Maximus Edge AutoBot Review – NO SCAMS, NO BS!

By | September 18, 2017

Is Maximus Edge Autobot really as reliable as they claim? Is it a SCAM? Thats what traders demand to know and we’re here today to uncover that truth. Together we shall thoroughly review Maximus Edge Auto Bot and discover its features and capabilities to answer if this software is safe or not. is a newly formatted signals provider completely automated, providing beginner traders with precise signals for profiting through the financial markets.

After carefully investigation their platform and learning exactly HOW Maximus Edge Autobot works, Im very excited to see its power & potential if offers.

So to best answer your question, NO Maximus Edge Autobot is NOT a Scam. Instead, these developers have finally produced a working & safe trading tool for rookie investors. An autotrading app based on real strategies and indicators which we can personally control whichever way we want.

This Maximus Edge EA Tool can & will change the way we trade for the better, allowing novice trader to make money from the comforts of their home. Lets review in details the benefits all members will have.

Maximus Edge AutoBot Review – Trading Made EASY!

maximus edge autobot

Its been a long time since we’ve seen any new developments within the binary option industry. Or should I say, its been a while since any Safe trading softwares have been developed.

As you know, there are too many scams plotting this amazing industry which offers many lucrative opportunities. Therefore finding a reliable trading software that actually makes money for traders can hard to find.

But thats where Maximus Edge AutoBot comes in. This refreshing software is a calculated blessing for many rookie traders around the globe. Due to its accuracy and efficiency, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to online trading of have some experience. The Maximus Edge Autobot app WILL make you money!

This amazingly popular trading app has been formatted for newcomers in mind. But most importantly has been adjusted, tweaked, tested, and optimized for maximum profitability.

Although this software is brand new, Maximus Edge EA has quickly risen to the TOP of the trader list, and now considered one of the the MOST SUCCESSFUL trading systems among the legitimate professional programs today. 

But its also highly important everyone understands WHY & HOW it can operate to your benefit. Lest review the details you should know.

What is Maximus Edge AutoBot?

In simplest terms, its a fully auto trading application. What this means is the software automatically analyzes global markets for you at substantial speeds. Doing so while taking under consideration current market conditions while searching the best trading positions available at that moment.

Because of its automation, this is why Maximus Edge EA is so successful. It completely removes the learning curve for beginner traders, while allowing several chances of making profits everyday without limits.

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering what makes the Maximus App different from all the other autotraders. The answer is simple because of its legitimacy. Its a REAL software ‘perfected’ by REAL Traders. No phony loopholes or Crazy ‘get-rich-quick’ allegations.

Maximus Edge Autobot WINNING Features

Traders using Maximus Edge Autobot will have the power of accessing the trading industries most successful indicators for maximizing your profits.

With any trading ventures, whether you’re using an app or simply trading on your own, certain strategies regarding Technical or Fundamental Analysis MUST be applied for success.

To be more specific, this trading app is configured with the most POWERFUL indicators like RSI, STOCHASTIC, BOLLINGER BANDS, CCI and MACD.

Whats even more amazing is traders will be taken with higher winning chances only when 3 or more of these indicators correlate together with a certain currency pair. This produces higher winning rates with minimal loss ratios. Making traders earn more money while limiting risk factors! AWESOME!

Maximus Edge Autobot Crushes Risks!

The most common problem causing many trading programs to fail (excluding the obvious scams) is because a majority of them are not programmed to trade efficiently during different market volatilities.

Just to clarify, global markets are constantly moving at various paces. At one moment, market conditions can be calm and agreeable, but then all of the suddens conditions can change instantly and become to erratic.

Erratic conditions (High Volatility) are very risky due to unpredictable movements. Unfortunately many existing software are NOT programmed to adjust during these unforeseen changes.

But in this area, the Maximus Edge Autobot is beating the competition because of its “Flexible Trading Methods”. The Maximus Software literally adjusts itself when needed to appropriate strategies depending on any market changes.

So if markets become too volatile, or slow down before closing hours, traders can easily profit with Maximus Edge AutoBot App.

DON’T FORGET, everything we’ve just covered so far is done for you automatically through its integrated programming & software mechanisms. The only thing traders have to do is simply activate the app itself!

$200+ / Day with Maximus Edge AutoBot

Traders need to know if programs such as Maximus Software truly have potential in producing sizable profits. Numbers never lie because they’re best statistics for proving any probabilities. 

Think for a moment if each trade you make is valued at $25. For every winning trade, you’ll receive your initial investment ($25) back, plus additional winning payouts averaging $20 extra. Equaling a total payout of $45. Therefore with only a minimal 5 trades, anyone using Maximus Edge AutoBot can bank $100 pure profits.

Now, consider the endless possibilities if you extended your amounts to 10 or 15 automated positions in one day!

The point Im making here is the possibilities are endless! You DONT need to deposit thousands of dollars to begin trading and enjoy the money-making process. 

The best way is to begin with the minimum deposit and allow Maximus Edge EA app to grow your account automatically. As your account begins to accumulate, then you can gradually increase the value of each trade, thereby resulting in larger payouts & more money in your pockets!

Maximus Edge AutoBot Review – Tips for Profits

Definitive Review Verdict: Thankfully, Maximus Edge Autobot is NOT a Scam. Instead, this software has been deemed for all users. The newest development in online trading providing quality services and outstanding results for traders worldwide.

(Click the banner & Start making money from the comfort of your own home today!)

Stay tuned for more updates, live videos, tutorials and safety tips. I too have joined this new & exciting movement by registering for my own copy of Maximus Edge Auto Bot. Be sure to subscribe to my channel as il be posting live trading updates to give traders actual footage of the app in action!

As as friendly reminder, a broker will be given to you by the Maximus app depending on your GEO location. Make sure you deposit with the broker given to you through the trading app’s main website by clicking the banner above. This ensures both your trading software & broker are connected properly.

Thank for reading our transparent and honest Maximus Edge AutoBot review, and I’m excited to be partaking in the amazing trading adventure with you all. Cheers to your success!

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32 thoughts on “Maximus Edge AutoBot Review – NO SCAMS, NO BS!

  1. tinku

    Hi Paul,

    I am from India, Is it work for India residents also ?

    Please reply.


    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi Tinku,
      The Maximus Edge AutoBot app is available for most countries. Simply click the following link and fill out your basic information. If a broker is automatically provided for you by the app, this means the software is available for you to join.
      Maximus Edge Autobot –
      But if you run into any issues while joining, Email me directly at and ill send you some simple tips you can use to join if you’re interested.

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi Gerd, the Maximus Edge AutoBot app is avianble for most countries.
      But if you run into any issues while joining, Email me directly at and ill send you some simple tips you can use to join if you’re interested.

  2. Siri Nilsen

    What can I do to get a correct synch. if I did signed up with Maximus through their official link, but then did the money transaction from my broker’s page,……….etc

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi Siri Nilsen,
      okay you didnt sign up correctly. What you need to do is withdraw your money from the broker and rejoin through the Maximus Edge Autobot website.
      You can use the secured link below, make sure you deposit with the broker given to you through the trading app’s main website. This will ensure both your trading software & broker are connected properly.
      Maximus Edge AutoBot SignUp-

      1. Siri Nilsen

        thanks. this is what I did last night and Stern is now standing ready………, but I have had them before, and they are very aggressive. however there is a list that I can choose from, and I guess that would be ok to go with a Broker I feel for?

  3. Brenden

    Great program PBO
    I very much enjoyed you’re review and the details regarding Maximus Edge Autobot. It’s very clear and precise for a beginner like myself. Great work
    I decided to try the app out today and so far I 6 Win trades and only 1 loss. Ver happy thank you for your help. Cheers mate!

    1. Prestige Post author

      awesome news brendon, thats awesome to hear and keep up the good work!
      Happy to hear the maximus edge autobot app is working out well for you.
      Many traders around the globe are loving this software.

      Feel free to email me directly anytime at

  4. Jerry

    Awesome Review Paul,
    love your details and the way you explain things. Ive joining with Maximus a couple days ago, very happy with the results so far. Ill keep you posted!

      1. sven midholm

        can ai do this in sweden regards sven midholm also waithing for a replay request

        1. Prestige Post author

          hi Sven,

          the mamixus app is available for most regions, but not all.

          if you’re having trouble joining, email me directly at and ill be happy to send you info and tips for joining.

  5. peter badley

    My Funded and Verified Maximus Edge account and my Royalmarkets Broker account do not appear to be linked, therefore i am unable to trade.
    Can you please assist.
    Peter Badley

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi Peter,
      allow me to clarify you DONT verify your maximus edge autobot account, you verify the BROKER account.
      When registering with Maximus or any other trading apps, you must complete your deposit through the trading app’s home website. A broker window will be provided for your by the software which is where you complete your deposit. Your deposit must be completed in that area to ensure both your app and broker are connected properly. Maximus Edge Autobot –

  6. Jared

    I really like the maximus edge autobot app. Im new to trading, but this software really does make it simple. I made just under $100 profit yesterday. Very impressed, I hope to make more today!!

    Thank you Prestige!

  7. Samantha

    Maximus Edge Autobot is the best app I’ve used in a while. Most are crap but this ones a lot better than expected.

  8. Kenny

    Hello Paul

    Great review on maximus edge autobot. Great details and this software has a lot of potential. Ill be checking them out to join.

  9. Peter

    With all positive feedbacks on Maximus Edge Autobot from the audience, I will certainly look into this .
    Thanks Paul for your presentation and review. Great work.

  10. Buhle

    Hi, is Maximus Edge Autobot still legitimate so far? It’s because I see only last year’s comments.
    Thank you

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi Vivian

      the maximus edge autobot app is available for most countries, but not all. If you or anyone is having trouble signing up, email me at and ill send you easy tips for joining.

  11. Trevor Edwards

    Hi, What trading hours are best for me? I live in South Africa.




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