McDonald Millionaire App Review – TOTAL SCAM!

By | August 22, 2017

McDonald Millionaire Review (Must Read Alert)

McDonald Millionaire App is a total Scam! A dangerous trading software we’re prepared to review and exposed to the fullest extent. Its important we warn day-traders the dangers lurking beneath this fraudulent applications, because in all honesty, this application will NOT make you money.

Several traders have asked us to investigate by Robert Mfune to learn if its safe to use or not. Unfortunately I was shocked to see the amount of scamming factors and misleading information throughout McDonal Millionaire.

A lot of these scammy tactics and lies we’ll be reviewing together are typical qualities normally seen throughout most get-rich-quick gimmicks.

Therefore we highly advice all traders who’re thinking about joining with McDonald Millionaire App, please read our review first. Learn the dirty little secrets Ive found which these scammers obviously don’t want you knowing. Learn the truth behind these money-losing scheme.

McDonald Millionaire Review – Busted SCAM App Revealed!

mcdonald millionaire

Traders entering this ridiculous program are promised all sorts of unrealistic profits. Basically stating all McDonald Millionaire App users will bank thousands in daily profits, & become a millionaire within a few months.

Oh, don’t forget these scammers are offering you all the money for “free”. Yeah Right!

According to their videos, the McDonald Millionaire software is the most “innovative tool for trading financial markets and becoming wealthy very easily”. At least these are the lies they keep feeding everyone.

The idea of making loads of money everyday from the comfort of your home without any work is something I’m sure all traders would love. Sadly this way of thinking is strictly a fairytale that will never happen.

Keep in mind if trading apps like McDonald Millionaire could really generate thousands in profits or make you a millionaire so quickly, do you honestly believe this app would be given away “Free of Charge”? Come on!

The truth is, these sleazy programmers are trying to steal your money with false information, and we’re going to to prove it. Lets review the evidence.

About McDonald Millionaire Scam

Remember that kid in their videos named Robert Mfune? Well, he’s actually a real person. You can see some of his videos from a year ago on YouTube, where he drives several luxury cars including a gold Bentley.

His story is he use to work for McDonalds when he was younger, but also taught himself how to trade online at the same time. He learnt to become a successful binary trader, and later ventured into other investment ventures like real estate. This is how he accumulated his wealth. NOT by this McDonald Millionaire App scam.

However, these scammers would have you believe otherwise. Which is why they’ve stolen segments from Roberts Youtube videos and used them within the McDonald Millionaire introductory video.

Fake McDonald Millionaire Results

I’m sure we can all agree results are the best for determining if something works or not. One of the first images traders will see within are fake bank statement photos.

How do I know they are fake? The details show the proof, where these statements are dated back last year and even 6 years ago. In case you’re unaware, McDonald Millionaire is a newly developed Scam just released this month.

The fact these scammers are exploring dates and times when McDonald Millionaire app never existed is a serious red flag. Ask yourselves it traders are really banking $7000 per day, then why aren’t there any live proof from real members or active accounts?

Who developed McDonald Millionaire App?

Honestly, this is where things get really tricky? Personally I believe McDonald Millionaire trading app was created by a bunch of faceless criminals who’re too cowardly to show their faces.

That is why I mentioned earlier these scam-artists have stolen video clips from Robert Mfune’s videos and used them for their own scamming purposes.

You’ll also notice McDonalds Millionaire Videos are presented by a voiceover & text. We never actually see who is speaking or representing this awful trading scam. Mr Mfune also never actually mentions the words “McDonal Millionaire” at all.

For all we know, Robert Mfune is probably unaware his own life story is being smeared so scammers can promote their McDonald Millionaire autotrader. Or maybe Robert is aware and partnered with these scumbags. There’s no way to know for sure…….yet. 

Bogus McDonald Millionaire Reviews

Trading Scams are never complete without the classic touch of fake reviews. We’ve already discussed the fact this fraud app uses fake banking reports. So it’s really no surprise we find paid actors and falsified profiles too.

Day traders will find a few recordings from paid actors pretending to be millionaires thanks to McDonald Millionaire. But come on, we all know they’re being paid to lie.

Whats also funny is their social media section within the members area. Traders will find alleged social feeds supposedly belonging to current members, all claiming success.

The problem is none of these Facebook or Twitter profiles exist. Not one of these names match anyone on social media, and zero of these tweets or FB statuses regarding McDonald Millionaire ever happened.

Still want to join McDonalds Millionaire?

There’s really no point in dragging this review any further. There’s enough evidence here to completely remove all trust towards this questionable trading software. Clearly these liars are not being honest or transparent about their hidden methods.

At this junction, ask yourselves if you’re still willing entrust McDonald Millionaire with your hard-earned money? I don’t think so!

McDonald Millionaire Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: There’s absolutely no question about it. Avoid the McDonald Millionaire Scam at all costs. Unless you’re willing to put yourself at risk by letting these crooks run with your money. Don’t Believe us? Go ahead & register with Keep us posted with your results.

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We know how hard it is to find a trusted trading app, be always stay away from pathetic scams like McDonald Millionaire App. Rest assured this software will be placed in our blacklist among many other avoidable scams and brokers deemed unsafe for traders to use.

Thank you for taking time in reading my McDonald Millionaire Review. I hope it was helpful and prevented you from a regrettable mistake. Any questions or feedback you’d like to share? Please do so by commenting below. Cheers!

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  1. Nate

    Ive heard of this kid, but this is obvious enough this McDonald millionaire app is not associated with him.

    This is definite a Scam. thank you for the warning Prestige!


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