Insured Outcome is a SCAM! Honest REVIEW on Dangerous Trading App!

Hold onto your money and don’t waste it on the Insured Outcome App! A terrible trading Scam not only detrimental to its users, but also duplicated from a previous scamming software! Pay closed attention to the following information and together we’ll review vital clues uncovered during our investigation. Oliver Breitner and his scam program offer day-traders a false application which he claims can generate half million in pure profits every month, and $18000 within twenty-four hours after activation. However nothing within their platform has passed as legitimate or authentic, and I’m here to fully prove & expose to the extent. In case your contemplating in trading with this questionable software, we highly recommend you pause momentarily and examine the truth dictated in our Insured Outcome review. Surely by the time you finish to its end, you’ll be grateful your money wasn’t spent on a guaranteed money-stealing scheme.

Judging by its given label, the term “insured” insinuates some level of security or safe avenue for profiting through online trading. This couldn’t be farther from truth as was created for one purpose only; filling pockets of filthy scammers while traders mistakenly deposit with a worthless trading software. Time to review some facts.

Insured Outcome Review: Awful Money-Losing Trading SCAM!

insured outcome

First off, Oliver Breitner is not your friend, rather a two-faced liar paid by crooked developers for promoting the Insured Profits scam towards newcomers. Posing as supposed CEO and founder of, zero documented proof informing his alleged identity cannot be verified through internet searches. Not even a Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profile can support this person even exists within the binary industry. Rather suspicious considering his bogus achievements of mastering a “perfect” software, yet no resume can confirm his position. As history tends to repeat itself, these phonies representing a “guaranteed” trading system are merely paid actors from, pawned for a small fee while the real crooks dodge back-lashing consequences as traders lose entire investments from fraudulent autotraders.

According to the introduction videos, apparently for over 2 years, Oliver Breitner has serviced the field by creating 67 millionaires without experience on complete autopilot. Interestingly enough the Insured Outcome App was just released  into the market upon writing our review. Furthermore a quick reference check with Who.Is ensures the domains registration was only established barely two weeks ago from this date. Thereby disregarding all claims of yearly service as a millionaire-making bot. The amount of lies continue piling up as rookie traders visit their site. Ive highlighted some key selling points from Oliver’s ‘Insured’ Scam. Don’t fall for these lies as you’ll see how unoriginal it truly is:

  • Gathered annalists & specialists for creating a revolutionary trading app.” – These shady creators actually plagiarized the exact autotrading platform to appear like the Safe Income App (review), a successful software producing profitable results.
  • Newly discovered algorithms empowering a perfected binary program, never losing a single trade while generating six figure incomes for its members.” – Every week new scam systems come out with similar incentives of perfection, yet always fail to deliver its promised results, like Free Money Guaranteed App & Binary Interceptor (Review). Very Dangerous!
  • Five-Star quality support for monitoring personal progression on hourly basis for maximum earnings.” – Reviews from hopeful clients have reported no such supportive features were given, assistance requests to tech departments were unanswered, and overall depletion of total investments within hours after joining.

The list continues on showing how corrupt this scam affects its new registrants. During the presentation footage which drags over half hour, Oliver discusses how operates on “bare metal servers” and “privately owned super computers analyzing billionths of seconds of financial variables” much faster than its competitors. Referred as Insured Outcome Protocol, this exact description was mentioned within an earlier scam I exposed known as Dream Profits (Review), where hundreds of traders suffered severe funded loss. We can easily assume the crooks behind the DreamProfits scam have returned again with their ‘improved’ version of Insured Outcome scam for capturing more rookie investors.

Insured Outcome Scam – Falsified Reviews!

insured outcome review

Before concluding today’s Insured Outcome review, let’s not forget the fake reviews from supposed ‘Insured’ members claiming their successful outcome. Visitors are told nearly sixty-seven millionaires were made possible, yet were only shown 3 on website. Where are the other 64? Why aren’t they coming forth with positive reviews and praising the non-existent Mr Breitner? Factual evidence proves these photos were stolen from other websites unrelated to binary trading, holding different aliases and solidifying them for being fake.

  1. Alber    2. Anna   3. Carla

The notion of limiting available spots to hundred fifty registrations for preserving trading software accuracy & keep secret from Wall Street companies is utterly absurd. Not to mention the annoyingly random red-label warnings indicating 12, 9, 5, 3 positions left are simple pushy tactics utilized by scamming systems for persuading viewers to deposit quickly before realizing they’re getting scammed. Refreshing the page will ‘magically’ restart the countdown with the same repetitive numbers. These desperate maneuvers are clearly getting old! 

Insured Outcome Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Final Judgement Review: Avoid the Insured Outcome Scam! A copied trading system equally terrible as its predisposing scams. is a fast-track runway for economic disaster!

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Binary Option trading still remains a simplified method of acquiring easy profits from online investments. Thousands have adopted this solution through the aid of reputable autotraders and signal services, but we understand how difficult it is to distinguish reliable softwares from scam apps. Familiarizing yourself with our daily updated BlackList will keep you informed regarding which applications are unworthy for trader use. Hopefully readers will find our Insured Outcome review beforehand, saving from unnecessary aggravation. Be sure to comment below with any concerns or feedback, & remember to refrain from Oliver’s

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