Marvins Secrets REVIEW- The Equalizer SCAM Software

Marvins Secrets Scam Review

What exactly is the Equalizer Software? Is this really the remedy for all traders who’ve been wronged by crooks in the binary market? Read our honest opinion in the following Marvins Secrets Review for a true perspective.

Before we divulge into the facts, be advised this Marvins Secrets Scam is a duplicate automated binary software that was previously released almost six months ago. Although the creators of this treacherous auto-trader have made certain changes involving appearance, rest assured we’re dealing with the exact same worthless trading program from before. The “secret” method behind is a program known as the Equalizer Software. With these “powerful” tools combined together, Tom Cruz offers THE solution for those who’ve been scammed in the past from dangerous money-making schemes and regain what they’ve lost. We understand completely the copious amounts of scamming softwares flooding the binary industry but we Implore our visitors to read our Marvins Secrets Review regarding the Equalizer Scam to warn traders the deception within this crafty system.

Marvins Secrets Review – What is the Equalizer Scam? is loaded with lies and deceptive characteristics. As Tom Cruz (Not the Movie Star) described it, MarvinsSecrets is presumed a “sustainable future for binary trading”. The intentions of this debatable system is making traders believe that with only a 60%-65% winning ratio and “5 minute secret”(the Equalizer scam system), binary investors will be able to double their investments each day from a mere deposit of $250 by placing only 1-3 open positions per day.  But judging from older Marvins Secrets Reviews, the facts remain conclusive that this is already a proven failed scam software that has repeatedly tricked many traders into LOSING their deposits instantaneously. This in not the “window of opportunity” you’re searching to make up for what you’ve lost as he states.

Marvins Secrets Scam – Same old LIES

marvins secrets reviewThis actor depicted above is a commonly known scam-artist witnessed on too many binary platform scams like the Samaritan System, the recent Money Matrix Scam, and now within the Marvins Secrets Review. Regardless of their choice of unreliable individuals who condone the use of such worthless trading systems, Tom Cruz pretends to be your “friend” by outlaying the foundations of fake autotraders and saying they’re ALL designed to fail & lose money. But on the other hand, The Equalizer Trading program can amplify earnings in an “intelligent & conclusive manner”. Tom continues to preach how the binary industry is a conglomerate of falsified productions and all automated traders are elaborate scams to separate people from their funds. That is why the “5 minute secret”, also know as the Equalizer trading software, is Not an automatic program that places trades on your behalf, but a Signal Alert service which requires you to manually input the trades onto your broker. For newcomers to binary trading, many might find this whole story to be quite compelling and think of Marvins Secrets Scam as a legitimate avenue. DONT fall for this hype!

Marvins Secrets Review – The Equalizer software is Relentless!

marvins secrests scamThis is NOT a ‘second chance’ at redemption for those who are tired of being swindled. Tom may come forward as knowledgeable when he speaks of actual methods pertaining on how to properly learn certain trading techniques, identifying market signals, and money managements skills. But rest assured it’s all an act. Because these shady developers are desperate to capture as many rookies possible to register with the faulty Marvins Secrets Scam software, he insinuates that limited spots are available and action must be taken quickly. According to the presentation video, “if too many people have access to the Equalizer system, the 60%-65% win rate will decrease. Thus only three traders will be allowed to enter in efforts to preserve the competitive aspect”. What a load of garbage!!

Marvins Secrets Review &  The Equalizer Scam Conclusion

Our Final Verdict regarding this matter of our Equalizer Review – Marvins Secrets Scam is Bogus!

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