Master Sniper Trading Is a Childish-Looking Scam

Master Sniper Trading is by far the worst, poorly developed binary system we’ve come across to date. At the commencement of our investigation, we immediately notice their platform lacks professionalism and appearance; as if a child had designed it. If you’re contemplating on registering with this faulty malware, we Implore you DONT! In the following Master Sniper Trading Review, we have evaluated concrete evidence of falsified identities, fake testimonials, and even grammatical errors which evidently proves we’re dealing with another Get-Rich-Quick SCAM.

Adam Weiss would would have you believe Master Sniper Trading is the most advanced auto-trading software powered by “Wall Street Master Traders”. Posing as the alleged CEO of, Adam boasts how implementing his calculated algorithm containing 94% accuracy, will make you $4,000 per day on auto-pilot. One would imagine if someone were making daily profits of $4,000 they could afford to create a more attractive website. Unfortunately for Mr Weiss, we have plenty experience in exposing the crooks behind many binary option scams and Master Sniper Trading is full of phony tell-tales.

The True Identity of “Adam Weiss”:

master sniper trading 3Its no surprise to find, with its amateur resemblance, filled with fabricated results. The majority of useless binary options systems favor the use of paying actors who have never even used the promoted software, but endorse their products and performance. Ask yourself why someone who claims to be a CEO of the Master Sniper Trading System makes his living developing scripted lies for pocket change? Scam-artist hide their true intentions behind misleading individuals who appear professional. Even a personal effect is embedded within their stories in order resemble some common-ground with some viewers. Check out the woman who identifies herself as “Lauren” in Master Sniper Trading’s video presentation. She claims to be a mother with 4 children who struggled to make ends meet. How many people do you think can really relate to her rehearsed situation. Her REAL name is Jennine and she has been spotted encouraging other scamming investment solutions with a similar narrative. Shame on Her!!

“Middle-Age Woman with 4 Kids” Fiverr Profile:

Throughout their campaign, not once are you shown exactly how the Master Sniper Trader Software actually works. Besides the fake reviews, there are a number of misspellings and grammar errors throughout the site.

master sniper trading 2

There’s a saying which implies you shouldn’t “Judge a Book by its Cover”, but for the occasion of the MasterSniperTrading Program, it was necessary in order to uncover their malicious tactics in attempts of deceiving new-coming traders into depositing with them. There is no doubt any affiliation with Master Sniper Trading App will NOT result in any positive outcomes, instead you’ll be left behind with empty pockets. We hope by now you understand the severity of our warning:

STAY AWAY From the Master Sniper Trading SCAM!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Master Sniper Review and if you’ve had any dealings with, be sure to inform us with your feedback and input. Many Fraudulent Signal & Auto Trader Services lack support and efficiency, which result in failing softwares and disgruntled investors. If you want to learn more about how to properly execute winning trades, check out Mikes AutoTrader. Subscription to Mikes Auto-Trader grants you the best of both worlds: An automated Trading Tool that’s been successfully supported by thousands of traders for over a year, PLUS FREE access to Mikes Private Facebook Signals Group. Within this community you’ll join 3,000+ online traders following posted Signal Alerts from professional Binary Traders all day within the Trade week.

728x90 mikes auto trader bannerMaster Sniper Trading YouTube Video Review:


  • I totally agree with you Prestige. When I was checking out their Master Sniper Trading website, the entire software looked very generic and outdated. For a new trading software, they really don’t look the part of being a reliable auto trader. And let’s not forget the fake actors. TOTAL SCAM!

  • Ha! You can almost laugh at how ridiculous Mater Sniper Trading looks. Even their logo looks like it was created on “paint”. Doesn’t look like I would make any money with this trading system. Who would fall for this lame trading platform??

    • Yes Daniel in most cases a lot of these binary scammers are ridiculous and sometimes make us laugh at how stupid they are.
      But Unfortunately many who dont realize the difference often fall for frauds regardless of warnings from the Master Sniper Trading Review. Its a serious matter.

  • Great review Prestige Binary Options! Nice job on exposing the real truth behind the Master Sniper Trading Scam ?

  • Im glad there are binary option bloggers out there who actually have experience with binary options trading and understand the dangers of falling for these money-making jokers. there are so many websites who promote stuff like the Master Sniper Trading Scam and dont care what happens to people after they lose their money.
    As one who is interested in BO trading, i appreciate that you warn us and also offer alternatives for more credible solutions.
    Thank you Prestige Binary

    • No matter how ridiculous a fake binary trading solution may appear, there are many websites who will endorse a questionable software no matter the consequence.
      Thank you Chris, we hope with our Master Sniper Trading Review and many more to come will hopefully make a difference within the industry.

  • Damn you guys are good! Great post exposing the Hansen App software for Being totally fake. So many greedy people out there who dont care what happens to traders who end up losing their funds.

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