Holiday Cash Bot Review – a SCAM Trading Software created for the Holidays – Alert!

The HolidayCashBot Review Alert! The holidays are around the corner and naturally, people are looking for measures to make a little extra cash for holiday expenses. The scam-artists behind the Holiday Cash Bot Scam have conjured a new way to con traders into considering that this binary option system even holds such possibilities. As the season approaches for family and friends to gather together, the last thing you need to do is frivolously throw your money away for some worthless software like the Holiday Cash Bot System. If you’re a binary trader, or someone looking to expand you finances, our Holiday Cash Bot Review will reveal why its imperative to stand clear from this malicious auto-trader, and additionally provide traders with a favorable alternative.

HolidayCashBot.Com Software pretends to be

holiday cash botAs you enter the platform, Ronald Jackson leads you to believe you’re part of a lucky few invited to use the Holiday Cash Bot Software which will ease your financial situations during these stressful annual festivities. As his story goes, Ronald worked on Wall Street for over 25 years, who later partnered-up with his friend Vitaly, head developer in the Data Department, and together created an semi-automated binary trading algorithm that profits almost 100% of the time. By exploiting a recent TechCrunch article explaining online sales will reach a record-breaking $83 billion, Ronald & Vitaly pretend to offer you a chance for a piece of the profits. An alarming aspect to watch out, the Holiday Cash Bot App only operates during the holiday seasons, about seven times per year depending on religion and global location. A suspicious form of operation considering binary option trading is year-round. With its specific limitations, the Holiday Cash Bot software predicts market fluctuations and volatility during high consumer months and places the most profitable trades within financial markets. No doubt an intuitive web from decievers.

DO NOT fall for the hype and lies that Ronald and Vitaly are spewing. Continue to read our Holiday Cash Bot review and understand the incriminating evidence against them.

Evidence Against the HolidayCashBot Scam

You will find many scamming characteristics within the website which serve as deceptive traits made to resemble an authentic and exclusive trading solution. For instance, this year they’re only allowing a selected 27 traders to grasp on this phony system in order to limit overcrowding and preserve the Holiday Cash Bot software “accurate performance”. Believe me when i say this is total NONSENSE. This scrupulous tactic is only utilized to persuade potential traders into quickly making a regrettable decision into financial despair by registering with the Holiday Cash Bot Scam.

holiday cash bot 4In times where money is tight and budgets are necessary for many individuals, the crooked developers behind the Holiday Cash Bot System don’t stop with their lies until they have satisfied themselves with your money in their pockets. What’s a fraudulent website without the touch of falsification of member experiences and fake reviews. Although you wont find any video recordings from paid actors, is riddled with fake testimonials under their “Success Stories” Section. We are not surprised of individuals depicted for their own deceitful motives are stolen pictures from other sites with fake names added to their profiles. Take a look at Jason Samuels, a happy member within the Holiday Cash Bot Trading software excited for his trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, his identity isn’t real and his photo was stolen from other websites not related to binary options. ↓

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holiday cash bot 3holiday cash bot 1Beware of  Hidden “Bonus” Feature!

Doubling your assets is something everyone wants to achieve but not certain exactly how its done. Before registering our information in the Holiday Cash Bot System, Ronald explains that a minimum of $200-$250 is required in order to activate this semi-automatic trader. But as a “generous” feature, the software will match your initial deposit in full. In other words, you deposit $250, they match $250 giving you a total of $500. Depositing $500 grants a total of $1000 and so on. Many Binary Brokers offer different Bonus options which are legal, but require strict contingencies. Even if the Holiday Cash Bot Review is able to prove a remote possibility to generate profitable outcomes and pass off legitimate, the Bonus feature requires you to fulfill debatable stipulations before access to your funds is permitted. A main problem causing a lot of disgruntled traders & discrepancy  in the industry. You can learn more bout Broker Complaints in our Complaint Article.


No matter what time of year it is, the last thing you want to do is invest with a dubious trading software like the Holiday Cash Bot Scam. Probably the worst part of their whole campaign is their claim of donating to charitable events to help needy children. No records supporting their bogus claim were found, and to lie about making such donations is a new record low for binary frauds. If trading binary options is till an interest, its important you trade with a reliable service that has been proven & tested by traders within the industry, not some ridiculous software that only operates “7 times per year”. VirtNext is the hottest Auto & Semi-Auto Trading service available which allows full control and is 100% endorsed by Binary/Forex Authorities. Our VirtNext Review shows supporting proof of positive costumer reviews revealing their lucrative success. You can also check them out on their webpage by clicking the banner below. ↓ Thank you for reading our Holiday Cash Bot Review and happy holidays to all.

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