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Assuming the London System is the final installment of country-coordinated Scams would be totally incorrect. Jack Flynn and his team of sleazy internet marketers need to stop creating worthless binary Scams because quite frankly, we’re getting tired of seeing their filthy programs. Not to mention the amount of novice traders falling victim to their exaggerated lies continues to grow with each new release. is the latest addition to previous fraudulent services we already review like Sydney System (Review), Saffa Method and countless others. All which derive from the same producers who initially constructed the Aussie  Method Scam which cost traders severe losses over a year ago. Rest assured the London System Scam is equally deceiving and dangerous. These con-artist have literally used the same introduction videos containing paid actors promoting their bogus softwares. Traders contemplating whether is a legitimate idea or not should understand some vital facts while we expose these crooks once again in our London System Review.

London System Review – Copied SCAM Software Revealed!

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Seems to be some confusion in regards to whom is responsible for creating this scam. Within the video presentations, the voice-over identifies himself as “Jack Flynn”. Yet notice a description area below their footage containing a short bio for “Robert Hockton” who ‘discovered’ a way for making millions with binary options. Either way, this conflict of interest is very suspicious since no credible nor visual confirmation is disclosed to help verify the identities of both individuals. But with everything we know, we’re positive that Robert & Jack were fabricated so the real creators behind this corrupt trading app can hide from damaging repercussions as traders lose money with their failed application. – Copy-Cat Scam Alert

But here’s what we do know. London System Scam is a continuation of a long series of scams, which began with the Aussie Method over a year ago. As months rolled by these scammers have developed new “methods” by using different countries to advertise and target rookie traders from different regions. Their most recent developments were the UK, Canuck & Saffa Method scams. By visiting each website, you’ll find them all equally identical. Other than some minor changes with their names & domain pages, all contain similar advertisement footage with familiar fiverr actors promoting each scam. Hundreds of day-traders world wide have reportedly suffered thousands in lost investments from these bogus money-making schemes. Rest assured is NOT an app you want to invest with. These crooks are relentless as they refuse to stop creating updated versions. Now they’ve diverted from using country origins by targeting specific cities to further accumulate additional victims.

Fake Reviews

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Any rational human being may initially recognize as a fraud. However for those unfamiliar how scamming tactics work, lets review another piece of evidence. Within many of my reviews, revealing paid actors hired by companies to promote their softwares is a solid indication of fraudulent activity. After all, if particular programs in question actually worked, authentic reviews would naturally produce and there wouldn’t be any need to hire fake actors. Multiple recorded testimonials from “members” stating profitable results using London System software are immediately thrown at visitors upon entering their site. Take for instance the attractive woman depicted at the top of our review. Don’t let her good looks fool you as we’ve spotted her within several scam services like Sydney System, Profits with Cindy & Million Dollar Months. You can view her acting profile on, discrediting her authenticity –

$10,000 Giveaway Trap!

Before concluding my London System review, a hefty $10,000 gift is “promised” for those taking time to register with the London System App, or fail to accomplish a six figure income within your first month. Jack Flynn portrays himself as an honest person offering free gifts, but his offerings come with a steep price. This “generous” offer is actually a bonus proposal derived from their partnered brokers which come with strict contingencies requiring traders to uphold a large trade volume percentage before access to future withdrawals. In other words, after registering with Jack’s London System scam and realizing you deposited with a worthless trading software, withdrawing becomes futile as your money remains locked away until you’ve completed specific requirements. Needless to say your losses become their profits.

London System Review – Conclusion

Final Judgement: Jack Flynn & Robert Hockton are scam-artists without remorse of providing failing trading systems costing damaging results. Refrain from investing with this London System scam app. A useless automated solution you’ll definitely regret.

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copy buffettI’m sure by now you’re understanding the point Im trying to get across. As its predeceasing scamming models became very popular and resulted in heavy trader loss, we’re expecting will be aggressively marketed through email spamming & various other media forms. Don’t be misguided by any positive London System reviews endorsing this questionable software. We encourage everyone to share our review & feel free to comment below with any feedback. Thank you for taking time in reading my unbiased London System review.

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