Magic Money Machine is a SCAM!! – Stay Clear!!

There’s a new binary options trading software making its day-view called the Magic Money Machine Scam!! We implore that you take a couple minutes of your time to review our post, save your money, and stay clear from this ‘trading system’. It didn’t take us long poking through the navigation process of the website to find many irregularities along with annoying repetitiveness, and damaging contradictions.

Lets begin with their basic frontal appeal. The Magic Money Machine system promises they are like no other program in the industry and can generate “$800 every 17 minutes”, executing 3-4 trades. Once upon a time, this trading software had been sold at $3,500, and was considered ‘dirt cheap’ because you would make your money back just over an hour using this new trading application. But now they are offering us a generous favor of giving it away for FREE!!  UMM….NO THANKS!!

FullSizeRender(39)We investigated two sign-up pages of the Magic Money Machine program, and found their product to be both in ‘limited quantity’ and Quality. The first part of their registry process consists of a form to input name and email, along with an introduction video. You will hear, “But you must hurry fast, we are only giving this exciting new trading software to the first 20 people who fill out the form…”  So we took the liberty of filling our information and were taken to page two. Now the story changes. “Act quickly! there are only 30 spots left”. Now hold on a second!! Now I’m confused by you giving me two different numbers. Which one is it?  20? or 30? You will also notice a “7:30” countdown timer which is very cliche among get-rich-quick liars, in order to rush you into buy something regrettable.

But the worst part of the Magic Money Machine SCAM is their exploitation of fake photos for their “success testimonials”. Rather, i shouldn’t say ‘fake’ photos because they are indeed very real. Jeff Winkleman claims “I made $2,840.39 on my first day of using the Magic Money Machine. I highly recommend it”. His picture can be found on under ‘Caucasian business man smiling in office’. Samantha Jones states she “pulled in $9,531.96 in my first week! I’m still in shock at how awesome the Magic Money Machine is”. Reliable sources, like, have revealed the true picture of ‘Samantha Jones’ was taken from the Florida State College at Jacksonville website and is in fact Dr. Cynthia Bioteau, the president of the school. We’ve torn apart and dissected many fraudulent trading sites in the past, but this is a new Low-Blow which concludes these scam-artists have no shame in crossing other peoples boundaries. They are here to steal you money, so misuse of others private photos is nothing to them.

FullSizeRender(40)We could very well continue our assessments on this bogus system and point out their establishment claim “Since 2004” below the Magic Money Machine video. But i dont need to ramble on and remind everyone that binary options trading has only been around since 2008, Or point out if this make-money-quick scheme had been around all these years, why are there no reviews whatsoever from customers and consumers raving about their successes found anywhere in the internet?

There isnt much left to evaluate but enough to calculate the malicious creators behind the Magic Money Machine are selfish, deceitful, ill-advised, lack respect for the privacy of professionals, and a disgrace to the binary options industry. Trading Binary Options should always be taken seriously and with respect. Upon commencing your trading experience, its beneficial to be familiarized with The BlackList of trading companies to protect yourself. Opening a Trusted Broker account with a reliable reputation and Demo is a commendable way to insure your associated with trusted support and your funds are kept safe. The Magic Money Machine will bring you as much fortune as the Toys found on 🙂

Thank you for reading and remember to STAY AWAY from the Phony MagicMoneyMachine System!!


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  • WHen i first went on thier site, i didnt even realize the year below their video. Now that youve made it know its clearly a shady system trying to trick traders into signing up with the magic money machine system thank you prestige binary!

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