Lexington Code Software Review – No SCAM – Great Trading App!

By | December 14, 2016

Lexington Code is causing exciting movements & positive remarks across the binary industry, and we’re eager to explore & share what new possibilities awaits curious traders. The following review is a detailed explanation describing not only what this autotrader system is about, but also how the Lexington Code software can simplify your trading experience not matter if your a beginner or seasoned trader. At Prestige Binary Options, we pride ourselves with our due diligence in exploring all manners of applications and separating which trading apps are safe or scam. After investigating LexingtonCode.com by Michael Lexington, which was brought to our attention from users who highly recommended the Lexington Code App performance, I decided it was safe enough to test its resolve myself & recommend it to your avid readers, especially after no scamming variables were identified. We’re here today to answer one important question all interested traders are wondering, Is Lexington Code Scam or Trustworthy?

Lexington Code Software Review – Effective / Easy Trading Tool

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As you know, most of our scam review updates result in confirming the majority of autotrading bots under questioning being completely fraudulent. However I was pleased when testing out Lexington Code app, the outcomes were excellent. LexingtonCode.com is a new auto system platform created with the novice trader in mind, simplifying the entire trading process by eliminating grueling hours in front of a computer. In this digital era, everything is computed with equations and algorithms for making it easier to connect with fast paced information, more specifically financial data.

Lexington Code app was developed & mastered through a team effort between its founder Michael Lexington, and lead programmer Barry Storyk, who designed the final touches of its coding infrastructure to create a user-friendly interface. Because online trading can prove somewhat overwhelming for newcomers, these two gentlemen perfected their trading program, providing simplicity of binary options with a “twist”, incorporating diversity instead of focusing on one singular asset. Coding is the structural basis in which most softwares are created, whereas LexingtonCode.com also takes a different route by formulating technical & fundamental analysis as well for pinpointing auto trades / signals. As a result, new settings & essential maneuverability are installed for catering individual traders needs unseen in a majority of most systems. Lets breakdown and review its benefits.

Lexington Code Software Features – Full User Control

While most applications follow the same old routine of autotrading and/or manual settings, the Lexington Code app offers three different methods for trading the markets which traders can choose according to preference and sustain full control. So no matter if you’re a beginner just starting off your journey, or seasoned veteran with some experience, LexingtonCode.com provides a plethora of handy choices.

Fully Automatic – Most favored feature for novice traders with minimal knowledge how to trade independently. The software analyzes global markets, activities and price fluctuations, followed by capitalizing profitable positions by executing trades on your behalf. Along with provided settings, traders also have the capabilities to program exactly how many auto trades the bot should take, hepling minimize unnecessary risk.

Semi-Auto – Not quite common throughout most trading softwares available these days, but very useful not only for identifying potential trades, but also granting users the choice of whether or not to take that specified position. This helpful incentive assists in eliminating human error factors by removing the necessity of starring at charts & graphs aimlessly for an opportune moment. Simply click the “trade now” button under their Recommended Signals, which manually inputs your trade of choice without needing to redirect to your broker.

Manual Trading – Confident in your trading skills? Then manually applying your own trades is an awesome alternative for boosting profits even farther. Within your Lexington trading software, a list of hot signals are displayed with current strike rates, along with PUT / CALL indicators which can be inputted onto your brokerage page at your own discretion. Just imagine your profits increase as you navigate between auto & manual trading!

Although Lexington Code app is first and foremost an autotrader, implementing its semi and manual modes can certainly assist in adding a few more extra wins in your pockets. But if you’re a beginner and not yet skilled enough, the autotrading mechanism is more than sufficient for getting the ball rolling and begin cashing out some serious profits.

Lexington Code App – Risk Management


Complete control & precision is their main achievement for providing traders a safe and smooth transition. The generalized structure for most trading programs leave traders in a state of waiting & guessing how an autotrader app will perform or how many trades it will execute on a given day. Lexington Code software literally gives members total control with adjustable risk factors fully customized to your liking. When activating the “auto” feature, number of trades and trade values can be personalized. Selected number of trades are supplied in fours stages, numbered 1, 3, 5, & 7. Whichever number you choose dictates the exact amount of positions your allowing the Lexington Code app to perform. This amazing trait prevents users from overloading too many trades, which is essential during high volatile market conditions, leaving users aware exactly whats happening.

Realistic Lexington Profits?

Anyone can babel all day regarding methods of operation, but traders want to know if softwares such as Lexington Code trading app truly have potential in producing sizable profits. There’s no better way for proving its resolve than providing statistics since numbers never lie. Think for a moment each individual trade when starting off is valued at $25. For every winning trade, you’ll receive your initial investment ($25) back, in addition to winning payouts averaging $20 extra. Therefore with only a minimal 5 trades, anyone using Lexington Code software can bank $100 pure profit. Ponder the endless possibilities if you extended your amounts to 10 or 15 automated positions in one day! Remember the choice is yours alone which you control at your will! Dont take our words for it, search on Google and Youtube, where you’ll find numerous traders from all walks of life benefiting from this fantastic and user-friendly trading software!


Lexington Code Review – Smashing the Competition!

Finalized Review Verdict: I’m pleased to announce my final verdict, concluding without a shred of doubt Lexington Code autotrader is NOT a Scam, but a profiting trading machine everyone can enjoy. Reviews are continuously pouring from actual users regarding the efficiency & reliability that Michael Lexington & LexingtonCode.com has accomplished!

Our results have been surprising and pleasingly profitable, which comes as a relief after debunking numerous scam programs on a daily basis. Findings like Lexington Code software reassures stability and relief us a community knowing there are still reputable solutions available at our disposal for assuring safety while amplifying profitability. Stay tuned for upcoming followups and videos as I will keep our readers informed on trading updates, results, tips, and strategic measures in days to come as we explore this fantastic trading software further. Remember to use demos for practice if your broker offers them whenever engaging towards new systems or strategies. I thank you for reading our informative & honest Lexington Code review, and future reviews to come. As always, I encourage everyone to comment below with any feedback, input or firsthand experiences for discussions. Cheers & Happy Trading!

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20 thoughts on “Lexington Code Software Review – No SCAM – Great Trading App!

  1. Raj

    Hi Paul
    I am trying to join Lexington code and am being assigned to ’23 trader ‘ broker.
    Is this broker ok ? They seem to be based in Bulgaria! But the guy who rang me to deposit funds said the company is in U.K.?
    If you can let me know if it’s ok or not.

  2. Bob Glassford

    Hi Paul,
    I’m having trouble downloading the Lexington Code software. I’ve even tried on your site. Can you help?

  3. Renly

    Im lost for words, Ive tried a few other apps before, but i didnt realize they were scams until i read your blog.
    Im very impressed with lexington code, so far a almost a $200 profits in a couple days. Keep it up & great work!

  4. Dominic

    Finally finalized everytinng and full registered with lexington code, just wanted to let you know my first group of trade were profit! 12 trades total and only 3 loss. Very cool software!

  5. Jamal Adams

    I live in the USA so how do i know im getting a trustworthy broker that not going to scam me out of my money

  6. evendi

    Why should we in Indonesia can use this app sir ?? is it available in our country ??

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi evendi
      unfortunately i dont believe the lexington code app is not available in your region

  7. Brian

    Been using this app for nearly 2 weeks now. Im definilytly getting the hang of it!
    Started with $250 minimum deposit, my account is now just below $900!! Thanks a million for this! I love It!

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi hairil, yes you can safely trade with them, they are a trusted broker and safe for trading & reliable for completing withdrawals in a timely manner. Just make sure you dont accept any bonuses or managed account offers from brokers to avoid any account complications. Lexington Code App – http://tiny.cc/LexingtonCode

  8. Claudio

    Hi, I’am from México, which is the best time to use Lexington code?, it continues to be trusted?

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi claudio, yes the lexington app remains a fantastic trading software, and user-friendly for beginners. with most of my trading i trade between the hours of 11-22gmt (broker time), however because binary trading is virtually available around the clock due to various global markets, you dont need to be restricted to any time frame. I say broker time because every broker has a timer on their platform and its the same for every broker. This makes it easier to reference without the confusion of converting time zones. Lexington Code Sign Up – http://tiny.cc/LexingtonCode

      1. Claudio

        Thanks Paul, another cuestion, is proved necessary to turn off the autopilot every ending day?

        1. Paul C. Post author

          hi claudio, yes you can use the software anytime during the trading week (monday – friday), Except Weekends.

  9. Faisal

    Hi Paul
    I am trying to join Lexington code and am being assigned to ’72Option ‘ broker.
    Is this broker ok ?

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi faisal
      yes the 72option broker is a great choice in connection with the Lexington code app. They are safe and reliable for trading and completing withdrawals. Make sure you never accept any bonus offers from brokers.
      Lexington Code – http://tiny.cc/LexingtonCode

        1. Prestige Post author

          HI Esmae

          the original Lexington Code app is completely sold out and no longer available anymore. For safer and more updated trading app, I recommend the Crypto Advantage. The Crypto Advantage application is the newest and most reliable automated trading app for cryptocurrencies. What makes this software so uniques are its features and reliability. Its automated trading signals are configured by proper analysis and re-confirmed through statistics. This ensure higher profitability rates of upto 90% for its signals. They also provide Free benefits for its members. And because the software is automated, its easy and simple for beginners.

          Crypto Advantage – http://tiny.cc/CryptoAdvantage


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