HawkCode Review – Deplorable SCAM!

By | November 29, 2017

Stay away from HawkCode. This trading software is one for the worst applications I’ve come across. This review is a detailed assessment why we don’t trust the HawkCode app. A low-level Scam guaranteed to lose your investments. Use caution.

After researching everything we could about H-HawkCode.com, I could not believe the type of disgusting methods these scammers use. Many scamming factors were found to trick you. But worst of all, HawkCode is using the name of a world renowned physicist to scam you.

This automated application makes bold claims of being the key for average people to achieve grand riches like the wealthy 1%. By stating traders can bank thousand in daily profits without risks, rookie investors fall under the impression HawkCode is safe and reliable to use.

So before you waste your money with Gates Way, read our review first. Theres plenty of evidence here proving a dangerous trading venture. Learn the truth these liars don’t want you knowing about their losing scheme.

HawkCode Review – Disgusting SCAM Exposed!


Im hoping for the most part, anyone who visits the M-HawkCode website will be able to figure out this trading app is shady. Just looking at it is sad. The fact these scammers are exploring the works of a brilliant man in order to steal money from innocent people is disgusting.

According to their videos, they say Stephen Hawking spent many months researching and developing the best algorithms for ‘wealth redistribution’. And has finally achieve an automated trading app capable of doing so with his HawkCode software.

Ill say this, IF Mr Hawking were to ever dedicate his time creating a trading platform, I’m sure it would be great. But let the record state the Hawk Code has no associations with him.

However these scammers would rather you believe the contrary. Stating Hawk Code as a sophisticated app capable of generating $2000 on a daily basis for its users. In addition, its risk free and never loses. Yeah Right!

In situations like this, I advise you to ask this simple question: if Gates Way can really make you a millionaire and produce such large daily profits without any work, would this software would be given away free?”. Um..NO!

Rest assured we’re dealing with a dangerous HawkCode fraud gimmick here. Its time we review the facts.

Who created HawkCode Scam?

As you can guess, these scammers are implying the infamous Stephen Hawking is the mastermind behind this crappy Autotrader. But lets be real, he has nothing to do with this scam, nor any other trading scams out there.

Basically what these crooks have done is exploited the works and life-long success of Mr Hawking in order to bring further attention to this crooked software.

Not to mention, its ILLEGAL and CopyRight Infringement using his name & TED Talks without authorization.

HawkCode is a Copied Scam from an already failed fraud trading app known as Gates Way.

These brands of scams have involving the exploitations of other peoples works for their own shady agendas are appearing more lately. Including GatesWay, there are other similar scams like McDonald Millionaire & Kiyosaki Formula.

Unfortunately we have no idea who really developed HawkCode. But one thing we do know is they’ve stolen actual TED Talks segments hosted by Stephen & edited it to assume he’s talking about HawkCode Software.

Fake HawkCode Reviews

At this point, its not surprising to see fake reviews from paid actors pretending they’re making all this money with M-HawkCode. Like I said, HawkCode and GatesWay are copied Scam and their website are identical. Meaning you’ll also see the same fake reviews within both platforms.

If this trading system is real, then why don’t they show real HawkCode reviews from actual members? Lets face it, almost all forms of advertisement use paid actors to promote various products, so what’s the big deal, right?

Evidence – https://www.fiverr.com/saharasiren

Actors alone doesn’t mean a trading app is fraudulent. But the point I want to make perfectly clear is for traders to understand their reputation. These people from Fiverr.com are famous for promoting countless scams we’ve submitted to our blacklist over the years.

Whether or not these people are aware HawkCode and the other apps they’ve promoted are scams is unknown. But it shows they are NOT online traders nor members of the Hawk Code app.

Dangerous HawkCode Traps

Dozens of brokers and trading applications provide free demos. These are useful tools for allowing traders to familiarize themselves with certain strategies or systems without risking their own funds. However these scammers behind HawkCode Scam have twisted this feature for their own profiting agendas.

As we mentioned earlier, everyone who’s mistakenly joined with HawkCode has regretted that decision. The HawkCode software provides fake demos which are provided & rigged to win all the time. Winning an average 99% of all trades. From an ITM standpoint, these are impressive automated results. Convincing novice traders into thinking it’s highly accurate. An effective trick used by frauds.

Once members activate real accounts by depositing money, the high-winning performance of HawkCode somehow disappears. Producing way more losing trades than wins. At most, users have alerted a terrible winning percentage of 48% or less. These stats are awful! Forcing traders to barely break even & lose most of their funds fast.

HawkCode Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Stephen Hawking NEVER created this terrible software and is NOT responsible for the creation of HawkCode Scam. We agree this trading app cannot be trusted. Don’t waste your money!

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Trading apps like M-Hawk Code are tempting, especially with promises of easy wealth are a bust. We do our best investigation all trading programs for Binary, Forex & CryptoCurrencies. Provide traders with the best choices. Visit our recommend list of trusted apps that are safer & far more reliable.

Thank you for taking time in reading my honest & unbiased Hawkcode Review. Feel free to comment below with any feedback, input or even first hand experiences you might have. Cheers to your success!

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