Lucrosa Trading SCAM Exposed! Important Software Review Warning!

By | August 26, 2016

Lucrosa Scam Review (Alert)

The Lucrosa software for binary option trading is a highly deceiving Scam no trader should underestimate, and we’re here today to set the record straight by exposing these frauds within the following review. This particular automated system promises traders amazing payouts with zero risks, but dont be fooled because there are handfuls of alarming issues which everyone must know regarding their lack of legitimacy. While investigating the platform by John Lucrosa, the amount of scamming variables and misleading information is a serious matter that needs to exposed, especially since theses crooks have implemented certain incentives which can cause your withdrawals to become virtually impossible. Therefore I implore anyone who’s contemplating in registering with the Lucrosa scam application first read our review which highlights key points explaining their fraudulent activities in detail. 

Critical Note: Atop their website, visiting traders are literally guaranteed (term used widely among scams) $210,000 each month. Remember there are no guarantees throughout any form of investments. Only tools to help amplify your profits. There’s a reason why quotes like “sounds too good to be true” exist, making this Lucrosa app a prime example. Continue reading in order to understand the dangers regarding this push-button scheme.

Lucrosa Software Review – Unveiling a Dangerous Trading Scam


Lets address a most vital factor about this whole production, detailing an alarming fact Lucrosa Incorporated is a fictitious company that doesn’t even exist. Once again traders are faced with another binary trading software built on false premises and non-existing organization. Do not to get confused with Lucrosa Limited, a separate company that has nothing to do with binary options nor creating autotrading softwares. However this John Lucrosa character poses as our supposed creator and developer of this program and founder of this fictitious company without any credibility. As a suggestion, I encourage readers to search for themselves, where you’ll find zero information supporting the existence of Lucrosa Incorporated, except for websites either promoting or exposing this awful Scam. The reality that Google itself does NOT recognized this fabricated establishment as a registered company proves their non-existence within the UK or any other parts of the globe. Thereby destroying their lies implying this software of being trustworthy.

Revealing the fact traders are being lied about its origins, how can you trust your money with a trading app that’s being dishonest? Viewers are forced to believe all members currently using the Lucrosa trading software are banking nearly $7000 per day, accumulating to $2.5 million in yearly revenue. John Lucrosa embellishes these false statements by insinuating his system is the “most powerful auto-trading software created, configured with artificial intelligence for ‘legally’ & ‘ethically’ capitalizing profitable positions within financial markets, by identifying intricate patterns & trends”. But after concluding his company is a figment of scammers imagination, even John himself is an imposter and paid actor for promoting the Lucrosa scam to newcoming traders.

Lucrosa Software $600 Cash Giveaway Trap!

Anybody entering and watch their introductory videos are told by John that clients who join this autotrader will receive an additional $600 just for securing a spot. What he deliberately fails to convey is disclosing the $600 is actually not a cash prize, but a bonus from the broker. Generally speaking, most brokerage firms offer bonuses which can double your accounts instantly. However, these features are normally recommended to skilled traders because of their attached trade volume requirements which are difficult for rookie investors. These contingencies must be completed before access to withdrawing funds are permitted. Unfortunately some scams like the Lucrosa scam are attached to bonuses as a manipulative method for sleazy programmers to hold onto your funds. Ultimately, once a trader realizes he/she has been scammed, naturally your first instinct is to withdraw whatever remains. Sadly your attempts will be blocked due to bonus restrictions. Turning a regrettable decision into a losing battle.

More Dirty Tricks from Lucrosa

lucrosa software

The amount of despicable characteristics is ongoing for making appear like a reliable solution for online investments. But a scam isn’t complete without the touch of pushiness with fake counters and timers indicating there’s limited spots available. The essence of limiting availability is an overused fraud tactic for persuading traders to secure a copy by depositing quickly before becoming aware they’re being tricked. At the beginning, we’re informed only 21 applicants will be accepted, but as their footage progresses towards the end, that number dwindles down to 15, then 9. Funny how these timing widgets reset to its original state by refreshing or revisiting their site. A pathetic quality witnessed within most harmful softwares.

Lets not forget the fake endorsement badges allegedly from the Better Business Bureau, insinuating this investing program was approved by authorities as added desperate maneuver. What a load of BS! Allow me to be perfectly clear there’s no association from BBB nor any acknowledgement between them and this Lucrosa software. The last thing these reputable organizations will do is associate themselves with cheap ponzi gimmicks constructed to lose your investments. John talks about respect, honesty and trust, yet the images utilized for their reviews are used in other binary scams! I’m sure at this junction of my Lucrosa review, you’re beginning to comprehend the severity and potential dangers saturating this dubious trading app. Obviously this system is NOT a “closely guarded secret” or “leaked” equation for banking money, and I hope my assessment has caused you to reconsider from committing a terrible economic mistake. 

Lucrosa Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Finalized Verdict Review: Avoid John’s Lucrosa Scam by all means unless your willing to throw your hard-earned money away!

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Although any software like Lucrosa App promising outrageous claims of “zero loss” or “guarantee success” are far from trustworthy, there’s a wide variety of beneficial programs available for all traders to minimize risks while simultaneously amplifying profitability rates. Not all systems are created equally since there are many tools you can prosper from in terms of educational materials, simple autotraders or even signal alerting services. But whatever your preference, there’s something for everyone! In case you’re unsure about a specific application of interest, visit our daily update blacklist containing a long list of avoidable scams and lousy brokers deemed unworthy. I thank you for reading our informative Lucrosa review and I welcome you to share thoughts, feedback or concerns by commenting below. Cheers!

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