionable software because its not going to happen. Supposedly James Simons and a nameless development team have constructed an elaborate automated scamming program with a polished appearance of seeming legitimate. But don’t be FOOLED by “genuine” appearances alone. While a large majority of fraudulent trading softwares look rather generic and half-ass, we worry newcomers will assume they’ve found a reputable autotrading solution for binary options through their well-developed platform. While thoroughly researching information for our Medallion App review, we found several clues incriminating the legitimacy of that must not be ignored, proving once and for all no trader should ever trust them.

Medallion App Review – How they work to Trick You

As you watch their presentation videos on, a bearded man narrates how a certain James Simons from Renaissance Technologies has created a sophisticated auto bot with the power of simplifying the process of binary profiting. Referred as the “golden ticket” for winning big, its implied his Medallion App system had been tested & tweaked into a “proven” system for the past 9 years, resulting in transforming into a trader’s masterpiece. The lies continue by stating rigorous trials since 2-0-0-6 have been enforced in order to gradually increase its profitability and consistency for every current year to date. But not once are visitors explained exactly how James Simons’ Medallion App Scam operates, but simply informs traders it focuses chiefly on Commodities & Futures trading. Not very specific for someone who wants to fully understand its methods of operation. Such embellished lies with even a mixture of real facts regarding financial market data are tossed around within their misleading narrative to appear as if members are listening to the words of a  knowledgeable representative.

Medallion App** Important: The mere fact that binary options wasn’t introduced until 2-0-0-8, but Medallion App trading system claims it has been under construction for ‘perfection’ before that year indicates a software was created before binary trading was even available. NOT GOOD!

Why avoid the Medallion App Scam? Real Proof!

James Simons and his multi-million dollar Renaissance Technologies company do indeed exist, but have zero correlations with binary options or formulations of any trading systems. Notice how he doesnt personally introduce the Medallion App trading system in videos. Instead there are a few still-shots of his face with descriptive quotes below that can easily be fabricated by scam-artists for marketing reasons. If James Simons were behind the creation of a lucrative trading software capable of generating millions of dollars, his achievements would be widely publicized not just within the industry, but throughout the globe. As for the screenshots of News related articles from Fortune Magazine, Bloomberg, & BBC, no evidence was found indicating any articles were ever published in acknowledging Medallion App autotrader’s theoretical success. Nice try Scammers!

With a quick search inquiry, we’re able to understand the domain was recently created a day before Christmas (1 week ago), thereby voiding their alleged story of Medallion App software assisting traders in generating huge sums of money with little effort for years.

Medallion App Review – using Fake Actors!

Falsified Evidence

Medallion App Trading System“Irrefutable & Acknowledge” evidence is used to describe the “authenticity” of this deplorable scamming production. For Medallion App review purposes, we browsed through their elaborate platform for any indications of real reviews or verifiable proof of’s successful endeavors, but only found a small section containing four members claiming to have succeeded with the automated Medallion App. Although each testimony is labeled “verified”, we can prove the opposite. Take for instance “Rick Cordany”, trusting-looking individual saying he’s made over $245,000. Unfortunately his photo was purchased/stolen from, verifying his profile being false and unreal. By clicking the link above the depicted photo, you’ll see for yourself. This practice is very common among scams because they must rely of shady tactics in order to sell their garbage to the public.

Medallion App uses ‘Bonus’ Scam

Watch out for trading system that entice users with deceitful incentives like welcoming bonuses as an additional trap. Medallion App promotes its services by tantalizing a $200 – $500 Bonus accredited to your account if registration is completed within the given time. Accepting any bonus offers come with heavy contingencies that wont allow any withdrawal requests until certain requirements are met. Learn more about these dangers in our Broker Complaints

Medallion App Trading System Review – Final Thoughts & Conclusion

PrestigeBinaryOptions YouTube ChannelA Medallion App Review Exposing more Scam Characteristics ↓

As i sum up this review, lets touch base on the dubious notion where the crooks behind this deceptive scam have described this automatic trader as a “Risk Free” application. Stay Away from their illustrious Medallion App Scam at all costs!

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  • You have another company advertizing in your page. I Virtnext a trustable or also they are scammers? Thanks.

    • Hello Pedro
      Yes many traders are still having great results with the Virtnext software. As a personal recommendation, i suggest using their semit-auto feature first. This allows you full control over Virntext and which trades you want to place. I like this features more because i don’t always like a robot to make all my trades for me.

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