Make Money Robot is a SCAM! Critical Review on Failing Software!

Make Money Robot is becoming a somewhat popular Scam for binary options trading which we’ll expose to the fullest extent, thereby clarifying important facts which all traders must know. Although this particular software is not as flamboyant as most scams we review every week, traders deserve to understand not only are we dealing with worthless trading application, there are highly misleading examples of “advice” given to newcomers for allowing these scammers to profits more from your mistakes while leaving you stuck & empty handed. by Michael Williamson has wreaked havoc among the industry long enough by delivering false hopes of profitable success. Therefore its imperative we address this fraudulent program by outlining specific aspects indicating activities known only within money-losing schemes.

Warning Update: Since the launch of Make Money Robot scam a few months prior, the amount of requests from curious traders asking if this app is safe has risen significantly. As well complaints from disgruntled clients who’ve sadly been deceived by their false advertisements are mounting up. Lets review the facts!

Make Money Robot Software Review – Damaging Trading SCAM Unveiled

make money robot software

Its unclear as to what or how this software operates since its description takes two different directions regarding how traders will make money. At one point, we’re told its an auto-trader instilled with ‘complex equations’ for identifying winning trades throughout the market. On the other hand its explained how your account will instantly copy trading positions executed by professional investors within their social networks. Obviously their stories do NOT correlate with each other. Regardless of its contradictions nor the fact these scammers have any idea what they’re talking about, visitors are inclined to believe they’ve stumbled upon a “long-term solution for financial Independence” that’s accumulated over $42 million in total revenue for its clients. All thanks due to combined efforts from alleged “entrepreneurs, brokers and internet marketing ‘gurus” who’ve assisted in designing this auto system. Sadly our review proves newcoming traders are being taken advantage, and this scam has to be stopped!

Apparently the Make Money Robot software isn’t Michael Williamson’s first application launching with his partner “Felipe Y Luis” since their initial app dated back three years ago, supposedly caused a lot of commotion within the stock market….so they say. What’s troubling is whoever this Michael character might be, he never reveals any live footage or facial recognition of himself which is suspicious enough on its own. For all we know, the narrator dictating their introduction clips could be from anyone. Our team attempted to locate confirmation supporting not only his stated allegations and accomplishments, but his existence as well. Disturbing however not matching results were found through online searches and media portals. Needless to say the absence of verified credentials doesn’t warrant confidence for investing as single dollar.

Bogus Make Money Robot Reviews

Going from bad to worst is an understatement as I watched their testimonials from supposed members endorsing this Make Money Robot Scam! Anyone entering their site will find three distinct recordings explaining how much money they’re banking, along with encouraging the usage of this deplorable trading software. Take for instance “Ryan Wilson” who’s undoubtedly NOT a binary trader, rather a paid advertiser from the notorious Fiverr marketplace. What’s more disturbing is his relentless reputation for endorsing countless scams in recent past like Disrupt Trading , Fintech LTD & Cobalt Code (review) that continue to cost rookie investors severe losses. Actors alone doesn’t indicate possible threat, but our reviews through our channel and blog are constantly witnessing this young man condoning registrations of harmful softwares. The provided link redirects to his active gig on, verifying he’s a scripted liar favored for promotional purposes by scam-artists. If you remember correctly, claims of having over one million registered customers. So why’s it necessary to hire performances from known liars??

Faster Money Loss!

Problems can escalate further into deeper economic duress, where Michael Williamson is so confident his Make Money Robot software is a legitimate resource, thereby misguiding potential clients towards a whole new level of thievery by suggesting more money be invested into his autotrading app. While the usual deposit requirement is only $250, this scammer specifically insists you invest a minimum $500 – $2000 for higher payouts and faster accumulations. Theoretically speaking, bigger investments can produce greater returns, but ONLY if your in control of proper methods or strategies. Everything discussed within today’s review shows how dishonest and unethical this software was truly created. Even if you didn’t know their dirty little hidden secrets, the amounting complaints against this worthless system should serve as a precaution. Hopefully our thorough assessment has brought some crucial aspects you probably weren’t aware about.

Make Money Robot Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Avoid Make Money Robot Scam unless you’re in the mood for throwing money away. Don’t become their next victim as this software drains your account without positive results.

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  • Great Review on the Make Money Robot. Its obviously a scam!
    Great work, i love youre reviews and updates they are very helpful!

  • I hope it works and if it does I will like this game or website

    • hi Nyo,
      be careful the Make Money Robot is a Scam, dont use it or it will lose your money.
      If youre interested in reliable & safe trading app, i suggest using Pro Binary Bot.
      The Pro Binary Bot is an Autotrader performing very well & connected with Regulated Brokers & free Demos. You can learn more here –

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