Lazur.Pro Review – Have you been SCAMMED?

Lazur (aka Lazur.Pro) represents a pathetic attempt for stealing your money. Although we say “pathetic”, rest assured this is one mining service nobody should underestimate. A dangerous Scam exploited guaranteed results,  but failing to deliver anything they promise. Our review stands as a warning for anyone thinking of mining with Lazur.

This programs was actually brought to our attention through negative feedback and pleas from current members requesting we investigate their services. From what we’ve gathered, Lazur.Pro is the newest scammy development in the cryptocurrency industry.

After investigating their website as thoroughly possible, I actually found several scamming variables confirming these growing complaints. So we’ve decided to share this information and keep everyone informed what this potential fraud is all about.

As you continue reading, you’ll have a better understand why we dont trust this system. Learn the truth these scammers dont want you knowing about this terrible Lazur Scam. 

Lazur Review – Scam Details Discussed


Lets elaborate exactly what we’re dealing with. Lazur is mining service. Basically what this means is you invest money with them. And in return, they ‘mine’ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins for you as a returned profit.

Sounds very easy considering you dont have to do any work, however Lazur isn’t that simple….nor are they honest.

Their promised results are absolutely ridiculous. Ranging 1% – 7% everyday (Depending on which plan you choose).

Whats also strange is Lazur says you can earn the minimum 1% daily payout WITHOUT any investment. What??

Whichever profits or earning these idiots are guaranteeing, it cannot be done. Nor has it been delivered to any of their clients. You cannot ethically or legitimately guarantee anyone any fixed rate of income.

Speculations are one thing, but its vital we dig deeper into this corrupt Lazur scam. Let’s review the specifics of their illegitimate methods for manipulating their customers.

Lazur.Pro (Legal Mining?)

Because Lazur represents itself as a Mining investment company, requiring members to invest “x” amounts of money for promised “y” returns, by law they must operate under the conditions of proper License and Regulation.

While trying to validate their operations, our team simply could not verify any certificates confirming any licenses in which Lazur should be mandated to hold.

On their platform, there’s a section stating they are a Crypto Mine Company located within the UK. Unfortunately that doesn’t solidify any LEGAL validations either.

We’ve confirmed through the Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA) Lazur.Pro isn’t licensed. Thereby they are trading and investing for its members illegally.

Fake Developer Info?

I like calling these type of people “faceless scammers”. Because in all honesty we have no idea who’s behind this SatoMiner app. 

If you step back for a moment, you’ll realize the entirety of this Lazur program contains no useful directories. 

Whats even more pathetic is the fact Lazur.Pro displays a STOCK IMAGE repressing their alleged Founder “Benjamin Shayan”.

Interestingly enough we found his picture was actually stolen from an Ad campaign for Boss Cologne. IDIOTS!

Almost every scam you can imagine either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to maintain anonymous as these criminals profit from your losses. Lazur is just another vague scam hiding in the shadows to disguise their shady activities.

Remember transparency is important when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable & safe in their decisions. Yet the level of mysteriousness surrounding Lazur simply beckons more suspicions rather than approval.

Fake Lazur Results

As we briefly mentioned before, this scam makes some bold statements regarding ‘guaranteed’ results & returns. And as a desperate measure, they display fake payouts on their website. 

However, this isnt something new. Displays of fake results constantly updated on some cheap widget is pointless. Especially since there’s no way of verifying they’re actually real.

To make matters worse, the fact you have to continuously re-pay Lazur for the mining plan you’ve already chosen seem pointless. In most cases, you pay more for the plan than what you make mining cryptos.

Think about it, if their results were real, there would tons of wealthy investors all over the internet accredited to Lazur. But to this day we’re trying to find any happy members pleased with their services. So far the number of people who joined are NOT satisfied.

Customer Support FAILURE

To top everything off, lets quickly discuss their 24/7 Customers support, and the fact it DOESNT EXIST!

Support teams are very important for the sole fact if clients have questions or issues needing resolution through Lazur.

We’ve already confirm this “UK based” company isn’t properly licensed or regulated. Therefore its safe to assume this address isn’t even real.

But if you’d like to laugh a little, you can also try calling their phone number listed below their address. Normally we don’t see phone numbers listed on these types of scams but Lazur took the plunge in leaving a contact number. But if you call, you’ll find nobody will answer. 

What if I have questions? What if I need help with my Lazur account?  So much for their supporting assistance!

Still trust Lazur?

The main reason why we’re debunking Lazur is because of negative trader feedback. As we’ve already covered earlier, their results are unreachable. But worse, traders are NOT begin paid their dues.

That’s right folks, this non-regulated fraud has reportedly been refusing to pay various members their obliged withdrawals. Many cases of these withdrawal payments being denied, pending statuses or ignoring requests entirely are becoming known more & more. While there are many traders who are being paid, there are many others reporting payment refusals.

Sadly, too many traders have been victimized by this bogus mining system, informing us how they’re not provided any reputable service. They are literally stealing member’s money and filling their own pockets.

This reason alone is more than enough cause which motivated us to warn others about this damaging software. Hopefully today’s Lazur Review will help prevent further losses from innocent investors.

SatoMiner Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: protect your money and your private information by never mining with Lazur. A sure scam guaranteed to fail its customers.

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We thank our readers for taking time in reading our indisputable & honest Lazur Review. Hope it helps others from falling for this shady scam. Please comment below by sharing any feedback, input and dealings you might have with this faulty Mining App.

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