Magnetic Profit is a worthless Scam; Informative Review

By | February 4, 2016

Magnetic Profit Scam Review (Warning)

Day-traders be warned! Magnetic Profit by David Silversmith is a freshly released automated trading scam and reports are already surfacing in regards to severe losses and failed performance. After inspecting for additional information in attempts to understand the legitimacy of this system, we’re easily reminded of recent auto-trader called Profit Magnet (review), a viral trading scam that wreaked havoc throughout the industry. The Profit Magnet scam cost a large number of traders to loose substantial amounts of money, and now its menacing brother Magnetic Profit has launched to finish the job by profiting from your losses. David Silversmith pretends to be a “protector of the people” by shielding you from trading scams and offers you an opportunity to make $4000 per day with his software. But as you continue reading our Magnetic Profit Review, you’ll find incriminating evidence which should deter anyone from trusting this money-making scheme.

Magnetic Profit Review – “WatchDog” Impostor Exposed!

magnetic profitDavid Silversmith, creator of the Magnetic Profit scam, describes himself as the “industry watchdog” who’s been exposing hundreds of scams over the past few years. Posing as a friendly authoritative figure, he wants to give traders who’ve been slighted by corrupt companies in the past a shot at redemption by introducing his Magnetic Profit system for generating millions of dollars free of charge. He promises no other trading application can rival his own as it’s integrated with ‘revolutionary’ tools that cleverly analyzes global markets for opportune profitable transactions, collecting meta-data from economical charts that are overlooked by simple human observation. David “guarantees”(term widely used by scam-artists) your blueprint for a luxurious life of wealth is at your disposal. But there are too many scamming characteristics which cant be ignored and must be addressed. Let’s cut to the chase and face the facts!

Note: is the only “industry watchdog” that’s been around “putting scammers out of business” for several years. They’ve debunked countless scams but never created a trading software for their own personal gain. Binary Options Watchdog stands a pillar within the trading community, inspiring a handful of blogs like ourselves to spread the word revealing dangerous scams like David’s Magnetic Profit System.

Magnetic Profit Scam is a common Criminal

magnetic profit reviewAs we stated earlier, there have been reported issues of online investors who’ve been duped by because their advertised capabilities of earning massive incomes failed to be delivered. More specifically, trading accounts were completely drained shortly after software activation. Because there’s no verifiable proof of any successful outcome from investing with Magnetic Profit system, the crooked development team have resorted to hiring Fiverr actors (favored by blacklisted scams) to advertise worthless trading programs to the general public. In other words, the testimonies and reviews found within are completely fake! The woman depicted above has been seen promoting multiple fraudulent trading apps like Pecunia Pact and Secret to Success. Click the link below to see her active profile on

magnetic profitMagnetic Profit Review – Claim your $50,000 Giveaway!

Either Mr Silversmith is the most generous con-artist we’ve ever met, or he’s desperately trying to lure newcomers into depositing by offering his “iron clad guarantee” he’ll personally give you $50,000 should his system ever fail. Spending the minimal $250 required deposit for a five figure payback is not a bad trade off, if it were real. Obviously this tactic is specifically targeted for rooking traders not aware just how devious these scammers really are. Within the past year, many have fallen for similar offers of large compensation deals, later to find their requests unanswered and empty handed. Do you really think someone’s just going to hand you $50,000 for your time?? Don’t fall for this ridiculous offer and dont waste your time dealing with the Magnetic Profit scam app.

Magnetic Profit Review / Conclusion

To summarize our Magnetic Profit review, ask yourself if you’d be willing to place your trust (or money) into a trading system that follows the very footsteps established by other questionable services? There’s not much else to discuss so we hope this article has finalized any doubts you might have with Our final verdict on this matter has been solidified with enough supportive evidence: Avoid the Magnetic Profit Scam System!

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Stay clear of systems like Magnetic Profit or others of equal standing, especially those who throw words like “guarantee” around. Binary option trading is a simple form of investment, but guarantees are non-existent in the financial world. However there are alternatives and methods you can utilize to limit risk and maximize profitability. Visit our Recommended Section containing Auto Traders & Signal Services tested and approved by trader feedback. Thank you for reading PrestigeBinary’s Magnetic Profit Review, and feel free to comment about any experiences with the Magnetic scam.

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