ICE9 Software Review – Is the ICE 9 App a SCAM?

By | May 22, 2016

Shortly after the ICE9 Technology software was released, many traders have asked through emails and comments a straightforward and justified question: Does ICE9 App really work, or are we dealing with another elaborated ICE9 Scam? Initial suspicions are sure understandable since the competition nowadays between scam softwares and reliable autotraders have definitely stiffened over time, assuring traders need to be firmly on guard now more than ever. by Aaron Palmer does seem more refined and professionally mastered when comparing other trading programs we review on weekly basis, clearly pulling attention towards their direction. For traders who’re contemplating in joining their new binary platform, but aren’t sure of their next move, read our Ice9 Review an together we’ll discuss in detail several aspects to help readers better understand a potentially formidable trading software or hoax.

Writer’s Note: When reviewing any automated binary service like Ice 9 Technology, we thoroughly investigate specific criteria for any scamming characteristics before passing judgement. For instance any indications of paid actors or fake corporate establishments are the number one red flags we uncover when tearing down any fraudulent attempts among traders. But these are just a couple factors from a longer list of variables, so lets cut straight down to facts!

Updated ICE9 SCAM Warning 5/24/16: After a week from posting our ICE9 Technology review, users came forth updating our team with unfortunate circumstances revealing ICE9 software has FAILED to produce any profitable returns. At best, some reports show a 50/50 success rate, basically gambling funds away & falling short from whats advertised within Ice9 Technology website. For Safer Alternatives, scroll down this post for reliable programs.

ICE9 Technology Review – Are traders being deceived again??

ice9 technology

For starters, ICE9 Software is streamlined and easy to use trading app without ridiculous promises or guarantees being tossed around insinuating day-traders will become rich beyond imagining. Quite honestly I’m getting sick and tired of encountering cheaply made auto pilot systems spewing false hopes of turning a mere $200 investment into $10,000 every day, or banking millions within a couple months. I’m sure online investors worldwide feel the same way. Such fantasies don’t exist and you can see the evidence of failed attempts for yourself in our Blacklist section. John Farraday, senior executive of Ice9 Technology and and his lead programmer Aaron Palmer, are presenting a web-based application which apparently can produce profitable results of a few hundred dollars per day, and upto a few thousand weekly profits. No doubt for many traders, a couple thousand can go a long way in supplementing a household income.

But stating what can be accomplished and HOW these actions are carried out are vital differences to pinpoint. A key factor Aaron & John make known regarding their software’s method of operations in acquiring successful trades is limiting latency while access economic statistics and insider financial information. ‘Latency’ is the differential time between spotting a possible trading opportunity and actually entering a trade position. For fundamental traders like myself who are familiar with studying charting solutions while following global market news, we completely acknowledge the importance of speed and accuracy. Even if you’re correct in figuring a profitable entry, entering at an incorrect strike rate by waiting too long could cost traders a loss. Thereby narrowing that lagging latency window does improve efficiency for future successful endeavors.

ICE9 Scam Review: Actors??

As we stated earlier, fake reviews by scripted acting gigs totally disavow any credibility withing any trading software. While reviewing the entirety of ICE9 app, visitors will meet the development team within the Ice9 Technology video presentations. Over ninety percent of all scam softwares we review contains falsified content and poor recordings from performances. Over time we’ve gotten pretty good at exposing phony crooks for promoting countless scams, yet we’re unsuccessful in tracking Aaron Palmer, John Farraday or Steve Katz to the fiverr marketplace. More thoroughly, we also checked a few small time acting agencies for doubled assurance, leaving zero validating evidence insinuating paid actor activity. This doesn’t necessarily prove Ice9 software is a legitimate trading app, but it does eliminate some fraud aspects.

Feeling Rushed?

Probably the most annoying scam quality exploited by questionable programs are the overused rushing affects by implementing fake timers or scarcity counters basically insinuating time is short and availability for joining is limited. Visiting traders entering are not faced with these cliche scammer tricks, nor ridiculous notions of temporarily free offers followed by an expensive admittance fee. These commonly used tactics are deceptive maneuvers most fraudulent applications resort to since shady developers know full well their advertised trading systems are utterly worthless. In reality their main goal is to rush newbie traders into depositing money before realizing they’re being scammed. In contrast, ICE9 software doesn’t attempt to persuade any clients into miscalculated decisions, but focuses mainly on what they’re offering. Even a short walk-through displayed within their member’s area shows the beginning process of account activation and tutorial in operating various settings regarding the auto-trader and manual capabilities. Very interesting considering a majority of binary apps don’t explain how to navigate their softwares, leaving customers stranded alone in figuring things out on their own. 

ice9 software

ICE9 Technology Review – Additional Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Is ICE9 a Scam? Inconclusive at this time due to lack of current input.

To learn more about the ICE9 technology trading software visit their official website:

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At this particular moment, its difficult to firmly conclude if ICE9 app is safe for trader consumption. The point of today’s review is to aid newcoming traders into understanding some simple factors to look for, but what’s equally important are authentic Ice9 reviews derived from actual users. Real user feedback is what truly determines the fate of trading systems, but unfortunately at this junction was only released a short while ago. Only small amounts of ICE9 reviews have been submitted but none of which posses any concrete proof revealing verified profits. No inclinations of scam movements were identified while researching which is rather refreshing, but i hope this doesn’t mean crooked companies are improving their levels of deception skills. Help us finalize our scam review by commenting below this ICE9 Review or emailing our team with any personal experiences you have. Should you decide testing their software, open a free demo account for practice before risking your funds.

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4 thoughts on “ICE9 Software Review – Is the ICE 9 App a SCAM?

  1. Steve

    Good review on the Ice9 app. Definitly saved me from losing my money. I get to many spams asking me to join them Thanks!

  2. Kai Outzen

    Hi . I opened an account with ice9 app Usd 500 yesterday . Today I checked. Auto trader results I have 6 wins and 18 losses. What does that tell you. Now of course they do not ansver my email .

  3. Sheree

    Thank you
    I keep receiving emails on binary options and all promising 1000’s as long as you put a 250 deposit. a lot of money to lose when you have very little to pay bills…
    Why don’t they pay the deposit if they believe in so much in their app… If it pays as much as they claim then I can pay treble the deposit back!!!!
    These reviews are so helpful
    Thank you

  4. bayo

    honestly, not very good software, why? because i use the software with a total of 58 trades , in just 3 days from the friday 03/06, monday 06/06 and 07/06/16, i won 24, lost 27, tie 3, and till have 4 open trade to go,and i notice something from there video, the mannual signal plate that popup on the surface of the software do not carry a broker logo, but the i once i use carry a broker logo.


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