LifeStyle Payments ALERT!!! Make $17,538 a DAY!?!?!

Lifestyle Payments encourages an an idea only a few individuals have actually achieved. This new fully automated binary trading solution promises to produce large sums of money through online investments. But how can we be certain the LifeStyle Patyments System is not a SCAM? Does it really work? We’ve found some interesting factors noted in our Life Style Payments review which foretell the truth behind this binary options software.

Mike Taylor is the creator and CEO of website where he guarantees you will make a significant daily earning of $17,000 or more with his auto trader. You can also expect $500,000 in your first sixty day period, all with an initial deposit of $250 into your broker. Mike explains how his continuous automatic algorithm is similar to those utilized in national bank softwares for the past 12 years. But is Mr Taylor just blowing smoke in mirrors, or does LifeStyle Payments grant a chance for something greater?

lifestyleFirst off, the video presentation doesn’t reveal much information. Its easy to say everyone wants a ‘lifestyle’ of wealth and luxury, but unfortunately the LifeStyle Payments program lacks any visual proof or specifications on exactly how their software works, or how to operate it. Instead we have noticed some indications within their website which lead us to believe Mike Taylor and his “miraculous” propaganda fall short from reliable.

Like most useless binary programs, a sense of limited time is applied with fake timers and annoying countdown widgets to push potential traders into a regrettable purchase, by feeling like they will miss out on a grand opportunity. In this case, Mike entices us to move forward with his LifeStyle Payments Software before the upper dogs in Wall Street buy him out. While you ponder if this is true, take a look for yourselves at our screenshot of LifeStylePayments “live trading results”. If you notice their most recent expiration times, the dates actually fall on a Saturday. Keep in mind there’s no market trading on weekends because all financial markets are closed. 

If you think Life Style Payments couldn’t mess-up any further, just look at some of their beta-testers like Alice M. and Joel W.  These photos we actually stolen, and then given a different alias to serve as “authentic” LifeStyle Payments Traders. Misleading practices such as these are not uncommon among the money-making schemers.

2“Alice M.” happens to be a Greek singer by the name of Melina Kana

1“Joel W.” in reality is a known movie actor from India called Nithin Reddy

We hope by this point you understand the ‘red flags’ we’ve uncovered within which reveal they could be nothing more than another fraudulent binary options trading system. Earning $18,000 a day by trading binary options can be achievable, but with discipline, proper money management, knowledge, and efficient trading tools. Auto-Trading Services and Binary Option Signals are very useful in expanding a traders portfolio and profit margins. You can always check out PrestigeBinary’s Top Reliable Trading Signals and Regulated Brokers, but as it stands, we don’t recommend Mike’s LifeStyle Payments System. There are too many questions and irregularities which hinder our confidence for this company.

Thank You for reading our LifeStyle Payments Review and please keep us posted with any comments, concerns or feedback regarding this trading application.  Stay Away From Life Style Payments!!!

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