Lazy Millionaire is a Failed SCAM! Detailed Trading Software Review!

Lazy Millionaire Scam Review (Warning)

Traders be warned! Lazy Millionaire is a new trading Scam for binary options following the exact criteria of all scams we’re constantly exposing on a daily basis. If you’re thinking this automated program is your cash-cow for becoming a millionaire on complete autopilot, think again as we’ll review several scamming aspects surrounding their entire production. by Charles Knowles is certainly a “lazy” concoction of false guarantees for convincing day-traders they’ve found the jackpot. But before jumping with excitement, there are some critical points everyone must understand regarding not only their lack of legitimacy, buy possible “incentives” which can complicate your situation even further. Therefore we recommend readers examine the following review to its end, detailing specific concerns about Lazy Millionaire scam, another worthless ponzi scheme.

Lazy Millionaire Software Review – Total Scam Bust!

lazy millionaire software

The idea of banking $10,000 to $12,000 in residual income is something very few people experience, and sounds amazing just thinking about it, but dont be fooled by their alluring advertisements. Charles Knowles is a self-proclaimed millionaire and programmer who supposedly re-wrote the code for online investment solutions, outweighing losses with consistent winning trades. After tweaking and perfecting the algorithms within his trading application, he’s now specially inviting traders an ‘exclusive’ opportunity for registering with his Lazy Millionaire software, the same which apparently banked him millions over the last four years. Unfortunately I have some growing concerns which must be addressed before anyone wastes their money!

Viewers are forced to believe rookie investors all around without knowledge of financial trading are reaping the benefits of this autotrading platform, and yet the only positive reviews condoning the use of Lazy Millionaire trading software are derived straight from their website alone. The main problem with these testimonial recordings are its origins, more specifically they’re performed by known actors seen recently in previously debunked fraudulent apps. Take for instance the bald man depicted above, also known as “Simon Baldock” from Now the usage of actors in general is a common marketing concept which doesn’t necessarily indicate a potential scam. However considering these particular actor’s reputations for promoting other damaging gimmicks which have cost traders to suffer severe losses is something to ponder. Ask yourself why these scammers feel it necessary to pay for fake Lazy Millionaire reviews if their trading robot is as successful and sophisticated as they say? The best answer would be these shady programmers are fully aware this ‘lazy’ scam doesn’t work. Thereby adding some scripted testimonies should help in making themselves appear legitimate.

Evidence proving active profile on Fiverr

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$1,000 Reimbursement or Trap?

Of course the last thing anybody wants when deciding a possible investment plan is losing money. So Charles is suggesting a ‘no-loss’ scenario for making it easier in registering with his faulty system. Basically if by chance his app fails to generate a minimum ten thousand within 24 hours after activation, he’ll refund your initial $250 deposit, plus an additional $1000 for your troubles. Sadly the amount of damaging scams who’ve offered similar incentives have failed to deliver its promise. One of two scenarios will surely result from these cash giveaways, neither which you’ll appreciate.

1). The first possibility is where his Lazy Money Millionaire software loses all your funds, you attempt to contact support teams for reimbursements, plus the extra $1000, but no one replies and you’re left with nothing. In 98% of most cases, this is the expected turnout. 2). On the other hand, things could escalate in a more complicated manner where this $1000 is deposited into your account in the form of a bonus. Countless times we’ve posted warnings in regards to bonuses from brokers due to its strict policies and contingencies which must be completed before access to withdrawals are permitted. Thereby making it virtually impossible for newcomers to withdraw their remaining funds after realizing they’ve been scammed. Do you honestly believe this person we dont even know is simply going to hand out free money just like that?? In reality the twisting of cash bonuses / handouts in combination with fraud softwares is a manipulative maneuver for scammers to secure their own profits at your expense.

lazy millionaire review

Still feeling confident with Lazy Millionaire trading software? There’s just too many questionable qualities and red flags which cannot be ignore. Of course we cant forget the classic touch of pushy timers counting down, insinuating time is short before doors are closed forever. Such cheap tricks are implemented for persuading newbie traders into making irrational decisions by forcing to act quickly in making their deposits, prior to learning the facts. Quite frankly Lazy Millionaire software is the epitome of cliche scams built with sole purposes of deception and manipulation by portraying fantasies of luxurious lifestyles, while their outcomes are far more disappointing for its members. 

Lazy Millionaire Review – Closing Thoughts & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Judgement: Protect yourself by avoiding the Lazy Millionaire scam app by Mr Knowles. An unconfirmed scam-artist without credibility within the industry or reasons for believing his intentions are true.

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If you’re still interested in trading binary options, we’ve got you covered for various trusted solutions pertaining to autotraders, educational materials and signal services tested by ourselves, but most importantly applauded for their effectiveness & reliability by trader feedback. Its no secret where traders must be on guard from multiple scam systems constantly making their way into the markets, which are listed in our updated blacklist with detailed descriptions. If you’re uncertain whether a certain software of interest is trustworthy, double check if its been added to our list. I hope today’s assessment has clarified any doubts while bringing forth hidden traits you weren’t aware of. Please feel free to share with us any concerns or input by commenting below, and thank you for reading our informative Lazy Millionaire review.

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